November 4th, 2012


Photo by Heather Marie Ryan


  1. Aidan says:

    what percentage of your shows are 18+?

    • Colleen says:

      heh i’m not sure we have that statistical data on hand ;P there are so many variables when it comes to age limit.
      while we try to make as many of our shows all ages as possible, we also have to work with the wishes of the venue and promoters as well as local laws and regulations.
      since we play so many different and venues each year, there can be any number of shows that are all ages or 16+ or 17+ or 18+
      so as far as a “percentage” it’s hard to say, and it would change each year, but i’d estimate that, in general, we have more all ages shows than we have 18+

  2. Cameron says:

    That was fucking awesome! And im right there front row right in the middle HELL YEAH

  3. Shasta Lee says:

    Few people I’m trying to find from this show!!
    Girl that I talked to in the bleachers before the music started. I think you said your name was Maggie?
    Two guys that I talked to outside the venue and explained Omni Tempo maximilasm too. Anthony? You guys were awesome!
    Another guy I talked to outside after the show, i gave you a hug before I ran into the cab. we were talking about supporting artists by buying their cd’s and you bought Divergent Spectrum and had it with you.
    I hope I find you guys !!!

  4. Chaseme says:

    After viewing some of the other family photos of this tour I’m pretty shocked by how large the turnout for Minneapolis was. Any idea what the total attendance was?
    What a show – highlight of the last few months for me.

  5. Eric says:

    I loved this show. Mind blowing bass paired with transcendental visuals!

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