February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Boston, MA at The House of Blues on Friday, April 26th!

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Archnemesis, and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 7:30 PM


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  • Bassfreak2

    FUCK YES…this show is gonna be a rager, for those who dont know Archnemesis, DEF check them out, sounds a lot like Pretty Lights and has some nice dubstep too…sure this venue blows fucking asshole (i REALLY wish you would stop coming here, and everyone in Boston agrees, SHUDA gone to the Paradise Rock Club again, now thats an intimate venue) but im just ready to rage some Bassnectar..but seriously, anyone who knows anything about venues in Boston knows the HoB is legitmately the worst place to see a show…Just like you did in Chicago last tour, can you PLEASE tell the security to let off a little bit? their security is absolutely RIDICULOUS…hoping for a LOT of classics this tour and bringing it back…Bursting and I Am Back Remix would pump me the fuck up

    • Basshead

      house of rules. went to bassnectar there last year, they wouldnt let my boy in said he was “drunk” he wasnt drunk…

      • Bassfreak2

        yeah way too much of that going on at the HoB, in my mind security guards have NO right to say if ur fucked up or not, they arent doctors, they arent qualified to make that decision, they are fucking security guards and thats it. i hate this venue with a serious passion. this place doesnt give a fuck about its patrons, they just want cash

  • 543210

    How fast do you think the presale will sell out? I have class until 12:15 and won’t be able to get internet access until its over. You think it’ll be open for atleast 20 minutes?

    • presales usually sell out very quickly, sometimes within 5 minutes or less for big events. it might be open for 20 minutes, it might not =

  • julia

    Um, what the heck? I tried to buy tickets at exactly 12pm and pre sale had already sold out???!!! I thought tickets went on sale at noon, how could they be sold out in a minute? I got out of class early to make sure I got these tickets and was on Bassnectar’s page for 20 minutes and they already sold out? wtf?

    • because so many people are waiting in line they can literally be sold out in seconds

      sorry =(

      • julia

        I waited in line for 20 minutes! I’ve seen Bassnectar 6 times, wtf? they sold out like 15 seconds after the clock hit 12:00pm?

        • julia

          its all good i got my tickets today:) so pumped!!!

    • tbone

      I said the same thing, kept refreshing and eventually I was able to buy some tix…

    • Victoria

      I HAVE 2 TICKETS TO THIS SHOW FOR TRADE! FLOOR SEATS!! LOOKING TO TRADE FOR 2 FLOOR TICKETS TO THE PROVIDENCE RI SHOW!!!!! EMAIL ME AT xolive2ridexo95@me.com @Bassfreak2:disqus @disqus_soe023Z7mS:disqus @colleenmcnasty:disqus @sammymagz:disqus @twitter-240753025:disqus @3dcf8fd422418159bf3d884f3605739d:disqus @EdBasscrew:disqus @310b5f518db3c3c383be6f89105e9c26:disqus @310b5f518db3c3c383be6f89105e9c26:disqus @56eed8ed595fd56535907b3fef36e63c:disqus @4fb231edd237f3005e6be5308def0dcf:disqus

  • Tbone

    It wasn’t even noon yet and it’s saying the presale is sold out…wtf!?

  • Bassfreak2

    yeah that whole presale thing was bullshit, but at least a very small percentage of tix for this show are presale…im def buying floor tix on friday tho

  • RageBass!

    18+…. Disappointed. Venue sucks anyway looks like im going to Lupos!!

    • Bassfreak2

      if ur under 18 u have no place at a place like bassnectar, wait a couple years and mature a bit. i wish these shows were 21+…too many kids in this scene

      • definitely not

        i just turned 21 in august and went to probably 20 bassnectar shows before that? would have been super, SUPER lame if i missed out on all those amazing experiences

        we love when we can make our shows all ages – we don’t want to keep anyone out

        • Bassfreak2

          idk ive been in this scene for a long time now and ive seen some STUPID FUCKING SHIT from kids, sure some of the younger ones can hold themselves together but some REALLY REALLY just cant…the vibes from an all ages show and a 21+ show are so vastly different…21+ shows have the best vibes ever, everyones still doing drugs n shit but everyone can actually handle it, everyones dancing and just having a great time and raging safely…this scene is not one for kids…when im at shows if theres a bar area i usually try to go chill there and stay away from all the teeny boppers and kids who are too fucked up on “molly”

