February 6th, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013 - Photo by Rukes.comAfter reading so many comments about our on sale this morning, I thought I’d take a minute to explain how this all works and what it all means.

With every show the promoter gives Bassnectar (typically) a 10% allotment of the tickets to sell at discounted prices with lower fees. If a show holds 1,000 people, we get 100 tickets to sell. This is the result of some music industry legislation. Read about SCI vs Ticketmaster and say thanks when you see them! Anyway, it’s a very limited number of tickets for our fan club so they go quickly.

First off THANK YOU!!!! Our fan club presale tickets were gone almost as soon as they went up this morning. We even had our ticketing company check to make sure this wasn’t the work of bots. Almost all of the presales were sold out within the first 5 minutes. We were actually able to have more tickets added to the Providence, Burlington, Charlotte, and Rochester shows! (In case you missed out, the public on sale begins Friday or Saturday morning depending on venue. Check for all of the details.) This Spring Tour is all about tighter venues! This means overall there are limited tickets available to every show. The shows are smaller so please move quickly if you’d like to join us for these special nights. 

Although we’re happy to see the tickets move quickly and can’t thank you enough, I’ve seen lots of concerns raised about scalping worth addressing. First things first… The tickets on Stub Hub are not worth a penny. DO NOT BUY THESE!

We’ve disabled name changes for our fan club tickets to be picked up at Will Call. Whoever purchased those must be the one to show up at the venue. As always the Bass Crew is hear to help if there are circumstances that might get in the way.

We’re also giving paperless ticketing a try for the Tabernacle shows (explained here). The credit card used to purchase the tickets must be presented at the show. If this works the way we hope, we’d like to use it more going forward. This system has worked for many other shows @ The Tabernacle so we are excited to give this a whirl!

Please know that the Bassnectar crew is trying hard to crack down on this and it pains us to see a single ticket on Stub Hub.

Our goal is to bring the best music and the best experience possible to as many people as possible, and create magical experiences and memories in an unforgettable way. We want DEEP IMPACT. Thanks for the love and support!




For Presale Tickets:

– For any issues with presale ticekts, please contact Front Gate, our ticketing partner –

– As stated above, and at point of purchase, there are no name changes on Will Call tickets. You can purchase a presale ticket from a friend, but you will need to attend the show with the friend you have purchased from, as only they can collect the tickets purchased in their name.

For Public Onsale Tickets:

– For any issue with non-presale tickets, please contact the specific ticket vendor, through their customer service page or check your receipt for a link. Eg for Ticketmaster, go here –

For our paperless ticketing shows in Atlanta:

– As stated above, and at point of purchase, the card used to purchase must be used to collect the tickets. You can purchase tickets from a friend provided you attend the show with that person. You will not be able to enter the venue without the card used to purchase.

– To try and change the card used for purchase: for Ticketmaster tickets click the link at the bottom of your confirmation receipt email, or log into direct with the account used to purchase the tickets. Click on order history and select the show. Click the transfer tickets button and enter all the necessary info.

– For Frontgate tickets call customer service 888.512.SHOW(7469) or send an email via this page –

Please email with any problems not answered by the above. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


215 Responses to “THE DEAL WITH TICKETS”
  1. Unhappy Basshead says:

    Lorin, I was purchasing 2 tickets on the presale for Track 29 in chat and after trying over and over again and repeatedly being signed out, even after i would get tickets reserved, i was finally able to reserve two for me an my girlfriend. I went to the information screen and typed in all my credit card information but when i finalized my purchase and clicked confirm to order my tickets I was logged off and sent to the main page. My tickets were no longer reserved for me or in a current order or anything and I lost the tickets. I kept trying to get more but could not reserve anymore and gave up after an hour or so. I assumed that this meant i didnt get the tickets or be charged for them, but when looking at my credit card statement I have been charged for 2 tickets to Track 29, but did not receive any confirmation email saying i bought them. I called Track 29 to find out that I have been charged for 2 tickets, but am not actually on any list to receive tickets. I dont know what happened with the purchase process but I can imagine the servers were on the fritz but I would like to get this situation resolved, whether its by me actually receiving the tickets I paid for or just being refunded for them. Thank you.

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      Did you buy presale tickets from Frontgate? Or did you buy promoter or promoter presale tickets through the Track 29 website?

