July 15th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Immersive Music Tour is here! The Bassnectar crew will be taking over Bloomington, IL @ the U.S. Cellular Coliseum on Friday, October 4th.

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Koan Sound and Andreilien (Heyoka)!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM


All presale ticketholders will receive a floor wristband when they collect their ticket.

All other floor wristbands will be handed out to ticketholders at the venue, first-come-first-served, starting at 10:00am. ONLY ONE WRISTBAND WILL BE ALLOCATED PER PERSON PRESENT.

> Empty camelbaks and one sealed water bottle per person (cap removed at entry) are permitted.
> Bags and non-professional cameras permitted.
> Totems are permitted – of reasonable height not deemed to be safety hazard (at security’s discretion).

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  • Jesse Wood

    I need 2 tickets call 1 630 806 5884 pleaseeeee

  • Joe

    So I’m concerned, I ordered my presale tickets when they went on sale and still haven’t got them in the mail yet.. What’s the deeeliooo!?

    • ss7

      Are you sure they aren’t will call? Mine are will call. Search your email for an email from Bassnectar – Bassnectar Order is the subject. If you ordered them first day of presale it was July 17th.

  • Thomas

    Really desperate for a ticket to this. Was waiting for my paycheck, and i guess it took too long. Please text or call me at 801 783 9070.

    • Zan Khan

      same :/ if anyone has extra tickets please contact me also 224 425 7633

      • Jake

        selling a ticket email me jlpears@ilstu.edu @disqus_mSzc852f3l:disqus @gervpandey:disqus @disqus_EWNT55pgfF:disqus @zankhan:disqus @7bf147ce8d23fe75ccd67e2ebc2c1e59:disqus

  • Zan Khan

    i m a loser

  • Jesse Kline

    Does anyone know if there is a way to switch names for the pick up if u got will call?

    • Contact whoever you purchased the tickets through

    • Jennifer MacKenzie

      If you got them from Bassnectar , that is Front Gate Tickets and they have a website, use the contact form and it’s super easy to do.

  • leeen

    anyone know what the security there is like?!

    • ss7

      They will search you at the door pretty hard – they will open cig and gums packs. And if they see any obvious smoking/dealing/douchebaggery before it gets packed they will remove you and have you arrested. They aren’t looking to be dicks though. And once Lorin takes the stage and everybody jumps on the floor they can’t get to people anyway so they just try to keep it safe.

      • leeeeeeeen

        Well I heard they have like the special dogs or whatever … idk but thanks!

        • ss7

          I’ve been there both times Lorin has played as well as gone to other shows at this venue and have never seen a dog there.

  • G

    Anyone know how we pick up media will-call tickets?

    • At will call!

      • G

        Thanks Ed! Do you know if we also get a wristband?

        • Oooh I don’t know. Good question. You’d have to ask whomever sorted you with the tickets.

          • G

            Alright sounds good. Thank you!

  • Suckmonitor

    Anyone with 2 spare tix please email suckmonitor at gmail dot com please. 🙂

  • Tori Sampson

    If anyone has an extra ticket please call or text me?? Willing to pay good amount of money. 815-830-0567

  • nik

    If anyone has an extra ticket message me at 217 202 4202 ill pay extra for the ticket

  • Cole

    So just to clarify, i purchased a presale (i believe) that was on July 19th via Ticketmaster. Same price and such as presale, yet, it doesnt say anything about it being a presale on the ticket. Just wanna know if this ticket is eligable for the floor wristband? Thanks BassBuds!

    • presale tickets werent through ticketmaster, im afraid, so you got public on-sale tickets. you’ll have to get there early to ensure your wristband, first-come first-served!

  • Cam Z

    BASSHEADS travelling from CHI by car. What do you know of the route? Assuming one leaves chicago at 3 pm how will the route be regarding cops/tolls/construction zones /speed limit/high traffic areas? ?

    • ss7

      You will be clear on traffic once you get south of I-80 so if you’re leaving at 3 you shouldn’t hit too much traffic. People leaving the city to go south for the weekend usually keep the route going at a pretty quick pace. Not a lot of construction until you hit Bloomington but that is pretty much wrapped up. Not a lot of cops after you get south of I-80 either. No tolls. I drive the route about 4 times a week and it’s painless.

    • Jake

      If you’re going out of the northwest suburbs you’ll be there in 2 hours if your going 80-85 there’s always a couple cops but if you’re looking out you should be good. The only problem is you might hit traffic at the bridge construction and you could potential sit there for up to 30 minutes so spare some time. Speed limit is 65 the whole way I’m pretty sure and depending on where you get on I usually hit 2 tolls

  • Alek Mack

    So i get out of school at 3:00 and I was wondering if Since i pre-ordered my ticket and already have it in hand when i get to the door if I’m still guaranteed a floor wristband I Know it states that in the above paragraph but just wondering if I can have some Justification.

  • Kortney

    We have four people with four tickets but only one will be there at 6 am because she goes to school there, does she have to have all four tickets to get the wristbands? or do all four people have to be there with ticket in hand to get wristband??They wont be driving up until afternoon.

    • basshead

      All four people have to be there 🙁 she doesnt have to get there that early thiugh if u already have tickets!

    • each person has to get their own wristband, 1 ticket = 1 wristband and it goes on your wrist immediately so you can’t collect for others, or else less scrupulous folks could take the spares and go sell them, and we want floor access to be completely fair! if you all want to be together, you should show up and go for wristbands at the same time. hope this helps.

