March 25th, 2013


Don't use Stub Hub to find tickets!With almost every last ticket long gone for our upcoming Spring Tour, we want to commend two awesome websites for helping to support people trying to find fairly priced tickets.

Instead of getting ripped off by some suckafish scalper on Stub Hub, check out:

Cash Or Trade –
Magnolia Miracle –

Both organizations are doing great things to combat scalping by providing fair trade marketplaces where tickets are exchanged for cash at face value, or for tickets of equal value.  

And if you have extra tickets to sell or swap, these are good places to give people an honest deal. You can also look for or post up face value tickets on our website or Facebook event pages.

Don’t be a suckafish! Wherever you transact please offer tickets at face value!!! #FuckStubHub

If you need more help please consult your friends at the BassNetwork:

We hope this helps bring people together, and helps you get into the shows you want to be a part of 🙂
And if you have a spare ticket you were considering selling, how about gifting it to a stranger and making a new friend? Nothing better than #RandomActsOfKindness!

  • This is awesome!!

  • brady

    Boston anyone??? email me @

    • Gleb86

      I think there were tickets for the Boston show still available in the upper mezz. You can easily get downstairs if you get there early.

  • Jordan Sadler

    Magnolia Miracle Loves You! Thank you so much for raising awareness of the problem and providing the solution! <3

  • Dusty

    Thank you for Embracing the Face! Since 2009 the community has been revolutionizing the secondary ticket market. We have lots in store for the year ahead. Rise up now mobile:

  • Thank You So Much Lorin & BassNectar Crew for showing some love to Magnolia Miracle…It’s truly an honor to have you spread the word about us and what we do….all we want is for people to be able to see their favorite artists for FACE VALUE…..if we ALL ban together..we can all change the way tickets are sold….thats why our slogan is “Keep The Tickets In The Family” & OUT of the Scalpers & Brokers hands…..and it’s because of artists like you who can help us spread the word of this movement and make fans aware or what sites such as Magnolia Miracle & Cash Or Trade stand for….we must take back our community and take back control over the tickets…..From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU & YOUR CREW for the support….Much Love, Kylie McGregor (Founder of Magnolia Miracle)

  • Hao Ly

    Magnolia Miracle is the SHIT!!!! Has helped me and so many friends attend sell out shows without paying over face at all! Keeping that shit in the family! Thanks so much Lorin for the love and shout out to spread the word about this awesome organization!

  • Jen Conrad

    want to buy 3 Bassnectar tickets for House of Blues in Boston for next
    Thursday. I’m selling them for $35 each because I bought em a while ago
    and I am just trying to make my money back. Big discount!!!! General
    Admission Mezzazine *Standing Ro m Only. These are sold out. This post is on Magnolia Miracle as well as the Bassnectar FB page. Go there or mail me

    • brando

      Thanks for posting to as well Jen! #embracetheface

  • Dan Kruglak

    Cash or Trade is awesome, been around for a while now and have always helped me get face value tix. #EmbraceTheFace#FuckStubHub

    • brando

      Ahh, thanks Dan. Nice to meet you. Thanks for being with us for the long haul and supporting the scalping alternative,

  • Cash or Trade is where it’s at!! Face value tickets/trades for tons of shows, completely legit and I can say this from experience

    • brando

      Glad to hear of your excellent experiences with Shannon. Thanks for being a part of it all !!

  • I love that there are sites that we go to and get a face value ticket to a show that is happening that night!!! Thank you to and Magnolia Miracle for making getting tickets not such a stressful deal. I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about the lottery. the best part of and Magnolia is not that you an get face value tickets at any time, For me, I love the connections that you make when I do a trade. We are now able to meet and talk with and trade tickets with fans from the other side of the country!!! And every ticket I have ever gotten i always end up meeting up with that person at the show, and making rad connections is what is all about!!! So please and Magnolia never stop what you are doing!!! And we ALL stand behind you for all of the hard work that you put in, so that we are able to go see our favorite music (~);} And remember, Mike Says, #embracetheface

    • brando

      Appreciate the response and the dedication behind the valued mission. thanks you. Yup, you said it #embracetheface

  • I have been using for the last three years for all of my ticket needs and have never, never been let down! The website is so super easy to navigate you just need to make a profile and start trading and selling tickets!!!! It’s such a great website. With 22,000 members and three different ways of accessing your posts ( by website, FB group, and Mobile app), you can never miss out on any shows. Definitially get yourself over to and get trading. Ill see you in the summer on the west coast friends!!!! Kuroda went to Dagobah to meet with YODA!!! THAT IS TRUE. LOOK IT UP

    • brando

      Thanks for the great post Ben. Hope to meet up with you this summer for sure. Thanks for your support and dedication of and the face value mission.

  • JT Sullivan

    Cash or trade rocks! I’ve always found tickets on the site and made some new friends in the music community. Keep it up!

    • brando

      Thanks for the Support JT. Glad to hear about the friends and tickets you have made through We appreciate your support.