          • i’ve seen a lot of stupid antics from older folks at shows.
            i’ve seen a lot of responsible, interactive, mature behavior from younger ones.

            we’re all about being inclusive. i’m glad to have been included in bassnectarland before i turned 21, and the same goes for so many others. i’ve caught mad good vibes at all ages shows. i’ve certainly never been to an all ages show where everyone wasn’t dancing and having a great time and raging safely. we have ambassadors (of all ages) who make sure that’s how it stays 🙂

          • Bassfreak2

            yeah but u see it WAY more often from kids, its pretty rare you see an older head throwing up and not being able to control themselves and shit like that, and thats a fact nobody in this scene can disagree with…keep the kids out of shows like this, its not for them and really all they are a buzzkill, the way they approach a show is so rookie-ish and its so clear and obvious…let the real heads get down and fuck the kids, they can wait til they are older…my first nectar show was when i was 21 (25 now) and thats a good age to start at…these kids dont know SHIT about drugs and therefore they get sick from it and its just fucking retarded all around

          • you’re still missing the point
            the point is not to keep anyone out

            this issue has been addressed ad nauseam

            if you see behavior you don’t appreciate, instead of looking at it as a “buzz kill,” perhaps try to embrace, educate, help someone if they need it, pay it forward, etc.

          • Bassfreak2

            if everytime i saw someone doing sumthing stupid like that, id waste my whole show talking to people i dont really care for and not hearing any of the music, that sounds more like an ambassadors job…i just ignore it cuz u see way too much stupid shit, hence why i get down in the back with the REAL HEADS cuz all the teeny boppers are too busy trying to get close to the stage for some silly reason…real heads get it and rage in the back where we got room to really fucking womp

          • the point of the ambassador program is that eventually we won’t need it anymore. everyone will be out there taking care of each other and spreading responsibility, interaction, empathy, awareness

            and if you can get down in the back with the “real heads” away from those you apparently don’t wish to be around, then i don’t see the problem. at any rate, the age limits are set for this tour and won’t be changing, and we will continue to strive for as many all-ages shows as possible 🙂

          • Bassfreak2

            the problem is that older crowds just rage better and get it more than kids do…the real heads would be up front if the kiddies actually understood how to rage a show, but they dont and they ruin it for people who actually wanna get down and not just wave their fuckign hand around and be squished and sweated on up front…you can always spot out who the real heads are and the point of this tour is to get back to the old days back when all the kiddies who like bassnectar now were still into DMB and other shitty music…i mean if u hit up nectar shows back around 2008 or 2009, or earlier, then u understand why people like me HATE the new bassnectar crowds, people dont dance, everyones too fucked up on drugs they know nothing about, the venues are big and not intimate at all and a LOT of the people are just shitty and i have no interest in talking to…the older crowds rage shows better…im sure a LOT of people who have liked nectar as long as i have, when we heard INTIMATE VENUES, we were thinking tiny little 500 person max venues, cuz we have seen nectar in that setting and it was just SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER…kids can go listen to skrillex, leave nectar to the older heads who actually “get it”

          • Bassfreak2

            next time lorin does an “intimate tour” he shud actually go all out…tiny venues, not a lot of stage production simply bc its a small venue (remember when nectar used to tour with those 3 little screens? or just no screens behind him at all?), 21+, and it would be REAL sick if you could only buy tix if you could somehow prove you have been to like at least 10 nectar sets or sumthing, and of course, OLD SCHOOL BEATS like MTU and diverse systems and shit

          • Bassfreak2

            i know you have to preach this whole optimist view on bassnectar and dubstep and the current EDM scene, but it truly truly sucks these days and theres no other way to put it, the drugs suck, the people suck, too many people go to shows for the wrong reasons…i mean there are SO MANY FUCKING bassnectar “fans” who dont know any of his music thats pre-Cozza Frenzy, and in my mind thats completely fucked up…there wasnt a lot of this stuff going on a few years ago, def before skrillex hit the scene and ruined everything…i mean just look at a crowd from 2009 then now, the crowds are SO VASTLY different and that you simply cannot deny

          • All I can say is that for as long as I have been listening to electronic music (nearly two decades), there has ALWAYS been someone saying that this scene or that scene is being ruined by the new sound/scene/crowd. Every music scene goes through this in cycles. Everyone should take a step back once in a while and realize that it’s subjective. The younger heads you are decrying will one day be complaining that someone or something is ruining their party, and it’s “not like the old days”. That’s not to say things aren’t changing, and you are entitled to like or dislike those changes!

