July 15th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Immersive Music Tour is here!

The Bassnectar crew will be taking over Charleston, SC @ North Charleston Coliseum on Thursday, October 24th.

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Koan Sound and ill-esha!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Only $3 in additional ticketing fees when purchased at the box-office:
5001 Coliseum Dr.
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 529-5000

> Empty camelbacks and one sealed water bottle per person (cap removed at entry) are permitted.
> Small bags (10″x10″) and non-professional cameras permitted.
> Totems are permitted – of reasonable height not deemed to be safety hazard (at security’s discretion).

> Floor wristbands will be distributed first-come-first-served at doors.

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  • kyle

    How do I fill out a ambassador application?

  • Zachary

    It’s not letting me buy tickets from ticketmaster. Please don’t tell me they are sold out already…..

  • auden

    hey, ticket master also not working with me. tried the answer to the same question someone left . still won’t work. are thy sold out?

    • Working fine on this end – what point in the process are you reaching, and with what OS/browser? Trying clearing your cache, that often helps.

      • Auden

        got it working. glad to get the tickets. it was the card, wrong one. and browser

  • DJmadbeats

    How old do you have to be an Ambassador?

    • At least 16.

      • DJmadbeats

        damn…1 year short

  • Colton Stark

    camel backs allowed?

    • hopefully! we’ll find out closer to the show and let ya know

    • Empty camelbacks are allowed!

      • Trevor

        are there going to be water stations/fountains inside?

        • im sure there will be water fountains and there will at least be sinks 🙂

  • Adrien Prophete

    Get to see lorin on my 27th birthday!!! So hyphy this will be show 16 for me. Him and his music have changed and saved my life in so many ways. Can’t wait to see everyone there. BNF <3

  • mrrager

    camelbaks please?!

    • hey there, empty camelbaks will be allowed, you’re also good to bring in one sealed bottle of water but the cap will be taken off at entry. hope this helps, enjoy!

      • Colton Stark

        last time i went to a show in charlotte at Grady cole… I was told camel baks were allowed but they denied me. are you SURE it is complient with the venue?

        • we take extra special care to establish a clear communication with the venue about what will and will not be allowed so that we can relay that info back to you guys — you’ll be safe! i’ve been to lots and lots of bassnectar shows and i’ve never gotten to the door under the impression that i could bring something in and then been denied, and i always bring camelbaks. bring ’em out, stay hydrated!

  • Celina

    The tickets that are on Ticketmaster right now for 46.50, are they floor or balcony? It simply states “General Admission”. Thanks!

    • hey celina, it’s all general admission, so there are no separate tickets for floor/balcony.

      • Celina

        So there won’t be a first come first serve basis type thing the day of the show?

        • since it’s all GA with no separate tickets for floor/balcony, wristbands for floor access will be first-come first-served

  • Kyle

    girlfriend wants to know if binky’s are allowed?

    • havent gotten specifics about pacifiers but that should be all fine, i’ve never seen or heard of a pacifier being denied at the door.

      • Kyle

        our experience at Ultra haha

  • Ashelizzz

    What time does it start and how long does it normally go till?

    • Music usually starts 30-60 minutes after doors and it will go until midnight or later

  • Spencer Brown

    what time will the show end? doors at 6 i really early.

    • It’ll end at midnight or later

  • eddie

    any body need tix? got 2. i can no longer attend

    • brian

      how much?

      • eddie

        i paid 35. 70 for the 2 tickets.

        • logan

          803 984 1132 call me

  • josh

    any body else playing with him?

  • eddie

    2 tix for 60 bucks. i cant go anymore. anybody want them?

    • Rachel


      • eddie

        as of now..got another person interested. first one to make official plans with me to get em can have em .. how you wanna talk?

        • Amber

          call us now. Rachel and Amber. 843-532-0302. well make plans to meet

  • eddie

    hey guys, i need to sell 2 tickets. cant go anymore..anybody need them or know anybody that does??? 2 tickets for 60 bucks!

