January 15th, 2013


Bassnectar & Pretty Lights in Hampton, VAREMEMBER THE BASSLIGHTS!!!

We just posted the recap video so you can relive the thrills and see a little behind-the-scenes of our spectacular 2-night showdown with Pretty Lights and friends at the Hampton Coliseum.

Hope this brings back epic memories for those that were there, and some vicarious thrills to all our friends who couldn’t make it!

Video by Danon Cardarelli, available in 3-D vision or regular 2-D for the old-timers…


6 Responses to “BASSLIGHTS 2012 – VIDEO RECAP”
  1. Julia says:

    Amazing. Hands down the best time of my life. Please do it again.

  2. Julia says:

    OH by the way… I LOVE YOU ALL 🙂

  3. acidfreak77 says:

    So fucking perfect

  4. daniel harrington says:

    So, I’m pretty positive that as me and my buddy climbed the flights of stairs in the coliseum, when we had reached the very top we were right next to one of the cameras filming all of the side view shots. Which would explain why we saw a camera up there in the first place. Besides that, basslights spanned the two days after my birthday, and from the show to the hotel party, I couldnt have asked for a better present than two perfect nights of bass and lights. you kick ass.

  5. yourmothernude says:

    I can’t help but feel jealous of everyone at that show. That is a fucking MOB to say the very least! Happy New Year to Lorin, basscrew, and bassheads! Much love to all and see you(s) soon!

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