  • Magnolia miracle is a wonderful organization! It has helped me and my friends many a time! Very convenient and not sketchy! Keeping that love in the music scene! 🙂

  • Lex

    Cash or Trade and Magnolia Miracle are AWESOME!

  • Keisha Murray

    YAY Magnolia Miracle!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Mad Love for Magnolia Miracle!!

  • Trevor

    Thanks Lorin for supporting a truly great idea and wonderful cause of making it possible for music lovers to have a chance at a fair price at tickets. Much love and respect to you Kylie of Magnolia Miracle!!

  • I love Magnolia Miracle. Plain and simple.

  • gratefulbasshead

    first off, bassnectar youre a boss. secondly, since this fuck stub hub post a few weeks back, i’ve been searching for two 2-day red rocks tickets near and far, but havent had any luck with cashortrade/magnolia/firends of friends. if im willing to pay the ridiculous prices on stub hub will the tickets be legit? never used the site before but i gotsta go to this show!!!!! much loveee, <3333 grateful bass head

    • Don’t buy from Stub Hub! Keep trying through those sites, or our Red Rocks event pages and Facebook pages, and you might even get a better deal on Craigslist. Red Rocks tickets are all physical tickets, so any ticket you find will be valid, there’s no name registration. Good luck! See you at Red Rocks 🙂

  • thank you Lorin!! MM & BNF = <3

  • is amazing! After striking out of the lottery it was my absolute savior for Phish dates, since then I have used the website to find face value tickets and friendly members of the community to trade tickets with. It is so awesome to see Lorin backing it!

  • travis

    i have 2 rochester tickets if anyone wants them.

  • I was searching all over the internet for a reasonably priced ticket for Bassnectar at Red Rocks Ampetheatre. Red Rocks was the first “land mark” I visited in Colorado a year ago when I moved here (Last years Bassnectar performance) I found it very beautiful and inspiring. Unfortunately this year, the tickets for the event sold out very quickly and it was during a time where I was in between jobs so i decided it would be irresponsible to purchase a ticket at that time. Now i cannot afford the asking price and was hoping there was some other way I can attend the event without providing a healthy profit for a scalper. This is why I am attempting to contact you; im looking for guidance and any suggestions you have for me to locate an affordable ticket for either night (5/31 or 6/1) I tried both websites you suggested with no luck. Thank you very much for reading my post and taking time out of your day to help me.


    Adam Fisher

    P.S. You’re an INSPIRATION !

  • ganj

    such good vibes love you!!!!

  • Jess Wild

    Just got my Boston ticket! so excited! see you MA. First time on cashortrade and it was pretty smooth. thanks

  • Thank you so much Lorin for supporting a community I’m proud to be a part of! This is the reason why I saw you four times last year, and will be hoping to break that record this! Most artists don’t realize the responsibility they carry with shaping the culture of this movement. Respect for everything you do for us.

  • brando

    Awesome show last night Lorin. Thanks for the support of Talked to many fans. Many have been using the site because of your support. Burlington was pumped !~~

  • Matt

    CoT has helped me with all my ticket needs since ’09. With 22,000 members I always use CoT for my face value tickets!!!

  • yomama321

    Sound like they are pissed because someone is making more profit on their tickets than they are

    • That’s a very cynical view to take. I think it’s pretty clear that our efforts to stop our community from being ripped off by a scurrilous business that’s part of a monopoly stranglehold so morally dubious that it has been taken to the Supreme Court, are well intended. It makes absolutely not financial difference to us if people resell Bassnectar tickets, it’s just not right.

    • kingofearth

      if they were pissed about that, they would just up the ticket prices themselves. The tickets are selling out and people are selling them for a premium, so obviously the Bassnectar crew could charge more if they wanted. The fact that they don’t shows that they’re sincere in wanting to help people get a better deal.

  • Kylie is one of the sweetest girls in Atlanta, and the benefit shows that she throws are out of this world! Magnolia Miracle is also one of her greatest creations and helps all of us out so much around the world! Thanks Lorin for showing your support for her also! GREAT THINGS COME FROM ATLANTA AND WE LOVE YOU!

  • Magnolia Miracle!!! Woot Woot! Hit them up for ya tixs Peeps!!!

    I got my tickets in 2 mins!!! Hehe~
    See all my lovers at the Tab dude! Its gonna be sick!!!!
    AHHHHHHH NECTAR in my house!!!
    Cant wait 😀

    Thank you Bass Mon!!!
    See ya soon! May 11th cant get here sooner!!!

    Love*Light*PLUR! <3

  • Karen
  • bobby wheeler

    you should deff put an advertisement up for your here come the bastards!! so sick!! its the 181 song on iTunes the last one lol.

  • henmanc1

    If I have extra tickets, I give them away. I received 2 tickets to the show at Boutwell Auditorium, courtesy of Bassnectar. And gave one to some person that didn’t have one. I did the same for a sold out Pretty lights show here in B’ham.

  • Nermina Madesko

    how are the shows in AL? AL? or Charelston, SC better?