February 25th, 2013


Bassnectar Summer Tour 2013RETURN TO RED ROCKS: THE REVENGE

Announcing our third year at the musical mecca that is Red Rocks!

Following last year’s sold out double-header, we’re coming back for another 2-night blitz, with some special guests in support: DJ Shadow (DJ set), A-Trak, Treasure Fingers, Two Fresh, Tokimonsta and Thriftworks!

Presale tickets go on sale this Wednesday Feb 27th
@ 10am MST:
Presale tickets are now sold out!

VIP tickets include front-center seating/standing area and a limited edition poster. (VIP tickets are sold out!)

Tickets go on sale this Saturday March 2nd @ 10:00 AM MST.





**** Fillmore Box Office in Denver will be open at 10:00am and has no Ticketmaster fees! ****

Unlike our Will Call-only presales for the Spring Tour, these Red Rocks presales are physical tickets – you will be mailed your tickets in advance of the shows. For venue ticketing: all GA tickets will be physical and mailed directly to you, VIP tickets will be Will Call so you can collect your lovely poster! Please check your type of ticket at purchase and make sure your mailing address is correct for all GA ticket purchases.

Our Red Rocks shows sell out so please spread the word – we hate hearing from upset bass heads who have missed out…

We are long overdue to return to Colorado, and have been planning this event for the past year:

Red Rocks 2012 – Night 1 Family Photo – by Britt Chester


169 Responses to “RED ROCKS 2013”
  1. Sidnee Tyree says:

    My grandma is purchasing my ticket from Georgia where she lives as a birthday present, they won’t need her card when I go to enter right just my ID?

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      If it’s a GA ticket, you will be mailed it, and will only need the ticket. If it’s a VIP ticket, that is Will Call, and you will need your ID to collect the ticket. No card needed in either instance.

  2. NectarAidistheCure says:

    Cannot wait!! Im flying str8 from FL. Went to the first one in 2011, absolutely best weekend of my life, i hope Lorin has something special up his sleeve for us that weekend! Cannot wait to meet all you baddass Bassheads! READY 2 RAGE!!

  3. Muffinman says:

    Is VIP sold out already?

  4. Muffinman says:

    Also relax about PK sound. YOu just mean you want Lorin to have more 18″ horn loaded subs.

  5. youknowme_cz says:

    are the 2 day tickets already sold out?

  6. #manhattan_24 says:

    Is anyone else pumped to hear, the god almighty REZ! got my night two yesterday so pumped

  7. 303808303 says:

    Wondering if the June the 1st is sold out sold out or will there be another allotment of tickets available?

  8. RJ Scacchi says:

    PK no discussion. there are 20,000 people that payed at least 40 dollars for this. PK or alot of people will be disappointed

  9. hindoo says:

    no VIP section?

  10. DGO Basshead says:

    where do go to request songs?

  11. Sinwave says:

    I would like to petition the bass gods for some PK sound.

  12. I cant find any tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!

  13. I need tickets please 🙂

  14. Anthony says:

    Got extra tickets for this because I knew it would sell out and the fuckers at #fuckstubhub would be scalping these tickets so I have these two tickets for whoever wants to go with me, FOR FREE. I am coming from Dallas, anyone from Texas not get a ticket and really wanna rage???

    • Jr. Bass Heads Unite says:

      hell ya i have a 2 day pass allready but thats awesome that you want to share your bass with the world so fuck ya your karma is golden sir and i solute

    • Shaun Kukla says:

      i want to rage so bad on Saturday! ive never been to red rocks!

  15. max says:

    bullshit how stubhub can buyy over a thousand tickets and chage 155 for two nights at redrocks

  16. LeeDeePee says:

    Anyone selling 2 tickets for June 1? Willing to pay up to $75.

  17. robinho says:

    somebody has extra tickets contact me please !!

  18. Robinho says:

    somebody has extra tickets contact me please!!

  19. LeeDeePee says:

    Will there be tickets released the day of the show for 6/1??? Any info would be greatly appreciated! I can’t miss this.

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      This show is 100% sold out! You can call the venue and see if they have had any returns. Otherwise try finding a face value ticket through Cash Or Trade, or Magnolia Miracle.

  20. LeeDeePee says:

    Will there be tickets released the day of the show for 6/1??? Any info would be greatly appreciated! I can’t miss this.

  21. Anyone have a ticket for either or both nights available?

  22. Blake Kimmel says:

    Is Tokimonsta in fact on Friday night? I have seen it posted both ways, some places on Saturday night..

  23. irene says:

    2 WEEKS!!!!!

  24. OGyummskies says:

    Going to be driving from western Iowa and have two seats available! Who needs to be picked up?

  25. Chance Lawson says:

    coming all the way frrom the bay area baby!!



    anyone from cali goin out?

  26. Shaun Kukla says:

    can anyone please spare a ticket for Saturday?? I’m 100% being honest when I say I’ve never been to Red Rocks. I’m from Chicago and just moved out here and want to start my Colorado life the right way. Please if anyone can help

  27. Gabrielle Annastcia says:

    Does anyone have 2 tickets available for either night? It would be very appreciated .:3

  28. Ricky Haggard says:

    yooooooooooo whos going saterday and wana meet up???

  29. Sean Atrick says:

    Somebody desperate to sell me their ticket at a good price for both? About to head to Red Rocks to scalp for things, who knows, maybe ill get lucky and find a ticket among the other things im going for! Bonnaroo needs me to rest and stock up, like a squirrel does before winter email is and I’ll be checking it. If you need my number ask and ill give!

  30. JskinnZ says:

    Hey i was unable to make it to the “merch” table on the Saturday night of RR’s. I was attending with VIP tickets, and was wondering if i could possibly get the Poster being given out on Saturday still? I do still have the blue ticket to exchange for the poster. Thanks Bassnectar crew for putting on another unbelievable evening of joy and amazement!!!

  31. azbasshead says:

    I heard Lorin is taking spring 2014 off, will this affect RR 2014???

    • colleen says:

      no red rocks has been announced or confirmed yet, so no telling! but in the past red rocks hasn’t really been part of spring tour, it’s been part of our summer run, if that helps ya.

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