January 16th, 2013


Underworld - Rez (Bassnectar Remix)Lorin’s brand new remix of UK dance music pioneers Underworld and their seminal track “Rez” is now available for pre-order OUT NOW!!!

Widescreen bass music for the soul – as last heard in Lorin’s NYE set, ushering in 2013 in explosive style.

Now available on download and 180-gram vinyl w/ full color sleeve including liner notes from Lorin and Underworld’s Darren Price.




52 Responses to “UNDERWORLD REMIX”
  1. Guest says:

    Ive heard this in live sets, finally its out!

  2. Kenny says:

    My Grandma just passed away and then i saw this which cheered me up alot.
    Thanks Lorin! 🙂

  3. Dave Morris says:

    Having been at the 2013 NYE show, hearing this again just gave me the craziest chills

  4. I remember this from the NYE countdown 🙂

  5. used to listen to the original all the time, couldn’t be more excited about this.

  6. Lance Lenau says:


  7. crackadelic says:

    tell me why i hear faint trap noises starting @ 2.31ish & their sick wish they were brought out a little more & before the last drop i hear the crowd counting down for nye & then go crazy after the drop!! please tell me im not crazy cuz im 100% its there i wasnt even @ this new years was @ 2012 though!!

  8. Matthew Evans says:

    video from NYE of this song during the midnight bass drop:


  9. yourmothernude says:

    This is fucking maaaaassssssiiiivvvveee! I got goosebumps (for the first time in a very long time!) throughout this entire remix. This is now in my top 3 favorite releases in 2013! The album art is nasty too. PROPS!!!

    PS. Chicago is mad horny for you right now.

  10. Ludge says:

    This is just…beautiful.

  11. Kyle Parks says:

    wooow i cant not wait to hear this live!! so filthy in the best way possible haha

  12. bailey boyd says:

    so beautiful , see you soon

  13. Colin says:

    Lorin thank you so much for putting this out. You will never know how greatly your music affects us all. Each time has been a journey and an experience to never forget and NYE this year was no different. During trying times i sit back and listen and am reminded of all the times you have made special in my life.

  14. Claire says:


  15. NikkiJean says:

    Yo, you dropped a new mixtape?!?!?!?!? Wordddddd

    Imma def check it out once I’m back in Orlando/Kissimmee

    Keep it up bro. I know I ain’t gonna be dissapointed listening to that. You’re truly an inspiration.

    • Colleen says:

      the underworld remix is just one song, available on the current page.

      the most recent mixtape is still freestyle 🙂

  16. NikkiJean says:

    Yo. Can you teach me to be like you? I think I could be awesome at dubstep bro.

  17. NikkiJean says:

    Yo I say that cause “my mind is like a spaceship” lol

  18. NikkiJean says:

    You’ve definitely outdone yourself with the tribal sounds.
    Sheer brilliance!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up dawg.

  19. NikkiJean says:

    Come to Orlando foooool!!!!!

  20. Emeric says:

    This takes me to the day when I was pseudo abducted by aliens along a two lane California highway, pressing down the dry desert road, lights flittering above the telephone poles a hundred feet off the ground, the gyrating disc trailing along our station wagon in 1981; then there is the sound of Close Encounters of a Third Kind that this brings to mind.

  21. andrew kennedy says:

    Sick track Lorin! U make the most powerful sounds out there, and i love the direction your last few albums have been taking ur music. I hear completely original ideas, bringing back just the right hint of the older bassnectar sound. Amazing, keep it up.

  22. does rez mean reservation? the navajo people……shiprock, new mexico…forgotten people of america would love to see you

  23. Asheville says:

    Amazing, as always. 🙂

  24. John Fortini says:

    DJ Lorin has yet to fall short of my extravagant expectations, and I’ve been listening to this man live and not for about 8 whole years 🙂 Miss seeing the live shows where I used to live in Santa Cruz!

  25. Anonymous cowherd says:

    Any chance of a lossless download? I’d pay more for that.

  26. Anonymous cowherd says:

    Any chance of a lossless download? I’d pay more for that.

  27. gives me cold chills omg

  28. Zac MacLeod says:

    chills all over my body, and I haven’t even got the droooOOOOOOOOP OMG. IT’s INSANE. Lorin-you the man.

  29. Andy Acosta says:

    oh my fuck this is from 2013 new years. Im about to shit myself

  30. Colin says:

    YOUR RELEASING IT ON VINYL!!!!! Hero status. I love vinyl its the ultimate way to enjoy music thank you so so much for releasing it on vinyl. NYE was amazing i cant wait to set the needle on this track and have it fill my ears once again.

  31. Miggypop says:

    Vanilla sky club scene music. Eerie in a great way.

  32. someone31988 says:

    I wish I could get it somewhere else besides iTunes because I really don’t need the vinyl…

  33. Jon Stafford says:

    Shit just got Real. Thanks Jeff Gary in Colorado! Proud to call you my friend. I’m dancing to this and using my fried chicken drumstick as an actual drumstick while the dogs are jumping and eating the bits of flying Fried Chicken batter!

  34. michael brown says:

    nye 2013 best show ive been to of yours… killed it and hope to have u back to nashville for another new years

  35. Love it … another great song to have basting as I draw something new up

  36. I swear Lorin, you’re from another planet; bringing us that good shit. Love it!!!

  37. Flo. says:

    You did it again dude. ssick new mix overhere 🙂 it just keeps getting better haha

  38. Where can I get a lossless or 320 of this? I bought it on iTunes but it’s only 256kbps bit rate :/

    • Colleen says:

      i don’t think we have it

      usually all of our downloads/sales on this site are 320, so if it’s not on here we must not have it for this track

  39. chicagobeatfreak says:

    How come I paid 20 bucks for the rez vinyl at the show but its only 12 online? Thats not right…

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