February 5th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013 - Photo by Rukes.comIt is always amazing, and humbling, to see the lengths some of you will go to in order to hit as many of our shows as possible. It’s no small feat in terms of organization, traveling, and cost, not to mention endurance!

So we want to give something back to one road-worthy bass head. We’re giving away a Season Pass to our Spring Tour 2013 – 2 x VIP tickets to every single show from Burlington through to Chattanooga.

If you are planning on road-tripping the tour route with your fellow revelers, you and one travel buddy could be our VIP guest at every show you can reach.

All you need to do is prove your hardcore credentials – some digital evidence of your efforts to travel far and wide in the name of bass – so we can be sure this makes it into the hands of someone with the means to back it up on the road.

You can post something in the comments below (to attach an image, click the image icon in the bottom left of the comment box), post it on our Facebook wall, or just tag your photo/link/whatever on Twitter or Instagram with #Passnectar.

Obviously we want this pass to find a good home before presales go up tomorrow, so we will be awarding a winner later today.

Thanks to everyone who journeys from afar to make it to our shows, whether it’s one show or all of them! Your passion and dedication is an inspiration 🙂

***** UPDATE – THE WINNERS *****

OH GOSH! Choosing a #Passnectar winner for our Spring Tour Season Pass has been impossible: so many unbelievable submissions from so many amazing people!! There is simply no way to pick just one person out of this (what were we THINKING?!) So here is what we decided to do:

We decided to split it three ways to the top three submissions on The Contest Page. Submissions are naturally voted up, and so we have a tie between Phillip Irwin, Dom Lu, and Gabriel Fraboni (BAM!) We are pleased to give each of these folks 2 free VIP passes to every single stop on the Spring Tour from 4/24-5/12!!!!

It was so heartwarming to read all of these posts, and to see all the #Passnectar pictures and testimonies on Facebook, Twitter, & the web. We love what we do, and are deeply dedicated to giving our all to this community, and it is truly awe-inspiring to see so much enthusiasm come pouring back! And so much dedication! I wanted to be clear that this is not a popularity contest, and we are certainly not picking favorite fans or anything! I am a come one, come all type of person: VERY INCLUSIVE! I want everyone to feel welcome, from the oldest old-schooler to the freshest newcomers! So thank you all!

We think all the submissions rock, and we will be sharing some of them here on the website and giving out free tickets and gear throughout the week.

And we want to invite you to keep adding your experiences and memories here: _____________________. We will let this build as an archive. Thank you!

OK! Spring Tour Advance Presales available Tomorrow!!!

  • Alex

    How the hell do people have the time/money to follow an entire tour? Don’t you have school or work? I’m honestly curious how this is done? Not hating at all, I just genuinely don’t know how someone would be able to do this for 20 days straight??

    • wrakd

      the way you do it is dedication. you dont spend the mney you work for on stupid useless crap or bars and other bs…. save up. quit job. gather friends. tour. live. love life. rage on 🙂 but yeah not everyone can do it….but if you do do it its a memory of a lifetime for sure and even more I’ve met some of the coolest people on tour…

      • Alex

        Just curious, what job did you have wear you could save up enough to do this and then go back home and still afford rent, food, etc. if you already quit your job>

        • people prioritize their money in different ways. for some people living independently is not as important as going on tour; hence, once they get home, the rent/food situation isn’t an issue. this isn’t true for everyone, but for many.

          • TheKidRobot

            aka living at home with mommy and daddy. i know where my priorities are within society and my community. I work, live, spend, save and always budget my time and money so that I can see live music every year, as much as humanly possible. I plan for the future, LIVE in the present and learn from the past. If giving back to the bassnectar community by touring nonstop is the way you do it, then by gee golly do it. MOOOOOM, WHERES THE MEATLOAF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

          • definitely no need to shame/judge anyone. so many diehard bassheads do tour or parts of tour or just a few shows in different ways. i think it’s awesome that some people can make an entire tour happen.

