February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Boston, MA at The House of Blues on Thursday, April 25th!

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Michal Menert, and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 7:30 PM

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  • ThatSpunion

    The house of blues has been posting up some really crazy rules for other shows I have looked at including restrictions on plush or furry clothing and led lights. Any word on if similar rules will be in place for these shows?

    • This is directly from HoB’s website “RESTRICTED ITEMS: The following items are not permitted at the
      House of Blues. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse entry to
      anyone. All persons and items subject to search upon entry.

      No backpacks

      No oversized purses

      No dolls

      No toys

      No kandi

      No plush or furry items

      No glow sticks, light gloves, or other light toys

      No professional (detachable lens) cameras

      No video cameras

      No weapons of ANY kind

      No markers

      No bandannas, gas masks, or pacifiers

      No glass

      No bottles

      No open cigarette packs

      No food, gum, or candy

      No outside beverages

      No illegal substances and paraphernalia

      IDENTIFICATION: For US citizens, a valid DMV-issued photo ID or
      USA passport is required. For international guests, a valid passport is

      • I don’t really agree with no outside beverages, does this mean I can’t be drinking my water on public property? Just a tad bit confused about that one…

        • Bassfreak2

          Its bc all they want is your money…

        • official items allowed will be posted closer to the event, and such disparities will be cleared up
          thanks for your patience

      • Bassfreak2

        so really u mean No fun? lame as shit…shuda gone to the paradise

        • what? no fun? i’m very confused. no fun is not possible at a bassnectar show.

          • Bassfreak2

            I find that shows are soooo much more fun when I bring my rave toys with me, you always meet a bunch of people with them (i got water flowlights) and they are just really fun to dance with, i literally have less fun at shows without them…the house of blues is just bullshit…but yeah i totally recognize ur name now tho, i PMed you on youtube like a month ago about BNF and I was the one who said Ill never have a facebook so no BNF for me i guess, not on FB at least…i can def sneak my toys in but using them miiiite be a problem, they stand out real easy ya know? HoB is just the sleaziest more uncaring venue out there, at least in the Northeast

          • Prism

            Yea man I was holding two dim glow sticks, one in each hand at Basslights and someone came up to me and took them. Stupid.

          • Bassfreak2

            well bassnectar doesnt like glowsticks bc people throw them and hit him and his equipment sometimes. but if u sneak in a couple glowsticks and get caught, those costed like a dollar. my flowlights were 45 for the pair and i obviously wont be throwing those anywhere, yet i still cant bring them in bc the HoB is literally the worst fucking venue in boston. if any security guard even touchea me im gonna turn around and knock them the fuck out. hate that fuckin venue with a serious passion

          • yeah we never allow glowsticks cuz they’re really not eco-friendly at all and people tend to chuck them at the stage, hitting lorin or others in the process

          • yup, i remember you. hollaaa

            i’ll find out closer to the show if that LED rule is fixed or if they can possibly be flexible. it’s still early on tour. but either way, trust me, i love to bring a hoop in, but when i can’t, i still get so fuckin’ down. a toy definitely cannot make or break a bassnectar show for me, and i hope it can’t for you, either. !! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Bassfreak2

            yeah i mean it def wont, just kinda sucks…i feel like rave toys are just good vibes all around and a great way to meet people, but this corporate venue clearly doesnt give a shit and just doesnt in general care about its patrons…it would be awesome if the rule could be changed for one show but i doubt it…i just hope that if i sneak them in they dont take them from me

          • we actually do tend to get LEDs approved for venues that i’ve seen deny toys before so there’s no telling quite yet. not making any promises but check back

          • Bassfreak2

            Hell yeah that would be sick. i still doubt the hob will let it happen just bc they are so fucking ridiculous but if it does i will be pleasantly surprised.

          • harrington508

            damn dude, u bitch so fucking much. stfu already

          • Bassfreak2

            no breh. fuck off. ill just accept this post as you not knowing shit about the boston edm scene. have fun with your bath salts tho!

          • Bassfreak2

          • yup, i remember you. hollaaa

            let me see if that LED rule is fixed or if they can possibly be flexible. it’s still early on tour. but either way, trust me, i love to bring a hoop in, but when i can’t, i still get so fuckin’ down. a toy definitely cannot make or break a bassnectar show for me, and i hope it can’t for you, either. !! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • right! thats like an oxymoron lol

      • thanks craig!

