February 14th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Las Vegas, NV at Surrender Nightclub on Saturday, April 20th!

This is an 21 + Age Limit show.

Doors: 10:00 PM

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  • boto man

    should of made a all ages event in vegas

  • boto man

    should of made a all ages event in vegas

    • sorry, we try to make as many shows all ages as we can, sometimes we just can’t swing it though πŸ™

    • Dean Brannon

      was bassrush massive all ages during edc??

  • gwreck

    really hope there’s not gonna be a dresscode. love live bass

    • unfortunately there is

      “Strict. Dress to impress. No shorts, flip flops, tank tops, chains, baggy apparel, work boots, hats, athletic footwear, tattoo- or mma-inspired clothing.”

      • bass_TOMAHAWK

        time to suit up for some basssss!!!

        • right? you could make things weird with this dress code, i think. get creative πŸ™‚

      • tyler

        If you’re serious, how is that going to work??? I’m not even going to this show, but I’m curious…

  • Bassfreak2

    a dress code for a bassnectar show? sorry but thats so stupid…if i were bassnectar i would demand no dress code or im not playing the show…people are gonna look like shit in nice clothes after the show is over, so much sweat…dress codes are stupid, but a dress code for dubstep shows? just shows that this venue has no idea what they are really in for…i think its bullshit that a venue can deny you entry for a show u have a ticket for bc of the way ur dressed

    • bhaley

      Stay classy

      • Bassfreak2

        screw bein classy. being classy is for lame DJs that dont really pump up their fans like guetta or avicii. bassnectar is about gettin down and dirtyyyyy

    • 58hydro

      step your game up and stop complaining…. your telling me a family photo of a ragin ass nectar crowd dressed to the max wouldnt be awesome? i think you can leave your “heady wire wraps” and steezy atire at the house for at least one show…..or option 2 dont come

      • Bassfreak2

        im from boston dude, im not going to this show and never considered it. im just saying a dress code for a bassnectar show is retarded and takes away from half the fun which is costumes and glowsticks/LEDS and cool t shirts and all that kinda stuff. everyones gonna look the same and look like sheep. TOTALLY awesome bro lol

        • YesIDID

          I don’t know if you understand Las Vegas nightclubs or anything but they’re always like that. Not trying to bash on you or anything. I completely agree with you on the dress code but it’s Las Vegas and everything is classy, even the prostitutes that wear chlamydia stained panties.

          • Bassfreak2

            i dont give a fuck if its in vegas or not. doesnt change the fact that a dress code for ANY bassnectar show is retarded

          • STFU

            Shut you, no one wanted to see you there anyways. Dressing up to get down as someone else said.

  • Lex Newtho

    Nothin’ wrong with dressing up every once and a while. I’m extremely happy this is 21+. Finally I can go to a Bassnectar show again, without having to be around spun out 14-year-old skanks-in-the-making. Awesome.

    • Bassfreak2

      i completely agree that the kids at shows sucks and they ruin so many things for us, but if u just rage the back at an all ages show the crowd back there is usually older heads and im usually back there, plus u have space back there to really get the fuck down and rage it. but i agree, all nectar shows shud be at LEAST 18+….they shud do it the way a lot of clubs do, 18+ for girls and 21+ for guys, id be cool with that

      • “18+ for girls and 21+ for guys, id be cool with that”

        lol wow.

      • This comment makes me even more happy you will not be attending. You are seriously demented. Stay home.

        • Bassfreak2

          lol ok kiddo

          • Says the cry baby who has nothing better to do then bash a show he can’t even attend.

          • OK guys, place nice. Las Vegas isn’t for everyone. And age limit is always a divisive topic.

            I will say that the idea that girls should have to be 21+ but it’s OK for guys to be 18+ does come off as incredibly sexist πŸ™

          • Bassfreak2

            soooo many clubs do that though. its just the way things are. but its 18 plus for girls and 21 plus for guys. u got it mixed up but ik what u mean

          • just because that’s the way things are doesn’t mean that’s the way things should be. it’s sexist, period! i’m really glad our shows don’t conform to these insanely offensive business practices.

          • Bassfreak2

            who cares if its sexist? its awesome

          • People who aren’t sexist care if it’s sexist. If you don’t care, you are probably sexist yourself. Please keep that shit off our website and out of our community.

          • :’)

          • Bassfreak2

            cry baby? ok kiddo. have fun with your bath salts!

          • Bassfreak2

    • please refrain from using grossly derogatory (not to mention inaccurate) language on our site, thanks

      • Lex Newtho

        Oh my god.

        • i see it upsets you when you can’t derogate others in a sexist manner

          your response speaks volumes with regard to your ignorance

          not on this site, sorry bro

          • dean

            Chill out Colleen geez, that’s not derogatory that’s stating a preference. I’d prefer younger women over older women as well and there’s nothing wrong with that. Ease up a bit.

          • no, there was derogatory/sexist language in a completely separate comment to the one you are referring to.

            see below — you’ll notice my response to the “18+ for girls and 21+ for guys” comment is listed as a response beneath that comment.

            but yes, it’s a preference i really can’t agree with. why on earth should half of the population face a different age restriction than the other half? that makes no sense.

