January 1st, 2013


Photo by Rukes


More photos from Rukes:

  • sagerages

    owwwwooooooo, this was such an amazing night with the whole family!

  • WOW, what an INCREDIBLE night!!!!!!!

  • Austin Schaumberg

    Take me back. Lorin, you are a beautiful soul. Thank you for the greatest new years eve I will ever experience.

  • sugaree

    Best New year’s eve show ever!!!!!

  • Samantha

    I feel like after that night I’m trying to piece my mind back together….I was reborn through your amazing ability to make music A LOT more than just music…thank you thank you thank you

  • Bhaley

    Nashville should forever be your home for New Years

  • Basshead27

    I was transcended through sound waves.. you put us on a spiritual plane lorin! Come back this year. Please!!! You know it was the best venue yet!

  • GimeBASS13

    i kno this is random buttt.. i seen this dude at bassnectar NYE in nashville with the freshest bassnectar zip up hoodie. i have seen a couple of these at different bassnectar shows, but cannot seem to find them anywhere. im not sure if they are making them themselves or if theres someone out there that makes them. if anyone knos what im talkin about or where i can find one of these PLEASE let a brotha kno..i tired askin the homie this time whats up on them and he shrugged me off..i need the dopeness in my had a big bassbomb in the center with ones flanking it one the sides. pretty sure the inside of the hood was a mesh material with bassbombs as well. Any information would help i am dying to own one of these. this is the second time that hoodie has came into my life and left. part of my new years resolution was to find that hoodie this year. but for real any help will help. respectfully always asking for anyways – Day Miller

    • Hey buddy. Was it a black and red zip up? The front had a big red bass bomb on it (newest version of the symbol) and the inside of the hood was red with white symbols? overall the sweatshirt was black?
      if so that is official merch sold at the booth. i’m guessing those will be up on this site in the store in the coming weeks.

      • GimeBASS13

        yessir yessir

        • GimeBASS13

          or yessmam yessmam

          • Veruca Salt

            If you look at the second to last picture, it’s hanging up in the middle of the photo 🙂

          • With some of the merch, they don’t sell it on the online store right away. It should make it up there eventually.

      • GimeBASS13


  • taniaz27

    I see me! best night ever! I want to go back!!!

  • guitarmonsta

    irreplaceable. it was absolutely perfect. that imogen heap-lights mix MADE MY GODDAMN LIFE.

  • Basshead423

    One of the best nights of my life thank you lorin and the bassnectar crew… Please come back next year!!! And please come back to the close south soon.

  • Amazing night! I know I will spend new years eve wherever bassnectar is for as long as he does a new years eve show 😀

  • Alextopia

    It was the greatest thing I’ve ever gotten to be a part of.

  • Alextopia

    All of the videos from the show are up on my Channel!

  • ceeblurr

    BEST night of my life! So glad i got to meet you on my flight back to Dallas, Lorin! 🙂


  • trippin NUTS!

  • Levi

    Wanna re-live NYE so bad, take me back so I can escape reality