February 14th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Las Vegas, NV at Surrender Nightclub on Saturday, April 13th!

This is an 21 + Age Limit show.

Doors: 10:00 PM

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  • How long is your residency like just those two dates or longer…please say longer

    • Bassfreak2

      a Bassnectar residency would suck…unlike most residencies in vegas, people actually truly wanna see Bassnectar year round…GOTTA spread the love with how popular bassnectar is….but at the same time this would make a trip to vegas so much more appealing, this probly means bassnectar will be playing this club at edc vegas that week too tho

      • dean

        I went to this last edc (saturday was cancelled right after bassnectar’s show, thank god i at least got to see him) I saw bassnectar at bassrush massive too. Would have killed to see him in surrender or xs. Those clubs are so nice and the sound is sooooo good

  • Gwen

    Isn’t it discrimination for them to ban tattoos from the venue? It’s not like you can get rid of those just saying. And it’s definitely not very Bassnectar if you ask me.

    • it’s tattoo-inspired clothing that’s not allowed… not “tattoos” —

      Strict. Dress to impress. No shorts, flip flops, tank tops, chains, baggy apparel, work boots, hats, athletic footwear, tattoo, or mma inspired clothing.

  • BassHogJB

    i’m going to assume surrender isn’t going to allow totems…?

    • probably not but we’ll find out for sure and post it up

  • I think it means tattoo inspired clothing not tattoos..

    • i would hope so.
      will find out for sure…

    • Strict. Dress to impress. No shorts, flip flops, tank tops, chains, baggy apparel, work boots, hats, athletic footwear, tattoo, or mma inspired clothing.

      yeah, seems pretty clear it’s tattoo-inspired clothing that’s not allowed.


    I am a west coast dweller and am considering driving to Vegas to get my Necta fix. I think it’s going to be an new and exciting experience in a nightclub! Stoked. Are we expecting to see an appearance by the other artists on tour with Lorin or is it just gonna be a long and dirteee bassnectar set!!??

    • i can’t imagine lorin would be playing the entire 5 and a half hours, as awesome as that would be! i think you can expect openers.

    • Dean

      I went to vegas this summer surrender and xs nightclub are the optimal settings to catch your favorite producer up close and personal. You’re brains are going to explode, buy a ticket now. I’m on the east coast but if I was anywhere near the west coast I would buy a ticket to this. Dress decent, though, unless lorin tells them it’s cool, they are very picky about dress!

  • Derek

    What does the exclusive residency part of these shows mean?

    • marcus

      Means no other club in vegas can have him DJ there


    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I am SOOOOO excited for this show! AGGGHHHHH!!!!

  • Dean

    this would be THE PERFECT place to see nectar. I am so jelly it’s not even funny right now.

  • Bassfreak2

    as stupid as the dress code is, a 21+ Bassnectar show would be the fucking tits, specially in a nice club…if i were going to this show id probly just buy cheap nice clothes to get inside and just take em off once inside with other more comfortable clothes underneath, thats the best way to get around a dress code imo

  • Are you not playing EDC Vegas this year?

    • nope don’t think so, hitting some other festis!