    • i have friends who do this and still am baffled by it! i could never follow an entire tour due to school. i’m usually lucky enough to follow a certain leg of tour, i.e. the midwest run, which is good enough for me 🙂

  • Nick

    Over the past year I have really thrown myself into the music scene. I enjoy every bit of the shows I go to and have an amazing time traveling to and from these events. I’ve gone as far edcV last year and coachella, forrest, ultra, and many more this year. My favorite expedition was this past trip to Basslights to NYE360. Following the bass god has really opened my eyes to true electronic music. Lorin brings in the greatest crowds which is a big factor into making the show and I appreciate them almost as much as I do Lorin himself. If I won these Season tour passes, I would do my best to make as many as possible. I live in Charlotte so I could see myself taking out more than half that tour list. Regardless of anything, thank you Lorin for putting the bass in my face 🙂 see you soon

  • Kelsey Gratton


    I first fell IN LOVE with your music and bass community at your show NYE 2010 in Atlanta. From then on, our little bass crew (which has grown A LOT) made a pact to never miss any of your NYE shows no matter where they were, and catch all the ones we could in between. I have been to 10+ shows now and every time you completely amaze me. The way you can captivate an audience and everyone can throw out great vibes constantly is unbelievable.

    I wish with all my heart I could follow you on every show for the spring tour. Unfortunately, I just moved to LA for a job so I can’t quite take a 3 week vacation. I’m also super bummed to miss your May 10 and 11 shows in my hometown, not raging with my usual crew. However, YOUR “COLORADO SPECIAL” ANNOUNCEMENT HAS MADE ME THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!! I can definitely get to CO from Los Angeles (much more do-able then ATL) and CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN. As great as festival shows are, I always love the longer sets of your regular shows.

    In short, thank you for being awesome and loving your fans with things like #passnectar. You are such a genuine person and I wish everyone had the outlook on life that you do. Keep up the great work!!!

    P.S. Below are pics of the totem and a small part of the crew from CounterPoint, the other side was a BASSEYE 🙂


  • Caitlin Rutledge

    I believe it should go to someone who hasn’t experienced as many bassnectar shows as some of those folks. I had a drink thrown at me by YOUR tour manager at Electric Forest this past summer, but still went to 5 of your concerts this year. It would be such an honor to go to all your shows!! I have millions of awesome videos & pictures of you from the greatest nights of my life. And I have all the time in the world. Lorin, you seriously are amazing!

  • Carson Codi

    Holy cow! This guy deserves it! Hes a true fan<3 Respect!

  • It almost seems incredibly unfair. Asking for evidence of your efforts to travel far and wide in the name of bass, sounds a lot like a popular contest. Your fans are fascinated with the idea of who ever can break the record for the most attended Bassnectar shows, should win the VIP tickets.what about the Love for us Fresh newcomers? I got Bassnactar introduced to me in 2012 attended my first show in 2012. The only evidence I hold are here in my heart, mind, soul, and body. Because photos are used to show your friends what they’ve missed. But the experience is worth a lot more than evidence. Isn’t that what the Bass is all about? Letting go so the Beats can control. I give huge props to your hard loving Fans. I personally know a few. And Thank You for getting introduced in my life, you have opened a new perspective in my life. I’m sad, deep down this was set to be a popularity contest.

    • it’s really not unfair nor a popularity contest though. as stated above:

      “All you need to do is prove your hardcore credentials – some digital evidence of your efforts to travel far and wide in the name of bass – so we can be sure this makes it into the hands of someone with the means to back it up on the road.”

      pay special attention to the “so we can be sure” part. THAT is why credentials come into play here. so these passes are put to good use by people who have proven that they can and will make tour happen — even though funds are tight and time is money — simply because they are THAT passionate.