      • yeah, thats one hell of a list, but screw it! i would go nude to rage with my fam and lorin ๐Ÿ™‚ (((((0o0o0 <3 0o0o0)))))

  • Bassfreak2

    i hate this fucking venue, i mean i understand glowsticks, but no LED lights? who the fuck is gonna throw their LED lights at Bassnectar? most peoples LED lights costed enough to not throw them anywhere cuz u dont wanna lose them, hate this god damn place, i go to a LOT of shows around boston and only been to this venue 3 times in my whole life, once the first time (when i got kicked out), 2nd time was bassnectar and the third was Boys Noize, guess ill make it 5 after these 2 shows, as much as i hate this fucking venue, I cant miss Bassnectar…i just wish i could at least bring my flowlights in this venue, if i sneak them in do you guys think security will take them? im def a rage in the back kinda guy (if u see someone playing with water flowlights, come by and say hi)

    • SteezForNoReez

      I just looked and the list is gone, did they remove the list from their site on purpose? must have right?

    • Tom

      Calm down kid u can bring in anything you want they don’t give a shit..

      • Bassfreak2

        LOL kid? alrighty haha…with words like that i seriously doubt you have ever been to the boston house of blues…your words mean nothing to me

        • recreant508

          you seem quite butthurt there, kiddo

          • Bassfreak2

            no that guy just has no idea what hes talking about. and kiddo? lol. im def older than you and have seen nectar way more times than you have. have fun with your hetty bath salts brah!

            what a fuckin joke lol

          • can you please. PLEASE. stop being so negative on this site. every – EVERY – comment that you post. it’s really tiring. if you think other people are being negative, please ignore it and don’t fuel the fire. the rules here are simple — positivity, respect, and tolerance. please stick to them.

          • Bassfreak2

            i dont play the ignore game. i face my problems. and i wasnt starting shit at all so stop bitchin at me

          • Bassfreak2

            plus, this guy is spreading misinformation and if people listen to him then people will be getting denied at the door, and with a red sox game going on that night, it might be a long walk back to the car. all im saying is dont listen to that guy, you can definitely NOT bring whatever you want into this venue

  • frodotoes

    im selling a ticket for face value! 38 bucks, got a ticket on presale and my buddy doesn’t wanna go anymore. hmu drumbum615@gmail.com, (615) 568.5748 call/text

    PS- or if you could find a reasonable ticket to ATL or chattanooga we could trade.. lets work something out

  • sammymagz

    i was gona ask about totems but after that list wow…

    no bandanas, lights, backpacks, or fur …killer

  • SteezForNoReez

    Is it just me or did they remove the entire list of restricted items from HoB website??

    • i would still count on items being restricted since it was listed at the point of purchase (on ticketmaster) and remains so

      plus people have vouched that this venue tends to be really strict about items allowed =/ sorryyy

  • BrianD

    Any idea what time Bassnectar would be coming on? Trying to figure if I’d have enough time to make the drive after work.

    • The show goes until midnight or later and Lorin will play last, so you’ve got a while after the doors open. Just speculating based on the available info but I would say 10pm is the earliest he will come on.

  • jgarance

    can i wear a bra top and tutu? just wondering, cos I’ve heard HoB doesn’t allow tutus.

    • You’ll have to contact HoB about their dress code, we’ve not been given any info specific to our night – 888-693โ€“BLUE (2583) http://www.houseofblues.com/venues/clubvenues/boston/

      • jgarance

        so, can I safetly assume the show is still on due to all the crazy shit happening in Boston right now? cos i am coming all the way from bumfuck maine.

        • Shows are still on. Our hearts go out to everyone in Boston – stay strong.

  • jen

    want to buy 3 Bassnectar tickets for House of Blues in Boston for this
    Thursday (4.25). I’m selling them for $35 each because I bought em a while ago
    and I am just trying to make my money back. Big discount!!!! General
    Admission Mezzazine *Standing Room Only. These are sold out. Must have
    paypal or be close enough to deliver cash in person. jen.conrad84@yahoo.com

  • have fun errybody! see you all in less than a week in philly!!

  • tobin747

    who was the photographer at this show? im dying to find epic pics of the boston crew!