June 20th, 2013


DREAMTEMPOI’ve been wanting to re-release this for a long time…

This was a mixtape I recorded in one take on four CDJs back in 1999, summarizing my love for thick, heavy, hypnotic downtempo music: ethereal melodies, weird loops, funky acid jazz, trip-hop, and everything left field of center.

Musically, it’s a collection of songs which are very special to me. Many of them were once rare treasures on white-label vinyl, or scavenged during endless hours of crate-digging, or given to me by friends, or something I had heard another DJ drop during some awesome sunrise set, out in a forest in one of our many free outdoor parties.


I made this particular mix as a gift for my girlfriend at the time, and stayed up all night working on it. You can easily hear a lot of ‘mistakes’ in the drawn out mixes, as I was literally weaving sometimes three songs together by hand, while experimenting with special effects and just having a good time with the sounds I loved.

I wish I had a tracklist for this mix, because so many of these songs were anthems from that time. Featured artists include Plaid, Indian Ropeman, We, Thievery Corporation, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Legion of Green Men, Shantel, Boards Of Canada, Genuine, Digitalis, Asian Dub Foundation, Govinda and more.

This was before Mesmerizing The Ultra, of course, but you can hear a lot of influences here with heavy breakbeats slowed down and mixed with pads, flutes, dark synthesizers, and mega-tripped-out atmospherics. Although a lot of the music may sound dated, at the time it was next level. And although it may sound chill, I assure you when broadcast full blast underneath a full moon it caused some very special frenzies…

Beyond the music, this was an era… Although now forgotten by many, there was a deep culture of “chill rooms” and “ambient rooms”, which were more like sanctuaries, and where DJs spun complex combinations of downtempo and trip-hop, both electronic and organic. As that culture spilled out of the side-rooms and into bigger dancefloors (albeit still in very underground events and scenes), I saw a lot of producers take their creations farther and farther outside the norm of electronic music. By the time I made this mix, some of these songs were classics, and I was paying homage to a movement of very unique ideas and styles; something I felt very much a part of, yet very much grateful for, because it was the collective work of so many people from so many different places and walks of life.

It should go without saying that if you are waiting for the drop here, you will wait a very, very long time… and then the tape will flip over …and psyde B will play, and hopefully take you on a ride into deeper musical terrain than you’re used to.

Or maybe this will sit just right. Or maybe it will sound silly, or antique, or crude, or too sloppy, too meandering? I think it’s all of those things. Maybe you will enjoy this bit of my musical past.

– Lorin


DREAMTEMPO by Bassnectar on Mixcloud

  • Courtney Smith

    Kills it here

  • Wyatt Snow

    beauty to my ears

  • ciphersilan

    I have such wonderful memories of these days. This was the music to my life back in the psy trance, chill parties of 98-00. I remember dancing to these tunes in the small thump chill room, pure love!

  • Jennnnnnaaay

    what a beautiful thing to share with us. Thank you Lorin

  • GeeDub

    Thanks for being so generous.
    (I hope your “girlfriend at the time” appreciated this.)

  • Curtis Miller

    5 star music wizard..

  • Chaba Leyva Hernández

    asdfghjkl <3

  • Peedalio-bago-donuts

    Interesting to hear Lorin speed up Aquarius; even wierder is that it doesn’t suffer too much because of it. Makes me wonder if Lorin’s heard the new BoC record and what he thought of it… talk about nostalgia.

  • Ben

    I Love Your older stuff! This is great. No need for a drop. I love all those rappers you used for underground communication and Memerizing the ultra.

  • Tayrea

    What track is at 41:30? bees and the birds? So beautiful! thank you!!

    • fizz

      Have you found it?

  • Debbie

    Thank you very much for sharing…really enjoying!!

  • CurlyQ

    you killed it dude!fuck drops, this is the shit id rather hear from you live, your girlfriend at the time musta been happy with this mix xD

  • Rumontuesday

    Great stuff Lorin, someday please do so many of us a favor and post a song list 😉

  • Nicholas

    This was my first intro to you, I still have it in my car! I think I got it from someone at Universally One back in 2000 in Santa Rosa, you played a rider’s on the storm remix that was amazing, I won’t ever forget it!

  • aaron koppisch

    does anyone know the song after aquarius its around the 57 mins and it plays until like 1 hour and 4 mins in ?!

  • mizjade

    I’m listening to this, and it’s making me tear up a bit. Thank you for sharing; I adore your sounds.

  • Serjio

    Does somebody knows what song is at 35 minutes? (the ancient one) it’s so beautiful!!

  • Breezay

    Unfortunately my generation enjoys EDM that is obsessed with bitches, cake and getting hammered. This mix is refreshing. It take me on a journey as does most of Lorin’s music. I absolutely love this. It’s a peak into the mind and music of a generation I was too young to experience.

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    Interview from Lotus Magazine i29

  • Joe

    Lorin I seriously love you dude
    This is so awesome… this right here, this is good music. Ahh I wish you could bring this style all back, it’s really hard to say what is happening to Electronic music, honestly though its fucked up all these drops and this trap shit its like wtf. Your old stuff man, groovin, jammin thats what its about. You are legend, one of the bests!!!! And so Is your old material. So glad all your music is part of my life

  • camel

    whats the song that starts @ 23:35 into the mix?… someone please let me know its been in my head all day

  • Flower Vato

    What is the track playing from 19:30-22:20? Fantastic!

    • i believe that is a track by Indian Ropeman – don’t remember the name (most of my old record collection was taken off white labels and CDs and stored onto mp3s and so much is mislabelled or called “Track 04” or something) – but check out Indian Ropeman, they have tons of amazing stuff 🙂

      • Basstemp

        The track is 66 Meters by Indian Ropeman.

  • fizz

    Someone for the love of god tell me the source of that birds and bees song. I’ve been searching for years and nothing. I know it’s out there, I’ve heard it in another mix but no response from them either.

    Much love~

    • fizz

      FOUND IT!

      Shantel – Unending

      • .

        Thank you!

  • Miles

    Just the throwback I need to get me through these last few days of midterms. What’s the track that comes in at like 16:40? I love it… Thanks for doin what you do, can’t wait to see ya on the Rocks come May.

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  • Bryant

    Remake some of this stuff and play it live! Would love to hear some of it man

  • Ryan Weiss

    When a friend first showed me this mix… I immediately had a much deeper respect for you. I never knew your Boards of Canada, K&D, Deftones influences… all my favorites from my past as well. Commendable, and appreciated. Thanks, Lorin. Peace and love to you.

  • Adam Straughn


  • Alexis garcia

    lorin drop 2 songs in freesyle session dreamtempo day 2 [1 is the old song after luisine – ask you , then its encore time after Bassnectar & Buckethead – Bursting (2017 Version) finish he played his remix song back in 1999

    • Alexis garcia

      p.s. i havent went to see real bassnectar live on freestyle session i saw this set on youtube