February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Philadelphia, PA at the Electric Factory on Thursday, May 2nd!

We are excited to welcome Michal Menert and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


Facebook RSVP

  • David Crooker

    How did the presale sell out literally instantly. ? O_o

    • that happens = lots of people going for the same tickets. sorry

      • David Crooker

        its ok, I’ll still be there! both nights in philly!!! (its also my fiancees first show ever!) cant wait

  • Cameron Edling

    I vant a presale code!

    • Our presale tickets have sold out! Promoter tickets go on sale Saturday Feb 9th @ Noon EST.

  • Cameron Edling

    Even on ticketmaster? 10:00 today?

    • promoter tickets = on ticketmaster. Noon EST.
      presale = sold out.

  • i just tried to order the presale tickets from ticketmaster but my code wont work. wtf do I do!! need those tickets

    • Our presale tickets have sold out! Promoter tickets go on sale Saturday Feb 9th @ Noon EST.

  • Erica

    Are Promotor tickets going to be availa le for the general public? Or are we going to need another code?

    • no code necessary for promoter tickets

    • Do you mean hardcopy tickets through street teamers? There will not be any hard copies in circulation since the show is sold out

      • they meant promoter tickets, which are now sold out

        a code was needed for presale tickets

  • sammymagz

    Any confirmation on this date being completely sold out?

    Looking for a friend who missed presale but ticketmaster is saying no tickets found…

    • sammymagz

      my bad on the double post..browser lag..first world problems

  • sammymagz

    Any confirmation on these being completely sold out?

    Looking for a friend who missed the presales and ticketmaster is only finding tickets for 5/1…

  • Too bad the May 2 show sold out – only for me to find literally OVER 100 TIX for sale thru secondary vendors now – at $100 each! WTF. I’ve been a huge fan since the very very beginning, listening to Underground Communication while I type this. It just sucks, I’ve been trying to take my girlfriend to see Lorin, but can’t afford $200 for a night out. Super weak. Thanks for the presale efforts, but looks like I won’t be seeing Bassnectar again if this kind of thing keeps up. Anyone who has 2 legit extras they aren’t trying to sell upcharged, I’d LOVE to get a hold of them. Such a shame people scheme like this to make some quick bucks. It should be about the love of the music.

  • Bassnectar Electric Factory 5/1/13 4 tickets available –
    $75 (Philadelphia)I have 4
    tickets available for the Bassnectar with Griz concert on May 1st at the
    electric factory.
    Im asking $75 each OBO
    Buy through me to avoid
    additionally charges on Stubhub
    call or email for information

    • Hey Sean – please do not sell any tickets through our site unless they are being sold at face value. You might be selling cheaper than other scalpers, and I appreciate you are trying to help out some people who missed tickets, but it’s still scalping unless you are selling at face value.

      • I’m not selling anything. I was telling people to nag a scalper who foolishly posted tix for sale for $75 (while they are still available at ticketmaster), and put his personal phone number up on Craigslist.
        The point was that real fans could call up someone who is attempting to ruin the show and tell them exactly how they feel about it, since they kindly left a # for us.

        • maybe a phone ringing off the hook from people who are pissed that they are scalping would help send the message.

          This guy is the POS keeping me from seeing my fav artist – 2157796320

          • Alex Miller

            maybe a phone call to the persons work shows how manly they can be when they deny the whole thing. Have you spent your work day making these posts? How could the Financial Research Associates let their employees go rouge on their work computers to harass a person? sounds like enough to terminate an employee if you ask me. Watch what doors you open if your not ready to play the game. There is a Starbucks across the street of 10 North Presidential Boulevard. I have all of the free 20 dollar giftcards you want. I’d gladly like to show you them in person. Or maybe we could meet at your parents house where you live in Pennsburg? Or you can deny it. Exploiting people’s personal information is a two way street. Be careful what you wish for. BTW tell the receptionist she’s a nice woman too.

          • Go knock on the door. See who answers. Wear body armor.

          • Alex Miller

            Excuse me sir, I’m no criminal justice major, but a case could be made that that was a direct threat to my health. On top of a case of instigating verbal harassment. And actions taken on the doorstep? that makes you in the wrong for a physical/verbal assault case. it seems like the charges arent in your favor. You should think twice about your actions before you not only lose your job, but your freedoms.

          • Keep hiding behind a fake name like the scum you are. No direct threats have been made by anyone. Perhaps you’re anticipating the karma you deserve for the things you do. Also – not a wise idea to post phone #’s on Craigslist, in general, especially when you are SCALPING – which is illegal, Mr. Not-A-Criminal-Justice-Major.

          • Alex Miller

            I’m not a criminal justice major…. thats why i said that. And you eat pig’s tits

          • Well tell your mom I said thanks for the meal buddy

        • Haha OK – my bad, sorry. But we can’t have phone numbers being posted in the name of harassing people either! This isn’t 4chan! Even if they do deserve it.

          • “this isn’t 4chan” irl lol

  • sammymagz

    YO. Excision shattered a window at the Electric Factory last night.

    I’m going to need you to drop some windows man…

    • Colleen

      did he really??? I was at that show, the bass was CRAZY.

      • sammymagz

        Sure was. haha.
        He broke a window, a light, and was setting off car alarms in all the lots around EF during soundcheck.

  • merpderp

    how many watts of sound is the bassnectar crew bringing to the e factory?

    • not sure the exact number but…..a lot

  • Bassfan22

    Just to be clear absolutely no tickets off of stub hub will work or was it just for the presale tickets?

    • Just the presale tickets, which were all sold through Frontgate. Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster did not have the same restrictions.

      We hate to hear that people are having to buy tickets from Stub Hub and implore you to try finding a face value ticket by posting on this page, on our Facebook event page (click the blue “I’m Attending” button above), or through online groups such as BNF on Facebook. Lots of people manage to get face value tickets this way.

      If you have to use Stub Hub as a last resort, I hope you find reasonably priced tickets. Let me know if you want me to add your email address to our mailing list so you get announcements for presales and onsales, or sign up above (Ugly download below the Freestyle advert). Good luck!

  • Simone

    will unopened water bottles be allowed in? What about totems? – Thanks

    • Info coming soon!

      • Simone


      • Simone

        Any info yet? Only a week away!

        • One unopened sealed bottle of water per person is admitted, and empty Camelbaks. Totems are all good – nothing sharp, under 5ft, at discretion of venue staff.

  • bassinyoface

    what genres are Michal Menert and Thriftworks going to be playing?

  • i got a ticket to this show to trade for a night #1 ticket, hollla at me

  • bassdownlow

    what time is he going on/playing till?

    • we don’t give out set times — sorry!
      i can tell you the show will go until midnight or later, though
      hope this helps 🙂

  • due to an incredibly unfortunate turn of events, I am in DESPERATE need of a ticket for tonights show. Help a fellow basshead out 😀