  • I am not trying to win this submission as it has already been won, and I couldn’t do every show even if i wanted to…but I just wanna show some love!
    6 states, 1 province, and 13 shows later, and I cant stop myself…see you in ATL for 14 and 15!
    Bass Island / NCMF 11 / Detroit, MI (Compuware) / Chicago, IL (Congress) / Red Rocks 12 (2nights) / EDC LV 12 / EFF 12 / Detroit, MI (Fillmore, 2nights) / Toronto, ON 12 / Basslights (2nights) / To be continued…

  • disqus_XnnO81uPNy

    OMG OMG OMG Lorins promoters and management! check my soundcloud page Dj-Mc i posted an amorphous old days style B nectar remix all the added synths i designed myself. Not only would i tour with you guys id love to help set up shows and fuel the bass cannons! David McMurray get at me! Im from the home of the nasty (Bozeman, MT) but by chance i’ve missed the few times you’ve come to visit us! And from what i’ve heard your management won’t take $50000, so instead of asking you to come here, i wish to travel with you and your team in-order to see some bass at its finest! Honestly listening to your music the really old stuff i feel like thats were i learned to live this music! Where is it going? The sky’s the limit but Lorins style and quality of producing is unbeatable It would be a dream to see how the pro does it. Sadly no Bassnectar show yet seen Datsik Jantsen Kraddy Excision Nasty Nasty Minnesota beats antique terrivita tons of who i’ve learned to believe are masters at their craft! still no Lorin who is honestly one of my heroes, if i could pick his brain for a minute I know the outline for the interview by heart!

  • Collin Robinson

    I know that I’m late on the entry but i made this a while back and have been a little iffy on show it to anyone but thought what the hell. Mad PLUR to all the winners hope y’all have the time of yalls life

  • I couldn’t begin to imagine how many of this stories get skipped. I have my own, growing up as an “illegal alien,” in America has been the hardest thing to deal with. Nothing comes easy or free. This has led me to appreciate where I stand. I got introduced to your music by a very loving fan. And the only evidence I hold are in my heart, soul, body, and mind. I remember how exciting it is your first time and mine was last year 2012. I know you said this wasn’t a popularity contest, but it sure seems that way. Your fans root for the person who can break the record for most attended Bassnectar shows. That is unfair, as a fresh newcomer I wonder how do this people attend your shows back to back? And where do they find the money? I saved what I needed to experience the love around this Bass circle. And I can’t even describe how incredible that first time was, I would’ve loved to have the VIP tickets because is taking me hard work and sleepless hours to even get to see you. And for those who have seen you 72 or more times. I can see how they would want this, but c’mon they are the popular kid. Where are the under dogs at. The ones that have to work twice as hard for only half.

  • I am Dancer. Ive seen Bassnectar once at UMASS Amherst this past fall….My body has never moved like thay before honest id love to win the season tour tickets and become a thoroughbred BASSHEAD. All of these kids are like, ‘ive seen you 24 i wanna see you 12 more,” but are they really about that life? The bass hits my skins, slips into my bones, through my mind and then my body moves like magic. i deserve those tickets!!!

  • Woot woot They Definitely deserved it!!! CONGRATS!

    • MADISON! i love you dude. glad to see you spreading the love. i think they deserved it too. miss you brother

  • if i only had the time and money and wasn’t in school….congrats Phillip get buck wild for me!

  • mark shaouni
  • Alexander Schizas

    I spent every last penny of savings driving from south carolina to california in 48 hours for Sea of Dreams NYE bash back in 2008/09. Not good enough i guess. Congrats to the peeps who won.

  • Realbasshead

    I’m the real bass head..

  • Cupcake


    After reading many of my fellow fans experiences posted on
    #passnectar, I feel obliged to share mine and add to the archive. #southnectar

    Before I went to Rothbury 08, I did a little research on
    some of the artists. You were one of them. for whatever reason my research was lacking
    because when I arrived I thought you were a girl who stood on stage playing
    bass. This, while potentially cool, really gave me no reason to see you. My
    friends and I were at thievery right before your set, many of them decided to
    leave, but me and two others elected to stay. We stayed the wholleeee time. We
    were blown away. My introduction to your music and the scene was beautiful, but
    I really had no idea what to make of it. I grew up in a small town in Michigan where
    “shows” didn’t exist and I was enamored by the *beautiful people.

