February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Philadelphia, PA at the Electric Factory on Wednesday, May 1st!

We are excited to welcome GRiZ and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


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  • the electric factory is saying these 2 shows are 18+, might want to sort that out to avoid any confusion before ticket sales.

    • amkane

      Double and triple checked. This is definitely an All Ages show.

    • Its 18+. Was just at the venue and I asked the staff

    • definitely 100% all ages

    • hey thanks for letting us know, is there a specific website you’re seeing that on or did they tell you on the phone or in person?

  • David Crooker

    did the presale literally sell out in seconds? I refreshed til it was live and it was instantly sold out. was there only like, one ticket?

  • Tooo hype, luckily got my ticket, the 2 day deal was gone in literally 10 seconds, just gonna have to wait to get my day 2 ticket

  • Anonymous

    Both of these are strictly 18+. Because of the Zeds Dead incident, the Electric Factory has to be EXTREMELY careful with any incidents, or they WILL GET SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD. The Excision show was switched to 18+ and now these shows are as well. This is because EDM shows are more prone to the audience using drugs than other shows, and the Electric Factory can’t have any more incidents with underage people. All in all, these are both 18+.

    • no, they are not 18+
      they are all ages shows, we have confirmed this

      • Anonymous

        Who have you confirmed this with? Because the Electric Factory is saying 18+, no exceptions.

        • we confirmed with madison house that it is all ages

          not sure what the venue’s deal is, there must be a problem somewhere down the line, but it is all ages and that will be communicated to the venue

          • Anonymous

            I just truly hope the venue changes it’s mind, because it’s set on having the shows be 18+ 🙁 Also the promoter for the shows (Enferno Music) could have say in making it 18+. On a personal level, I’m a 15 year old and a huge fan of Lorin’s, and truly want to experience him live. I need this.

          • you’re the reason we always push for all ages shows 🙂

            i wouldn’t worry for now, anon. i’m confident it’s all ages, and we *RARELY* have changes in age limit.

          • Anonymous

            Called the box office today, it is confirmed all ages 🙂 I am ECSTATIC! May 2nd come quicker!!

  • Philip

    Anyone who is trying to buy presale on ticketmaster today instead of tomorrow…the password “BASS” worked for me on the ticketmaster website. The price is still the same high number that makes your booty feel violated, but at least you won’t have the stubhub prices. Good luck!


    People who promote for and work for the Electric Factory have told me that the Basnectar shows are going to be 18+, even though bassnectar.net says otherwise. If they don’t have a valid form of ID that is 18+, it appears that they’ll get turned away at the door. The reason for this was the incident last fall when Zeds Dead came to the Electric Factory and 9 people were rushed to the hospital before ZD even came on and the show had to be cancelled. I feel like they’re taking precautionary measures to ensure crowd safety. Regardless, this is what I’ve heard from sources in Philly, I’d look into that if I were you guys. Can’t wait for tour (:

    • hey shaina<3

      we've confirmed with Madison House that it's all ages. not sure what the venue's deal is.

      • Sweet! I called the venue, and the guy on the phone did not seem too pleased when his reply to my question about the age limit was ” *sigh* all ages…” I understand their concern cause of what’s happened at the venue recently, but I have no doubt that people will get their selfs together for this show.


        • yusss people will for sure bring it together for bassnectar, plus the ambassadors will keep it safe, happy, healthy, hydrated 🙂

          i miss you too !!! we’re about to hop on tinychat 😀 if my internet ever starts working.

    • Guest

      Sweet! I called the venue, and the guy on the phone did not seem too pleased when his reply to my question about the age limit was ” *sigh* all ages…” I understand their concern cause of what’s happened at the venue recently, but I have no doubt that people will get their selfs together for this show.

      PS: I MISS YOU COLLEEN </3333

  • sammymagz

    Totems and backpacks?

    • we’ll get that info closer to the show and post it up on here 🙂

      • dev0nly

        Any info yet? What about closed water bottles?

        • Yes – you will be allowed to bring in one sealed bottle of water, and/or an empty camelbak.

    • Generally no totems in the Electric Factory, I’d imagine that policy will stay the same. Backpacks are allowed, and there is a coat check.

  • brimcneel12

    so wait is this an alll age show or no?

    • This is an All Ages show.

  • mj

    woooooooot lorin philly loves the shit out of you home boyyyyyyie!

  • Is this sold out? Can’t get it to go through

    • THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT – THANK YOU Philadelphia!

  • David Crooker

    Any idea if the Electric Factory allows CamelBaks? Coming down from the mitten for another round of nectar action!!! (couldn’t wait til orion)

    • hollerrr michigan bassheads
      that’s a devoted trek you’re making

      electric factory allows small backpacks which makes me think they’d let in camelbaks, we will probably find out for sure closer to the show and post it up on here. you could also give the venue a call to find out in advance of the show.

      • David Crooker

        I’ll try to call again tomorrow but was driving all day and called before they opened and after closing! Any news on camelbacks? I’ll be jammin the double header in philly and the first night in DC!!! I need a solid fix of Nectar

        • Empty Camelbaks are allowed! Plus one sealed bottle of water, per person. Hydrate yourself David Crooker!

  • i need a ticket, got a night #2 ticket to trade for it

    • sammymagz

      don’t need a night 2 ticket but i have an extra I can give you for face value.. shoot me an email if you still need one.. sammymagz at gmail dot com

    • got your trade right here mi amigo

  • edj628

    anyone have 2 extra tix? my bro’s birthday just passed and i’d love to take him. he’s never seen lorin, and i just found about the show at the flylo concert. please lmk!

    • Got youa ticket if you need hit me up 917 499 5777

  • Ken B.

    looking for 1 ticket for Thursday night Philli show. please email me if you’re looking to sell yours. kenbeersnyc@gmail.com

  • need two tickets for wednesday 5/1 please contact me 609-313-0371 or 856-381-1687 ASAP

  • Only hours away!!!! I can’t even sleep rite now!!! All I can think about is TWO nights of BASS!!! : )

  • Got one ticket for tonight’s show. Ticket is $26 + effin ticketmaster $14 fee so $40 hit me up @ emailberk@gmail.com