          • Not really – he called young girls “skanks”. We just removed the derogatory language.

          • thanks, Ed

          • Lex Newtho

            That’s true. My bad. I get a little salty sometimes when I see children dressed in lingerie throwing up on the floor next to people’s artwork (when there is a bathroom and a trash can 15 feet away). I will admit…my choice of words was not smart. I’m pretty sure the scene I just described was very fresh in my memory…I was annoyed. But, there are multitudes of beautiful, classy, well rounded young ladies who attend the shows as well. It was ignorant of me (or at least reckless on my part to allow myself to be perceived as being ignorant) to say such a thing. Sorry. πŸ˜‰

          • Nicely put, thanks for following up πŸ™‚

          • dean

            okay, sorry but i was a little confused it looked a little over the top without the context

  • Is bassnectar playing an all night set by himself or are there openers?

    • it’s from 10pm to 4am so ya i would assume there are openers

      i’ve been strolling around bassnectarland for a little while now and never heard of a 5+ hour set… doesn’t hurt to dream, though ;P

      • Curtis Lapham

        Please 6 hours of nectar !! Coming from denver!!!

  • Relic

    I’ve seen him a few times and actually Im a little excited for the dress code…should be something different. Get a little creative…you all can keep it classy with a little style…you all know the women will be looking good dddaaaammmnnn

  • Frequentfacemelter

    Disappointed about the 21 plus!!! hella devoted bassheads out west that are of all ages!!! Get me in there, ill rage with the best of em!!!!!! Been down with bnf for years!!!

    • for sure, sorry about that dude, we always try to make shows open to all bassheads, but sometimes it just won’t swing πŸ™

      • Frequentfacemelter

        Sneak me in the back to get upside down?!?! Haha it’s all good, that dress code sounds sweeeeet!!!! Thanks for the response and ill be seeing you at coachella!!

        • ;P
          coachella will make up for it, promise.

  • Curtis Lapham

    Pinky up Bassnectar show! @Lorin – Please play Leprechaun’s Arise in Vegas on 420!!

    • tmoney

      hells ya im rockin a tux no doubt

  • 58hydro

    fuck it ill be there raging in my tuxedo…. top hat in all

  • Curtis Lapham

    @Coleen~ if I buy a VIP table for 4 does it come with 4 tickets as well? What are the Percs of this 700 dollar investment?

    • Looking at the price I would imagine that a VIP table includes tickets – but as this is Vegas, you’ll have to check with the club if it is not 100% clear at point of purchase, as the VIP offer is Wynn’s, not our own. Don’t want you spending that money then finding out it’s just a table!!!

  • breaknectar

    If I purchase a ticket will I get in? Trying to come from Atlanta, but reading review of the nightclub I’ve read people having trouble getting in. Getting presale tickets to other djs performing only to be out on a list and never even get in. And having to pay 40 more dollars to get on the dance floor and not watch from a tv. So what’s the deal? Can we get some details?

    • Dean Brannon

      i was just as worried during edc week. They’ll be ready for you guys, but still dress as well as possible. No sneakers or shorts. You are getting the best possible experience with bassnectar this way. Surrender will NOT disappoint. I live in East Atlanta I’d pay the 80 and dress up. It’s sooo worth it, promise i don’t work for any of these cats btw

  • Brett McClelland

    were about too make this work no doubt!!! just got off work for next week, Colorado/Oklahoma comin’ in hot, dress code?? bout 2 get down in my 3 piece, see ya at red rocks, maybe I’ll make up for it with a gumby suit the 1st or 2nd night

  • LVDisappointed

    I was really disappointed at the choice of venue by you guys. This was very along the lines of DJ Shadow spinning at Mansion in Miami Beach. A very out of sync crowd, really uptight security, and the price certainly didn’t warrant such a set.

    On another note: It seems a little odd that Colleen would be totally unaware of opening acts and that the fact was that it was only house DJs(and I mean Casino employees) that opened and closed the night. Another booooo on the night.

    • Sorry you didn’t enjoy the show πŸ™

      I wasn’t there personally but have heard some enthusiastic reports elsewhere, although I guess it wasn’t to everyone’s taste. It’s fun to do something a little bit different though, in terms of having a slightly different crowd and dress etc.

      Re: the opening acts – nothing odd about it, we weren’t given the info. It’s probably just because they weren’t anything worth shouting about, so we weren’t promoting their names.

  • LVDisappointed

    Hey, why was my comment erased?

    • We didn’t erase it! I’m still seeing your comment, and my reply, directly below this comment. Screenshot attached.

  • LVDisappointed

    I left a valid message about the show and the venue(and am a big fan), in a place where people would come to read about it and it gets erased? Censorship sucks!

    • We didn’t erase it! See my reply directly below. (And you should be able to see your original comment directly below that.)

  • All these comments are just complaints.
    21+ is awesome, less kiddies around.
    Dressing up is something fun to do every once in a while. And judging by the amount of complaints about those 2 subjects I think we weeded out all the whiners for the night, making this show even more excellent πŸ™‚

  • Executive League

    TURNING UP WITH ALL MY FELLOW BASSHEADS TONIGHT – who cares if we gotta look good.. we bringing a classy touch to the madness…. #BASS