    I returned to Florida where I was attending school. There is
    a long story behind how I then found my crew, friends, family, what have you,
    but in the following months I did. Next came the world of bassnectar. I found
    myself at your show at the Norva, 09. It was my first real electronic club
    experience. I was so giddy I spent the entire opening set of eoto front rail
    raging. little did I know what was to come. Your set was perfect, and I again
    found myself front row, with arms locked in a row with all my best friends who I
    had met just months before. *paper planes remix and American beauty had us

    From here mission #1 was see bassnectar as much as possible.
    I think after that was an Athens afterparty, DEMF, and then lollapalooza. That lolla
    set is still one of my favorites. I remember skipping in bounds from animal
    collective at sunset to arrive at the perry stage just as u began. It was truly
    epic. Summer ended again and it was back to school. This is where they mayhem truly

    The jump off point was Tallahassee, and we had a solid
    nectar crew. First I believe was the 40 watt, and then Tuscaloosa. The Tuscaloosa
    show was as I remember probably the least crowded show I’ve attended. The sound
    was massive. At one point, my friends and I were going wild on the floor because
    there was so much room to rage, u started into the mash of doorly’s bonkers and
    calvin harris tracks. We had heard it already and knew what was coming. The
    physical throwdown that occurred out of my body took even me by surprise when
    the bass dropped. After the initial jolt subsided, It felt as though the organs
    in my body were misplaced. Lungs up, stomach down, heart wherever. I don’t
    know. All I know is that it felt WIERDDD, and I was like damnnn. To this day
    one of the strangest feelings I’ve ever had.

    We moved on into the spring of 2010. This included a couple
    nights of ultra, and another in Tuscaloosa. The spring show there was beautiful.
    Straight up. I knew many people at that show, and just about every one of them
    traveled north to Nashville to see what I think was pretty lights. It was an
    easy drive and the thing to do. We took the 5 or 6 hour drive south to New Orleans
    for back to back nectar because its just like that. Obviously a no brainer. At that
    nola set I was at one point on the balcony to your right. Towards the end you
    played land of the lupes, and the bass coming out of that balcony wall directly
    above you was one of the lowest sounds I’ve heard. Insane.

    I graduated school and hit a few more festivals. At the risk
    of dragging on and being redundant I will say I remember them to be dope. The
    spring brought florida tour where we made four stops of the 5 from jville to tally,
    gville, and otown. Having lived in florida for years and having just moved to Tennessee
    these were great times with my original nectar crew. If you remember we were
    the kids who gifted you a bottle of wine wrapped in tin foil lol. From florida
    we moved onto basscenter 1. I had the honor of being invited as an ambassador,
    and still feel thankful and lucky for the experience. It was an eye opener and
    a killer night.

    Also, somewhere in here u played the house of blues Chicago,
    tribe afterparty. U played for over 3 hours. My buddy and I were looking at
    each other, shaking our heads almost wanting you to stop, but dying for you to
    keep going. Marathon bass love. That feeling, is special.

    I’ll pause briefly on NYE 2010 at the Tabernacle. Woah. If this
    wasn’t the one I don’t know what was. First night on the 30 was sick, and the
    31st was unbelievable. It was in the mid 20’s in show count by this
    point, and had since the beginning been dying to hear the mr. oizo killing in
    the name of. I would call it before
    every show, to no avail. Funnily enough, nye it never crossed my mind. Not once.
    So inevitably when I heard the first note at the end of the show, you could
    have knocked me over with a feather. the explosion my body made after the drop
    lasted for hours. Basically I had been waiting for it, waiting for it, waiting
    for it, and when I least expected it, u slayed me.

    More shows, more shows.

