February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Columbia, SC at Township Auditorium on Wednesday, May 8th!

We are excited to welcome our special support guests GRiZ and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Tickets are also available from the venue box office with just a $1 ticketing fee
(plus our standard $1 charity fee):

Township Auditorium Box Office
1703 Taylor St
Columbia, SC 29202

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 12pm-4pm

Facebook RSVP

  • Joelsar

    YES!!!! I cant wait… Thank God for Bassnectar!!

  • Rohan

    Do you know if we can bring camel backs and totems to this venue? I know When pretty lights came to township they didnt allow them.

    • we’ll post that info up closer to the show

  • Natalie Brown

    Hi! I run Alternacirque, an alternative circus arts company in Columbia. Any way we can jam with you guys?

    • Thanks for the interest – we don’t involve performers in our stage show, just Lorin in amongst an armada of amazing lights, giant LED screens, and of course unparalleled amounts of unstoppable bass. Hope you can make the show though and bring some of your spirit and spectacle to the event! That would be awesome. And best of luck with your Alternacirque endeavors πŸ™‚

  • C


  • Dburn

    I love that Bassnectar is finally coming to Columbia!! Also, Alternacirque is awesome! best in the southeast!

  • jordanwearsnada

    how much are floor tickets?

    • US $32.00 Ticket + US $9.80 Fees =
      US $41.80
      sorry about the ticketmaster fees…we hate them as much as you do πŸ™

  • Celina

    Will I be able to pick up tickets for this event online or will I have to go to the venue?

    • if it’s will call you pick it up at the venue.
      not sure if they’ll have print-at-home tickets for this one but it’ll be evident when tickets go on sale today.
      hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  • Austin808

    Are the lower level tickets already sold out or not on sale? Ticketmaster is so confusing..

    • amkane

      Hey Austin, it looks like the lower level tickets are sold out.

  • M

    Are the presale tickets floor or balcony? The only option we had was “general admission”

    • Emily

      I was wondering the same I believe. They are floor

    • all GA! which means floor would be first come first served, if they decided to cap it off.

  • Logan

    How old do you have to be

  • FunkyTimePromo

    When is this show scheduled to end? I’m trying to put together an afterparty (unofficial at this moment), but can’t find what time it ends. If you would like (basscrew), you could send me an email; it should be attached below. Thanks!

    • FunkyTimePromo
    • we only give out end times if it’s an early show, which this is not, meaning it will go until midnight or later πŸ™‚

      • FunkyTimePromo

        Ahh thanks so much!

  • Will this be a complete GA go-whereever-you-please show? or will there be some sort of separation with balcony and floor tickets?

    • Its all GA! (We’ve been trying to resolve with Ticketmaster that they have floor and balcony listed separately.)

      We wanted to make all these shows GA so there was no wristband chaos and people feeling left out of the floor! Only our Providence show has tiered tickets (plus limited boxes/reserved seating for Boston).

  • Spencer Brown

    going to Columbia and Charlotte, cant wait!!!

  • Mrrager

    Do you know if we can bring camel backs and totems to this venue yet?1

  • Mrrager

    Do you know if we can bring camel backs and totems to this venue yet?!*

    • hey! totems are good to go, 5 feet or less and nothing sharp/pointy
      small bags are ok so i think camelbaks would be fine but perhaps ed can confirm this?

    • Yup, empty camelbaks are allowed, and like Colleen said non-pointy totems under 5ft are allowed – at discretion of venue staff.

  • channing

    Where can I buy a ticket to this?? Id love to go and Bassnectar.net says there not sold out but there not on ticket master….


  • Party Cab

    Partycabsc.com will be working at the concert, call us 8033816222 same price as standard cabs, but with 3000 watt sound systems.

  • shell

    do we know set times at all? most importantly when will bassnectar go on?

    • Nicholas Rage

      im thinking he goes on at 10

  • 843keem

    Where are the pics from the event ??? There has to be a URL for the photographers