      If you purchased through Frontgate, go here:

      If you purchased through Track 29, go here:

      Sounds like you went through Track 29? If they absolutely will not help you then let us know, we can try and chase it down. I can not even begin to imagine they would refuse you a refund. But I assume you’d much rather have the tickets?

      Keep us updated.

  2. BassIsland2Plz.DontRunTheFerry says:

    Hey so if I bought a ticket for each night of the Maryland shows (seperately, not the 2-night package). I might not be able to make the second nigh so how would I go about getting someone else that ticket who needs it while getting my money back?

  3. Confused about tickets says:

    How can I buy tickets now? I wouldnt want to use stubhub anyways, but Im not sure how else to acquire tickets if you must present the card that payed for it. I would have to get it from someone i probably dont now and wouldnt be able to use their card unless they were still going to the show and I walked in with htem

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      If tickets are still on sale, you can still buy them. If tickets are sold out, you can no longer buy them. You did not make it clear which show you are talking about, but it sounds like Atlanta? If so, yes, you can buy a ticket from someone else but you will need to enter the venue with them – in other words, you can buy a ticket from a friend and go with them, but not from a scalper. Yay! This is the way it should be! If you didn’t get tickets in time and don’t have any friends with extra tickets, you might have to sit this one out.

      People shouldn’t expect to be able to purchase tickets from scalpers at horrific mark-ups. It shouldn’t be happening. You deserve better. If you want to go to a Bassnectar show badly enough, just be online ready to buy tickets at the right time!

  4. Dez Zamora says:

    Colorado Special. ????????? I’m in for another amazingly spectacular night at Red Rocks!!!!!!

  5. matt says:

    Bassnectar Tickets – Saturday 5/4 – 2 Available – SOLD OUT SHOW! – $100 (Silver Spring, MD)I have 4 tickets available for:

    Silver Spring, MD
    Saturday May 4th
    The Fillmore at 7:30PM EDT

    $100 per ticket, PayPal only! These are PDF tickets, and I will email them to you for when I receive receive payment. Please email me if interested.


  6. Wynn Duncan says:

    Is there any way to void tickets? Person on craigslist is selling 4 tickets to the tabby for 125 dollars. Said he bought them on live nation and can switch the name and offered to walk in with me. Told me those were a good deal. Then gave him my two cents on scalping. These tickets need to be voided. He does not deserve to be at the show. I have his name and email

  7. Sean Evans says:

    Too bad the May 2 show sold out – only for me to find literally OVER 100 TIX for sale thru secondary vendors now – at $100 each! WTF. I’ve been a huge fan since the very very beginning, listening to Underground Communication while I type this. It just sucks, I’ve been trying to take my girlfriend to see Lorin, but can’t afford $200 for a night out. Super weak. Thanks for the presale efforts, but looks like I won’t be seeing Bassnectar again if this kind of thing keeps up. Anyone who has 2 legit extras they aren’t trying to sell upcharged, I’d LOVE to get a hold of them-PLEASE CONTACT ME. Such a shame people scheme like this to make some quick bucks. It should be about the love of the music.

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      This is why we are trying to cut back on scalping. Any of our presale tickets are not valid for name changes, so those can not be sold on the secondary market. If you are going to buy scalped tickets (and we implore you not to!) make sure you are not buying our presale tickets (from Frontgate) as they WILL NOT WORK. We can’t do anything to stop the Ticketmaster tickets from being scalped but we are doing our best to improve the situation.

      • Sean Evans says:

        No, I understand, and I think what you guys are doing is great. The only problem is that (understandably) the presales sold out in seconds, and after that, the floodgates are open to these types of scum. I guess here’s to hoping it gets better someday, thanks for taking the first step!

  8. Sean Evans says:

    Bassnectar Electric Factory 5/1/13 4 tickets available –
    $75 (Philadelphia)I have 4
    tickets available for the Bassnectar with Griz concert on May 1st at the
    electric factory.
    Im asking $75 each OBO
    Buy through me to avoid
    additionally charges on Stubhub
    call or email for information

  9. Kelseyrrr says:

    If we end up working one of the atlanta shows as an Ambassador, how will we go about selling or giving our tickets to a basshead in need?

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      Depends on the show. Once you are confirmed as an Ambassador for a show you have tickets for, talk to Hasan about your tickets, there is a system in place.