    Fall tour 2011. I was *and am* living in Atlanta. We were
    easily rolling 20 deep to Virginia for Raleigh and charlotte. It was a great
    feeling. The first night up there was a blast, and my first time hearing
    Myy SELEKTORRR. So that was cool. I went
    hard those two nights and was ready to call it quits until you came to Atlanta the
    next weekend. 7am the next morning came around and I was woken to getting in a
    car headed for DC. Probably one of the best moves of my life. This was arguably
    my favorite show/night. You reminded me that there is always more out there. Open
    your eyes to end the set was chilling.

    We raged sets in Atlanta, the new Georgia theater. You kept
    playing my selector and 6bloccs jeep music was in heavy rotation *at the
    theater mixed with bursting, as I remember*…..wtf good. Another few insane
    florida shows with old homies, some spring dates last year, a Mississippi here,
    and a newyears there.

    These are for the most part how these stories happened. Not all
    of the facts have been checked. But that’s how I remember them, and that’s whats
    up. I believe my show count is 42. I’ve loved every minute of it. The music,
    the people, the life. Thank you for giving us all a chance at #passnectar, but
    with homies like the winners around none of the rest of us stood a chance. Realistically
    with my job i’m shooting for the 5 south dates. Columbia to chatty with the 2
    nights in my home city atlanta, and im gunna make it happen. If you and the team
    have any more tickets for the southern leg of the tour I would be forever
    grateful. If not, I’ll still be seeing you all there to party anywayJ.

    Thanks for what you do.

    Ryan Keegan


  • Kdubstep27

    I love the nectar of bass! Heres some shades I just crafted…grab em at etsy.com… http://www.etsy.com/shop/DubzLuvvCreationz?ref=pr_shop_more

  • Kdubstep27

    more bassnectar memories…im in the pink

  • tabitha’s man

    I am a true basshead and Lorin is going to play for my wedding party over the summer! i still havent decided how i am going to propose to my girlfriend! but how great is it that he decided to do the show for me and my wife! Lorin truly is a special person and this one love message needs to flood this earth before it is too late!

  • OneLoveMessenger

    Lorin has agreed to play at my wedding party/ bachelor party/ family party over the summer! He truly is an amazing soul! Thank you Lorin! See you soon buddy

  • Dani

    Lorin you saved my life. I turned my sister onto you lasted New Years and she’s never been the same. We drove 1700 miles to do basslights and 360 .. We want to do SC NC GA and TN on the spring13 undoubtedly , but would do them ALL if we had the tickets for sure ! We loveeeeee taking people to their first bassnectar show and transforming their lives <3 we have both recently started hooping too 🙂 of course mostly to your music! We are dedicated and would definitely be there if we won passnectar

  • Ben-didley

    I am up to six shows and would love another hundred. I am willing to catch every texas date! Basshead since 09

  • JolynChomper

    Thats just awesome!! Those guys deserve it. Dedicated bassheads for life!(:

  • Taylor

    I love your music Lorin!! It inspires me in very a unique, blissful way. Iv been a basshead for a while now and u man are the king of bass hands down. Unfortunately, iv only seen u live once, at the second night of basslights and out of all the other dub shows i have experienced , u blew those out of the water. I am a die hard BnF n would love to tour. Give the bassheads who Havnt been to all of ur shows some vip’s ?? BnF for life! #passnectar

  • Lorin! The first time I saw you was rothbury 2008 (garunteed to still be the highlight weekend of my life.) I Met you for the first time at the pagent in St. Louis on 4.12.2009 and you signed my artwork because u quickly became my biggest inspiration~ Since then I have traveled to see u in 11 states, 32 times. Each show is so unique and different to me that there is no other comparison to the inspiration infusion that I take from the true bliss and beauty of 3000+ people In unity to share one love. Looking forward to traveling from denver to Las Vegas for the 420 show and then I would be willing to put my job on the line to travel and witness this tour.. This is the moment I have been waiting for my entire life and I know I am a little late but I would share the best vibes and art work with the bass family . It would be an honor to travel with the bassbus and see the country please contact me and let me know If there is any way I can elevate this perspective of subconscious hope! (Inspiration is a Reflection) -Curtis Lapham