February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Summer Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Morrison, CO at Red Rocks on Saturday, June 1st!

We are excited to welcome our special support guests DJ Shadow (DJ Set), Two Fresh and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

VIP tickets include front-center seating/standing area and a limited edition poster. (VIP tickets are sold out!)

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM


Facebook RSVP

BOTTLED WATER: 20oz or smaller factory-sealed bottle; caps will be removed at search
CAMELBAKS: allowed, but must be brought in empty
TOTEMS: reasonable height and nothing deemed to be a hazard to public safety
CAMERAS: permitted, nothing professional, no audio, no video
BAGS: permitted, reasonable size

  • Evan Winslow

    Hell Yes. Got my TWO DAY PASS ON PRESALE!!! NECTAR!!!

  • Chordinated

    How much are tickets?

  • Anthony

    Wondering if there will be more VIP tickets on Saturday thru ticketmaster or if the presale VIP tix were all of the vip tickets? Please help me im worried we wont get vip tix now

    • The VIP tickets at presale were all the VIP tickets, I don’t think there will be any offered through Ticketmaster – so make sure you get GA tickets if you want to go!

      • UpsetBasshead

        WHY!? why would they not put a cap on presale VIP tickets? Why won’t you take my money! i am trying to upgrade.

        • We can’t make them all VIP tickets, that wouldn’t be fair to people who want cheaper tickets, and then there would be too many people for the viewing space, posters etc. There might be an upgrade option but it’s not confirmed yet.

          • UpsetBasshead

            No but you can put a cap limit on presale VIP tickets like you did on presale VIP. iAny chance i get for bassnectar VIP, i take it. For example, Electric Forest Good Life package, Basscenter 7, New years eve 2012/2013 for my girlfriend and myself. i understand they cannot all be VIP but this one time i missed the presale and then they aren’t even offered for regular sale? I’m saying take my money, this is my last pportunity to see bassnectar before i go to Afghanistan for a ten month deployment. Lorin’s shows are all about the experieince and honestly i fo not enjoy being sweated on by random ravers. I bought the three GA tickets for both nights to this show already, but I’m not pleased.
            Please make my last shows before i leave magical.

            US Army Sgt Nathan Meir

          • UpsetBasshead

            also sorry for not proofreading, the first sentence should end with GA not VIP.

          • I will let you know if any upgrade option is available, but I think we sold all VIP tickets as part of the presale this year. This is different to previous years, sorry if the switch caught you out! But I’m glad you got GA tickets – the VIP is nice, but hopefully the most important thing is that you will be at the show 🙂 it doesn’t need to be VIP to be magical!

            But will let you know if there’s anything we can do.

          • UpsetBasshead

            Of course, thank you for the prompt responses and i look forward to hearing great news from you.

          • UpsetBasshead

            Any update on the upgrade to VIP option? That would be wonderful.

          • Nothing yet, sorry.

  • Winston

    Is there a possibility of anymore tickets being released at a later date like last year? I didn’t have enough money at the time they were on the sale but I would REALLY love to be able to go this year!

  • Jeff

    you absolutely HAVE to play bongo bong at one of the nights at Red Rocks. I”ve been to every show of yours at Red Rocks plus BassCenter 3 in San Fran and I haven’t heard this song yet and it’s my absolute favorite. Will you please play it at Red Rocks?

    • put it on tha request line!


    • Billwave

      Pretty sure that is a deekline remix

      • Billwave

        just btw

  • Ross X

    Good day fellow bassheads! I have two tickets to friday may 31 at redrocks
    and while I appreciate that someone bought them for me it was supposed
    to be saturday. If anyone would like to trade please let me know that
    would be such a amazing treat! Thank you, thank you, thank you. wannawastesometime@hotmail.com
    (like requiem)

  • Can you stream Red Rocks for us in Denver and Boulder and Colorado Springs etc. Wide angle bro..

  • I have a saturday vip will call ticket is my ticket refundable

  • Sabre

    If anyone has an extra ticket for the 1st let me know! I desperately need one!


    • sheeba

      We have two ticket but bought on Stubhub so looking to make back what we spent and will sell together only.

  • i have a first night ticket willing to trade for second night! email me!

  • Ian Johnson

    I have 4 second night tickets wanting to trade for 4 first night tickets if possible! Email me at tenatiousz85@gmail.com

  • andybars

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds?? like hangout status, but harder, red rocks styleeeeey??? &/or some RATM… &or some TOOL? i know youll bring the heaters, but srrsly lets get loud like hangout, only heavier.

  • azbasshead

    hey! great job at both shows!

    do you guys have a tracklist available?

    • we don’t give out tracklists or live set recordings – sorry! it’s because lorin likes to keep the live experience, well, LIVE! it’s always intended for the ears that are there and present because the experience is a communal one and is so much more than just the tracks that were played, ya feel me?

      • azbasshead

        no worries, i understand. there were a couple songs that i have not heard on the mixtapes or albums, that were really awesome. they had a “trappy” sound to them, with some horn-like noises. dun da da dun da dun dun dun. i think that was the beat. any ideas on what that song was?

        • Yummyj305

          Azbasshead, that horn like song is sampled in Flosstradamus too. Go to soundcloud.com and search for Hardy Parters by Beauty Brain (Tim Ismag Remix) I believe that’s what ur looking for or at least a mix of it. Dubstep.NET is who posted the song on soundcloud

      • azbasshead

        hey! question, will you guys be offering any HD videos of the shows? I would love to re-live some of those nights @ RR.

        also, will RR 2014 be happening? or is it a no-go with Lorin’s break?

        • we dont usually release anything like that, but you can probably find some short clips online

          i havent got any word on whether there will be a RR 2014! we’re off the road this spring, only shows that have been announced are some festivals so far 🙂 keep your eyes and ears open!

  • Yummyj305

    I purchased a VIP ticket, but never received my poster. I have left several messages at red rocks but haven’t heard anything. Can you please help me with this issue?