  • Austin Beard

    If anyone can help me find Two tickets thatd be amazing.
    its my birthday on Fri and i wanna get down.
    hit me up at 8125931220

  • Tanner

    Never been to this venue before. They allow gloves or any other types of lights in?

    • gloves and lights were fine last year, and since they’re letting in totems and stuff this year, i think you’ll be good 🙂

      • tanner

        thanks an one more thing what about kandi is that ok to wear in? bc i dont want to wear it an then have them say it can be used as a projectile or some dumb reason an cant wear it in.

        • I am not sure on kandi, it seems it’d be fine but if you wanna be safe leave behind anything you think is questionable

  • Mark

    Looking for one ticket. Will be at ISU this weekend.

  • Miranda

    Wait, does everyone with a ticket from my group HAVE to be there to get the wristband, or can I just bring all the tickets and get all the wristbands myself (all the tickets are under my name too)??

    • everyone has to be there, 1 ticket = 1 wristband
      otherwise people could potentially take the spare wristbands and go sell them. so the wristband goes on your wrist immediately.

    • everyone has to be there, 1 ticket = 1 wristband
      otherwise people could potentially take the spare wristbands and go sell them. so the wristband goes on your wrist immediately.

  • Dieje

    Lorin, when will you admit that you’re my real dad?

  • Lee Iliev

    Looking for one ticket im in Chicago. If anyone has extra please hit me up 7082533614

  • Taft

    If I get there around 1:30, you guys think ill be able to get a wristband?

    • answered this same question right above, scroll up please! ^ 🙂

  • Sunshine

    Will LED toys (hula hoops more specifically) be allowed?
    &glow sticks?

    • glow sticks are never allowed at bassnectar shows! they’re wasteful and people always end up chucking them up at the stage, hitting people (including lorin) in the process, creating a bunch of mess, etc. please leave them at home, or better yet, dont buy them!

      we havent gotten specifics regarding LEDs or hoops…lights/toys were fine last year and i think those will be good to go again this year, hoops you might want to call the venue and check, they seem relatively lenient in my experience though

      • tanner

        i was just on the venues page an it says no hula hoops are allowed but any “Reusable Light Up Toys” .These can be either battery-powered or rechargeable. are allowed

  • Trevor

    If I get to bloomington around 1:30, anyone think ill be able to get a wristband?

    • probably but there’s really no telling when people are gonna start lining up, wouldnt hurt to maybe take a drive by earlier and scope things out

    • oops, ignore my last comment if you saw it, i said youd probably be good at 130 but then i remembered wristbanding starts at 10 for this show!

      people often line up well in advance before wristbanding starts, if you definitely want floor i’d suggest getting there before 10 or ASAP. hope this helps

  • Harriet__Tubman

    I need two tickets and theyre sold out for Bloomington!!!!! I’m so fucking sad I can’t believe it!!! I can’t wait till the summer. Somebody please help me out scalpers are trying to sell tickets for $160!

  • Matt McLaughlin

    Any Peoria bassheads need a ride to and from the show, throw me a few bucks and I’ll give ya a round trip. I got four seats, first come, first serve.
    Also, if you’re planning on getting fucked up, PLEASE don’t drive. Keep it plur and be safe!!

    • Alek Mack

      What time you leaving??

      • Matt McLaughlin

        sorry homie just got this :/

        • Alek Mack

          its cool man lol it was the craziest dam show ive been to

  • anthonyselivanov

    buying 3 bassnectar tickets for bloomington, preferrably pre-sale. text me, 8475331012 ill pick them up! thanks

  • julie

    If we purchased all access pre-sale tickets.. from ticketmaster using presale code EMPATHY on July 19th..do we get wristbands without waiting in line?

    • yeah if you have pre-sale tickets you get a wristband automatically and you can just get in line for entry to the show

    • Ticketmaster tickets do NOT come with wristbands. Ticketmaster presales are totally separate from us and we don’t promote them – our presales are sold through Frontgate tickets.

  • joe

    Where exactly will the wrist bands be given out?

  • leeen

    how strict are they about that whoole wrisstband for floor thing?

  • norcoisgreat

    If you have a presale ticket. Where do you get your wristband

  • brian

    if we purchased presale tickets off frontgate, will the receipt state they are presale tickets?

    • Probably but front gate are presale

    • All Frontgate tickets are Presale tickets.

  • Xor

    Hi! I have a photo pass for this show and this is the first time I will be at the Coliseum. Is there any way I can check my gear in with security after I shoot so that I don’t have to hold onto it during the whole show?

    • Not sure on that one. you should probably talk to the venue

  • weluvlorin

    Are all tickets bought off frontgate presale/get a wristband???

  • Jake

    How much are people willing to buy a ticket for? jlpears@ilstu.edu

  • coolestmomever

    My family is going, 4 of us. Do you think they will give me four wristbands at 10am if only 2 of us show up at 10, or just two wristbands? Two of our group have school/work late in day.

    • Everyone has to be there
      One ticket = 1 wristband per person

  • anon

    So if I had my friends who arent going to get wristbands for my friends who are but can make it early.. des anyone think well be able to cut it with scissors and tape the inside of it without being noticable or caught? Like does security examine the wristbands?

  • basssssssshead

    Can I get my will call ticket without a credit card, only a photo id?

    • ss7

      I just called and spoke with the box office because I no longer have the bank account I purchased the ticket with. All they require is a valid ID with the same name.

  • coolestmomever

    Wristbands gone

  • Alek Mack

    will there be shirts for sale And if so how much

  • Yeah Bassnectar!

  • Asscruncher

    I really dislike you music.

  • Markman

    PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN!! we love you down here at ISU!