  10. Dmg says:

    I am sorry but this is all crap. For the June 1st Red Rocks show, tickets were gone SECONDS after they went on sale. That has to be the work of bots.

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      No it’s the work of thousands of people all trying to buy tickets at once. We do everything we can to spread the word, so everyone has a chance to buy presale tickets with minimum fees – this means that everyone is ready and waiting the second they go on sale. We have heard from hundreds of fans who got tickets, and only ~1,200 went on sale, so you can do the math.

      I understand it’s frustrating if you didn’t get your tickets – happens to me all the time when I’m trying to get tickets for popular events – but if you are ready on Saturday @ 10:00am MST you should have more time to get tickets.

      • Guest says:

        I feel as if it would take more than thirty seconds for a human to purchase a ticket online. But fine, I’ll be purchasing tickets tomorrow morning. Good to know that mods here are snide.

        • Ed Basscrew says:

          Dmg we aren’t being snide we just don’t like being told false truths by people who have no first hand experience to back it up. The SECOND people get the tickets they are put on hold in a basket – so that means if you were SECONDS behind enough other people you will not have been able to get any tickets. You insist tickets went to scalpers so you can complain that you didn’t get tickets yourself – life isn’t always fair, but you don’t have to make our organization seem unfair because of your own disappointment.

          • Dmg says:

            I don’t think you understand…. At 10:00 on the dot, everything was gone. What else am I supposed to assume? I didn’t get my tickets here…so my getting tickets doesn’t disprove anything. But I did get them at on pre sale (for those who may need to know).
            And yes, you all have been a bit snide. But I suppose I can understand why,there were lots of us upset about how it turned out. Of course I had a bone to pick. I’m not the only one. Just saying… As a mod, watch the tone you portray.
            I apologize if I sounded rude.
            I do thank you for your efforts in keeping ticket sales legit.

          • Ed Basscrew says:

            All good, glad you got a ticket! Because so many people are trying to get tickets at the same time, it’s a lottery. As soon as all the tickets are in baskets (which in this case happened in seconds because of the high demand), they are effectively gone, until some get returned from purchases that didn’t go through or timed out.

            In terms of setting the tone, you did open with “this is all crap”, so you can expect us to defend our efforts! But I also said I understand it’s frustrating and can relate to your disappointment, which I meant wholeheartedly, as someone who has often tried and failed to get tickets for popular events.

      • Dmg says:

        Do the math? Do not imply that I am not thinking logically. I am simply saying that is seems highly impossible that a HUMAN can manage to purchase a ticket online in a matter of seconds. I had zero chance, somehow, of getting a pre sale ticket here. And I will be buying tickets tomorrow, thank you very much.

        • Ed Basscrew says:

          I can only tell you that tons of our fans have tickets so it is not only not impossible, but WE KNOW IT NOT TO BE TRUE.

          Good luck, hope you get tickets!

          • Dmg says:

            I did get tickets.

            But perhaps you should consider not being so rude. Just because you’re a basscrew mod doesn’t mean you’re any better than us.

            Oh, and if my assumptions were incorrect… Why don’t you prove it?! Yeah, you cannot.

          • Ed Basscrew says:

            The fact that you got tickets disproves your own point – if they were all purchased by bots in seconds before anyone could buy them, you wouldn’t have any. And if you had time to buy them, so did everyone else.

            But we already knew this because hundreds of fans have successfully bought tickets – you can see them all over Twitter, Facebook, and EDM websites, including this one. There’s your proof.

            I never said anyone was better than anyone else. You seem to have a bone to pick with us and it’s completely unfounded on an assumption that all our tickets went to bots, when we spend so much time and effort trying to combat this.

  11. Eddie says:

    My friend purchased a ticket from StubHub with the understanding that only the fan club tickets were disabled for name changes. Will he be able to enter even though its not his name on the printout ticket? He thought only will call tickets were name restricted.

    Thank you

  12. trav624 says:

    so, if i have 3 day 2 Atl tix, and i am unable to attend. guess i just have to eat the tickets other than sell them?

  13. Dylan Scates says:

    If you do a ticket transaction through and the ticket is now in your name can you enter the tabernacle with your receipt, credit card (that you purchased the ticket with), and your photo I.D?