          • Bassfreak2

            I deifnitely know what you mean, but still, i dislike the changes…you do have to admit its taken a turn for the worse, unless you prefer shitty drugs and people going to shows for the wrong reasons and large un-intimate venues

          • I totally disagree – it’s worse for you, better for other people who weren’t around before or couldn’t go to smaller shows because there weren’t enough tickets. Which is what I said: it’s just your viewpoint. At any given time there will be people saying exactly the same thing. When I got heavily into drum&bass in the late ’90s people were saying the scene was being ruined by the music getting too dark and the venues too commercial and the crowd too high. And then me and my generation were saying the same thing a couple of years later, when the scene got bigger, the sound got sillier, and the crowd got younger. Swings and roundabouts my friend.

    • sorry 🙁 we try to make as many of our shows all ages as possible, but we always have local laws/regulations and the wishes of the venue/promoter to take into consideration.

      maybe you could road trip to the Providence show, which is all ages? get a basshead road trip together! — https://www.bassnectar.net/2013/02/2013-4-28-bassnectar-in-providence-ri/

  • Noooo sold out already?? 🙁 🙁 I am so so sad!! My thesis is DONE on 4/24 and I was looking forward to celebrating with a double header…le sigh. At least there is still the 25! If anyone has an extra they could part with&sell I would be so grateful. Truly a statement of your influence I can’t believe it sold out so fast. Amazing..

    • hella congrats in advance on your thesis. i celebrated with nectar as well 🙂 sorry you didn’t get a ticket for night 1 but rage it up night 2! blow off that steam

  • Bassfreak2

    Thank You for giving Boston the best opener of the tour, archnemesis is so fuckin nasty

    • sammymagz

      I got the opening act twofer..arch here and griz in philly

      • Bassfreak2

        haha i got all 3, Michal menert at the first boston show, arch at the second, and griz at providence…hell fucking yes

        • sammymagz

          as do I my bass brotha..I’ll be illin with you and Menert day one boston, arch day 2, griz in prov (if I can find a place to crash saturday cuz I cant swing 4 hotel days in boston), then griz in philly day one, and menert day 2..we’re going to have a hell of a week if you ask me

  • Bassfreak2

    any word on LEDs yet? went to this venue last nite and seemed like a few people snuck them in and security didnt seem to care…im bringing mine in for sure…if anyone sees me getting down out back on the floor with water flowlights, come say hi and lets get the fuck down

    • no, when/if we find out it will be posted in the info^^ above

      if people snuck them in then i imagine no, they aren’t allowed, and from what i’ve gathered about this venue it seems they are pretty strict on what’s allowed in so you can probably count on LEDs not being allowed

      • Bassfreak2

        i think that if u can literally get them inside u will be fine. i saw plety of gloves and wands and shit when i went to this venue for excision the other night and security didnt do anything about them once they were already inside. i just tape my leds to my inside thigh and always works. i know getting them inside will be easy, but i was just worried about actually playing with them inside cuz it def makes you stand out, specially when u get down in the back

  • Victoria


    • Victoria

      They are floor tickets!

      • Michele

        how much?

    • Please sell your tickets at face value.

  • Alexis

    Can you get in if you are under 18

  • Bassfreak2

    ok so its in about a week, any word on a possibility of LEDS being allowed in there? so i dont have to sneak mine in and hope security doesnt care once i start playing with them

  • Jenna

    need floor tickets for this night!!! please please please…i’ve been holding off on suckhub for as long as i can!!

    • I was lookin to buy 2 floor tix for 80 each off Craigslist but my friend bailed. If that price sounds good to you lemme know and we can figure something out

      • $80 each is not a good price, it is a grossly overinflated price – don’t pay it!

        • shit man fuck all these people not reselling at face value

  • Bassfreak2

    cant wait to rage this shit tonite, last night was crazy but we all know tonights gonna be way crazier….nectar totally played a track i requested last night too, a track like nobody knows too…pretty cool when he does that

    but hey, ill be out back tonite playin with my water flowlights, come say hi and lets rage it

  • Bassfreak2

    so much dirty fucking trap last nite, 2 great nites in boston…i love how at any show where u hear trap is always the same shitty tracks and then bassnectar just drops the dirtiest unknown trap…LSD at the end was totally fucking epic too

  • Matt

    I need a recording of that set. So hard