May 13th, 2013


THANK YOU CHATTANOOGA! Our Spring Tour Tennessee close out was bananas!!!! I zoomed in on these faces: high intensity 🙂
Now we return to our bass laboratories to prepare for the upcoming adventures, first stop: The Hangout this weekend!

  • Chris Holt

    This is the charlotte picture my friend….

    • Thank you my friend! Now you will find the correct and most glorious picture above.

      • Chris Holt

        and an epic picture it is!

      • Bec

        I’m in that picture!! And it was my 25th birthday!! One to remember fo sho! Super stoked I got to spend it with my nectar fam!! 😀

  • See you at The Hangout. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.

  • hey @EdBasscrew:disqus why is the new gear in the store 404’d?

    • It’s working fine for me homie… There’s a lot of GIFs on that page so try letting the page finish loading before you click to buy something.

      If you click before the page finishes loading it takes you to an external page for that item, rather than opening a shopping cart pop-up, and that might be 404ing for you, for some reason. (Although they seem to be working fine on our end.)

      If you have any problems at all send me an email – ed(at)bassnectar[dot]net

      • @EdBasscrew:disqus i tried it a few more times but no luck. it keeps saying “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. This is 404.php”. i’ll try it again tomorrow to see if it’s working