  14. I know the paperless entry must be very stressful for Lorin & The BN Crew, I would just like to say THANK YOU for moving once step closer to ending SCALPING…I know its frustrating for fans and it will take a tour or two to work out the kinks, but from the bottom on my heart & Magnolia Miracle, we Thank Lorin & His Crew for trying to “Keep The Tickets In The Family” and OUT of Scalpers hands <3 <3 <3 Mad Mad props for you all…….Love & Respect!

  15. Stefanie says:

    I have two presale (Will Call only) tickets to the Charlotte show that I’d like to sell (plans changed, can’t go anymore) but I don’t live in North Carolina. Is there anyway that I can sell these tickets to a fan or friend? I can’t physically be there to pick them up because I live in New Jersey, otherwise I’d do that.

  16. Ryan says:

    I hate these paperless tickets. My buddy who can’t go has to return his tickets instead of being able to give them to me, someone who wants to go. It’s very annoying, hope I find a ticket

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      Tell him to follow the link in his ticketing receipt and enquire after a name change. They are available in certain circumstances. Or if you need a different ticket try Cash Or Trade and Magnolia Miracle.

  17. Fry says:

    Concerning the paperless event in Atlanta, I’m trying let two friends use my tickets for friday night (my gf secretly bought pre-sale tickets for sat and was keeping them a suprise, and i consequently bought two regular sale tickets also in secret for friday). Ticketmaster has confirmed that I cannot in any way transfer the tickets or change the credit to my friend’s. Purchases were made over phone, there is no email receipt or online evidence to follow up on.

    Q – If I let me friend use my credit card, even give him my ID (which I wish would be taken as an act of trust for that person, might be interpreted as theft), will he be allowed entrance? Thoughts or a new direction to persue would be helpful.

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      If you have the credit card used for purchase, as well as the ID used for purchase, you should be fine. Try calling Ticketmaster again to arrange a a name change. You should have been sent a confirmation receipt as an email address will have been taken at purchase, which will help when speaking with Ticketmaster.

  18. Josh says:

    My sister has a lacrosse game and wont get there until an hour after me will I be able to leave the show to come outside and let her in the with my credit card since we bought them on the same card

    • Colleen says:

      I don’t think so, Josh. sorry… you will only be able to swipe the card once, and all members of your party must be there. there is no way for them to swipe your card and know that only one of you is there. hopefully it’s not a huge inconvenience to wait for your sister, but this is all done with good intention to eliminate scalpers. we hope you understand

  19. Basshead<3 says:

    My friend bought our tickets but has to go out of town last minute for a family emergency. If she got the kind that cannot have the name transferred, can I bring her credit card to be swiped? I could also have a picture of her ID on my phone if needed, but there’s no way for her to physically be there.

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      If you have the card you should be fine. To be safe, she can follow the link in her email receipt (or hit up the ticketing company direct) and try to have the name on the tickets transferred.

      • ONE LOVE says:

        ED what are done with tix for those who do not show or cant transfer,do those go back out for sale,Victoria Allen BNF is in ATL right now an his desperately seeking a saturday ticket,most have them but they cant transfer,so those willcall no shows, will they be available for sale.need help ASAP

  20. Justin Cruce says:

    What should I do with the three tickets I have for Miami this weekend? We can’t make it, the hotels are way too much. I put my tickets on stub-hub, because I have no other venue of selling them. Ideas?

  21. Jessie says:

    Confused what the difference is between presale and public on sale? I am planning to buy them ahead of time but I am unsure if I will be able to make the days I buy because that is what happened with my decadence tickets. With presale if I were to sell to a friend I would have to send my card with them for them to get the ticket? With on sale would I still have to do that or would it come in the mail and I would be able to hand it off if I were unable to go! Please clarify this.

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Presales have no ticketing fees. Presales will come in the mail. Be forewarned, we have had fans try this in the past where their tix didn’t come in the mail until a few days before the show and they were unable to sell/were stuck with tix. Hope this helps 🙂

  22. Clear Sight NOW says:

    Media censorship at its finest your people fucking sicken me!!! It’s all good though I’m sure they’re being removed for all of our safety!!!

  23. bassmom says:

    We have two tickets for the show this weekend in AC, but cannot go due to a health issue. What is the best way to sell the tickets? Are there any sites that are just for selling/buying these?

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