March 18th, 2013


Photo by Rukes

THANK YOU ULTRA!!! My first set of 2013 was a blast, bringing bass music to the main stage with a BANGGGGGGGG

We love you! See you next week 😉

  • Dave

    wheres nectars head?

    • Stephen

      The bass blew it off. It’s laying somewhere in the masses.

  • Can’t wait to see you again around the Nashville area. Man, you know how to BASS!

    • Carter SMith

      yeah 360 NY was great!

  • Eric S

    Best set I’ve ever seen. 9th time seeing Nectar and it blew my mind. Ultra main stage was made for Lorin!!

  • tobin747


  • Tyler

    Why did he blur out his computer screens? Otherwise SICK PHOTO!

    • Keep it secret, keep it safe

      • Zack

        Lorin, unlike Dylan, is not much of a teacher or helper for aspiring producers. He tells very little about making music in his interviews and directs them more towards pop topics of the world. I Still love Lorin with a passion, but as much as he portrays that share the love and united powers image, he does very little for the aspiring musicians.

        • Jimmy Spinner

          I wish he would let show us all how he does it eventually, I really love this guy as a musician and I would love to see how he works his magic