February 4th, 2013


Bassnectar Summer Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Spring Tour 2013 to Morrison, CO at Red Rocks on Saturday, June 1st!

We are excited to welcome our special support guests DJ Shadow (DJ Set), Two Fresh and Thriftworks to the line-up for this event!

VIP tickets include front-center seating/standing area and a limited edition poster. (VIP tickets are sold out!)

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM


Facebook RSVP

BOTTLED WATER: 20oz or smaller factory-sealed bottle; caps will be removed at search
CAMELBAKS: allowed, but must be brought in empty
TOTEMS: reasonable height and nothing deemed to be a hazard to public safety
CAMERAS: permitted, nothing professional, no audio, no video
BAGS: permitted, reasonable size

  • ????????????????

  • First Bank or Red Rocks i presume. Either way see you there!

    • amber

      I don’t think those would be considered small venues 😉

  • amber

    i don’t think those would be considered a small,intimate venue lol 😉

  • Alrageous

    small intimate venues the month of april is what im understanding…so red rocks!!! 🙂

  • When can we expect more news

  • BassHead


    • brad

      That would be my long time dream come true

  • If we are talking small intimate venues, I hope one of them is the Boulder Theater.

    • spoon

      Sorry but the boulder theater sound system is not up to par (personal opinion after wolfgang gartner basically blew them out)

  • Are these tickets coming out wednesday also? or are you guys putting them off till you release the venue?


  • Casey

    FORT COLLINS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alrageous

      If only the Aggie would get blown down by the Nectar!!!

      • It has…apparently it was in like ’06…missed it epically

        • luckikid


    • clintonshitlist

      none should never be anywhere near fort ocllins EVER.

  • AZbasshead

    Mr. Nectar!

    I am excited to drive up from Tucson and see you.

    special guest = knife party OR seven lions?!

    please and thank you.

  • Bear
    • Bear

      would be the shizzsam!

  • Ski_Messiah

    YYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Bassnectar we love you so much in CO, you don’t come as often as you used to and it makes us sad, this just made my week though!!!! :))))

  • jaytee

    Omg! This will be two years in a row ill have bassnectar play for my birthday!

  • Rae

    RED ROCKS!!!!!!

  • Eric

    Mishawaka!! PLEASE!!!

    • Tjcrunch

      The Mish is way too small for the crowd Bassnectar attracts. Althought the Mish is an amazing place my first show was Eoto at the Mish best night of my life

    • disqus_SfKs55LtvG

      old school nectar set thursday/sunday night @ the mishawaka must have red rocks ticket stub to attend!!!

  • luckikid

    when will these tickets be available to purchase??

  • state bridge would be amazing!

  • O

    Red Rocks & PEPSI CENTER

    Jay – Z could and you CAN !!!

  • Nicholas

    he is obviously going to be at red rocks u noobs

    • NotYourTypicalBassHead

      Exactly, but i want zee indoors!!! );

  • Andrew

    There is too big of a following in Colorado to not do the shows at Red Rocks. Plus it is an epic venue.

  • Jonathan Stephens

    Red rocks!!!!

  • Alimama

    LORIN! 🙂 SO happy to see you switchin back to the smaller venues this run! Can we please transport back to Belly Up circa 2008?? Gahh I get chills all over thinkin about it. You should seriously consider a three night run w/ your CO family! The Fillmore, Ogden Theatre, & Belly Up Aspen… eh?? You know you wanna 😉 MUCH <3<3

  • Cervantes please :]

    • Alex

      Can’t be there they are booked for may 31st and June 1st:(

  • The Aggie

  • marc a b

    Gothic Theatre is treats

  • Leejanepow

    I’m so confused on howto get these damn tickets!

    • not on sale yet! ticket info will be released once the shows are announced 🙂

  • nolan arnett!

    its a two day event so its gotta be red rocks

  • i think you should secretly get here like a week early and play all over Denver like the small theaters and spots, i love red rocks more then most, but a small venue it is not. and i for one have not had the pleasure to enjoy Lorin the jellyfish bassnectar in a small venue. unless you count the last time we had the mile high music festival with Dave Matthews band when he was in a small tent/hanger.

  • JolynChomper

    When are you guys going to release tickets?(:

    • after we announce the shows

  • night owl

    beta nightclub denver co please best system in the state hands down

    • YourNonTypicalBassHead

      I believe he brings his own Sound completely? Correct me if wrong.

  • AllidoisDANCE

    Hope i get a chance to be at one of these shows!!!!!! with all my other bassssfaces bloom style

  • correct me if i am wrong but spring is not over tell the 20th of June and this was under the spring tour dates.

  • When do tickets go on sale? i need a two day pass as soon as they’re available!!!

    • after the shows have been announced, we won’t make ya wait longer than necessary 🙂

  • Lauren Ireland

    Can’t wait to get these tickets wherever he will be playing in beautiful Colorado!!!

  • Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock……. Vava VOOOOOM, all upside down on dem Red Rocks!

    *Fingers Crossed*


  • Come to Red Rocks again!!!!! Last year was so dirty. One of the best times I’ve ever had

  • Tyler


  • Arizonabasssss

    Bassnectar re-tweet 2/23/13: Daydreaming of a Summer night at Red Rocks with @Bassnectar and 10,000 Colorado ragers… #RedRocksSeason pic.twitter.com/okH6kfvg2y

    RedRocksSeason is a group of bassheads


  • Jacob B.

    This will be my third time making the 13 hour drive to Red Rocks. My first time there was seeing BASSNECTAR melt peoples faces off last year. Got to go to both nights. CAN NOT wait till I get to see the main man himself again raging so hard the rocks crumble!

  • Jacob B.

    This will be my 3rd time making the 13 hour car ride to the awesome place of Morison, CO. MY first experience of Red Rocks was seeing the main man himself last year both nights! Man, I CAN NOT wait to see him again and RAGE!


  • #MILEHIGH is ready!!! HERE WE GOOOOO!!!! <3

  • There is no way Bassnectar could do Fort Collins, even though it would be cool. xD

  • Zach

    Does anyone know how much tickets will be?

    • last year presales were around $50 so probably in that range

  • Matthew Evans

    flying from missouri to vermont for the burlington show, then driving from columbia missouri to morrison CO for this show. HELL YEA!! show 12 and 13!!!! SO GLAD IM OFF PROBATION!!!!!

  • AHHHHH! I was on here @958am. How the hell did all these tix get sold out in less than a min.?! :*(

    • because tons and tons of people are online at the same time and going for a very limited number of tickets. but just pre-sale and 2-day tickets are sold out, though. there will be promoter tickets on sale soon.

  • is there going to be more 2 day tickets available. I was on here at 9;59 and 10;00 exactly and they were already sold out. are you kidding me

    • 2 day tickets are sold out. but there will be more single-day tickets

      • So there won’t be ANY more 2 days even when they go on sale to the public

        • sorry, turns out that yes, more 2-day passes will be available on Saturday @ 10am MST.
          2 day passes are just CURRENTLY sold out, but there will be more

  • i was buying for myself and 2 other friends and now there sold out. this is crazy

  • Jacob

    I waited until exactely 10:00 on the dot and tried to get tickets but they sold out already. 🙁 How did they sell out in a matter of seconds????

    • because tons and tons of people are online trying to snag a very limited number of tickets. just pre-sale is sold out, though. there will be more tickets.