    • amber

      call me now 843-532-0302

  • SirDragonFeathers

    Returning to the city that started it all, smh…
    This is about to get rEaL SeRiOuS, ReAl QuIcK, RAWR!
    – SirDragonFeathers

  • jonny

    does anybody know how many people are going to be at the show

  • bassnectarlover21

    Will you be asking for id’s because i dont want to bring mine if i do not have too.

    • No age limit for this show so no ID necessary unless you need to pick up tickets in your name

  • Lorin = King of the South

    Cant describe how fucking pumped i am for thursday. Cant wait to go ham with my bass brothers and sisters. Any word on totems?

    • havent gotten word on totems, only thing we have info on is camelbaks right now, hoping we’ll get more news on other items soon, Ed any idea?

      • Waiting on info

      • anonyomous

        I’m curious to know what a totem is?

        • a totem aka rage pole is basically a big pole that people deck out with decorations and LED lights and posters or whatever they want, they really add life to the crowd 🙂 look at any of our family photos and you will see tons of totems in most of our crowds, we try to get them allowed at as many shows as possible. here’s the family photo from bisco 2012, sooo many totems — https://www.bassnectar.net/2012/07/camp-bisco-family-photo/

    • Totems are permitted, of reasonable height, not deemed to be a safety hazard at security’s discretion.

  • Aaron

    Anyone wanting to sell their tickets text me 843-425-5673

  • Baileyv

    Whos the opening act

  • Melody

    Hey guys, I need to sell 6 tixs, I bought tickets for some friends who are not able to go and need to get my money back. I paid $45 each, asking $250 for all 6.

    • Melvin C. Nance

      Hi, I want the tickets… You can call me @ 843-467-3732 if you still have the tickets.

  • What time will this show end?

    • What’s up Phillip! Looks like midnight or later on this one

    • Hey Phillip 🙂 it’ll go til midnight or later…don’t have a specific end time for ya, sorry

  • Bryan

    Do presage tickets get you auto floor entrance or is everyone done on the first come first serve?

  • Colton Stark

    Guys! Ambassadors! pleseeeee help me. I lost my presale ticket the one i got mailed to me..i dont hve any fucking idea where it is at. please conatct me via text or phone or email ASAP. my email is starkcolton94@gmail.com and my phone number is 803.207.1477 please guys.. i really need help

    • Have you contacted frontgate to see if there’s anything they can do? Long shot with how close it is to the show but I would at least try… and start looking for a miracle outside the show! I’ve had tickets gifted to me last minute, and I’ve gifted tickets to others last minute — it happens.

      • Colton Stark

        They said that they usually have a list of pre-sale ticket buyers…… but they havent recieved that list yet

        • Colton Stark

          helpppp colleen ): anyoneeeeee

        • frontgate told you that, or the venue? did they give you an eta on when theyd have the list or if they would do anything to help you out once they have the list?

  • Sci Phoenix

    Can you purchase ticket at the gate? Or are there any other locations I could purchase a ticket today?

    • if there are tickets left at the box office you can purchase there, but i would HUSTLE! people are usually selling tickets outside the venue too but dont pay more than face value!

      • Sci Phoenix

        Is there a number to call at for the box office?

        • copy/pasted from above

          Only $3 in additional ticketing fees when purchased at the box-office:
          5001 Coliseum Dr.
          North Charleston, SC 29418
          (843) 529-5000

          • Sci Phoenix

            yeah i tried calling that number…automated machine that didn’t really help me. But I’ll call it again and see if there was an option I didn’t hear

          • if i were you i’d just go up there

  • Victoria Len


    2 FREE Printable tickets for tonights show in north carolina!
    Tried to get a lil back for them but times running out and I dont want the bass to go to waste!
    all I ask If you could mail me a souvenir afterward that would be Dope!!
    Its my Birthday cant go but someone can go party for me! HMU