February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Silver Spring, MD at The Fillmore on Saturday, May 4th!

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Michal Menert and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


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  • anons1234

    All ages??! Please give us an 18 or 21+ event… crowd is much better. security is much nicer.

    • we try to make as many of our shows all ages as possible
      the point is not to keep anyone out 🙂 calling all bassheads

    • Bassfreak2

      i totally agree with you man, 21+ nectar shows would be the shitttt

  • kevin

    All ages…thank you…

  • Guest

    i l

  • jl

    Noooooo… I was waiting for them to go onsale at 12, and never even saw an option to choose a ticket… sold out immediately 🙁

  • crackadelic

    never saw the 2 day pass thats sold out & this dates which ive been trying since 12 exactly finally got the sunday passes so i duno if this one is messing up like the sunday passes were or what!!?

  • Kevin

    i cant believe they already sold out…i was so excited

  • OHIO

    No tickets until saturday?

  • bmorebasshead

    no tickets found this is bullshit

  • Kevin

    No tickets again? camon…..

  • nateb

    Got my 2 day pass . Let the countdown begin.

  • Costa

    What is the bag policy for this does anyone know?

    • Small bags are OK – if the bag is too large they may ask you to check it, or return it to your vehicle if they don’t have a coat check.

      • Tsquared

        can we bring in empty camelbacks?

        • Yes, empty camelbaks and one sealed bottle of water per person are allowed.

  • Nathan brennell

    4 days till launch of the bass ship.

  • Costa

    If anyone wants to help me spread beach balls once bassnectar comes on stage, find me in line or in the lobby before. I’ll be wearing a tye dyed I <3 NY tshirt!

  • Tsquared

    What time does it end?

    • Costa

      The past all ages shows I’ve been to have ended around 11:45 or so which I believe is due in part to various city cerfews

      • Tsquared

        whaaaaaat?! that’s insane.

        • Midnight or later.

          • Tsquared

            awesome thank you!

          • Brian S

            Im going to be arriving at 10 due to a prior commitment in baltimore.. what time does his set start?

          • we don’t give out set times, sorry =/ you could try calling the venue especially the day of the show…they might tell you

  • Brian S

    guys, have been a huge fan since the beginning. need 2 tickets to sat . PLEASE, help me out!

    • J

      Might be able to help you out with 1 ticket. Not sure yet if my friend is coming. Will post back here if I can. Good luck!

      • Still got that ticket?

        • bobby/crackadelic

          im sure there will be plenty of scalpers sucks but their always outside with tickets.

          • Costa

            i agree with bobby, as much as it sucks to be paying a scalper, out of desperation i’m sure you could find on with some

  • Hey guys I need a ticket badly for this show, I have one for sunday but wasn’t able to get one for saturday. I’m desperate at this moment and might try bribing someone at the door if I can’t find a ticket. Find me and message me on Facebook if you have one.

    -Nick Somma

  • Hey guys I have two tickets for Saturday that I need to sell. Message me on facebook if you’re interested!