July 15th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Immersive Music Tour is here!

The Bassnectar crew will be taking over Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE on Monday, October 7th.

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Koan Sound and Andreilien (Heyoka)!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Only $3 in additional ticketing fees when purchased at the box-office.

400 N Shore Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 229-5483

> Empty camelbacks and one sealed bottle of water (cap removed on entry) are permitted.
> Bags and non-professional cameras are permitted.
> Totems are permitted (of reasonable height, not deemed to be a security hazard – at security team’s discretion).
> Hoops and battery-operated toys on a string e.g. poi are NOT permitted.

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  • Sean Evans

    WHAT!?!?! NO PHILLY SHOWS? I wait all year for when you come around man, please make a stop in the City of Brotherly Love!!! We can’t get enough of you here

    • just did two stops in philly for spring tour! gotta send the bass westttt 🙂 tour always circles back around tho, no worries 🙂

    • xZel

      Seriously? He did two shows like 3 months ago. PSU and Pitt are both only a couple hours away. Get out and see the world, and bassnectar in other locations.

      • i loooove bassnectar in pitt. and really eager to see what that PSU show is like!

      • justin

        I travel all over to see lorin and Im coming from long island to PA because these are the closest shows BNF*

  • WildstyleFunkBLASTER

    Heh if u can somehow convince Zion I to come to this show the response would be masssive

    • Justin Wagner

      How could we do that?

  • cole

    no tulsa show? 🙁

  • Zee

    is it gonna be indoor or outdoor???????????????

  • Jason Luber

    day after my bday yessss never been to stage ae but mr smalls was one of the best nectar shows

  • Nick BassPapa Moore

    I can not wait!’

  • Brett McClelland

    Cole, im from Tulsa, hopefully hitting the Fox in CA b4 Symbiosis, making plans for Lincoln w/ the CO fam, have both nights of STL and Midland, get your travel on G Love 🙂 NECTAR UP!!! more than welcome too tag along if nectar is the direction your goin’. Not leaving pittsburg out, steelers game the night b4, never been too a pro football game, hit me up pittsburgh peeps, lookin’ 2 share the love, BlackbearBASS@gmail.com

    • cole

      hey man i just now saw this but i luck out! my cousins wedding is 2 days before this show so i will be here! my whole family is from pittsburgh so it works out perfectly!

  • Brett McClelland

    BASS of Fortune

  • sogetsu

    Koan sound funkblaster omg then bassnectar i simply cant wait

  • Frodo

    Really wish the no poi thing wasn’t real. I’ve been spinning poi very seriously for 6 years now and Bassnectar is some of my absolute favorite music to do so to. Going to a show and not being able to dance in my own way to it is pretty disappointing. It’s one thing when the venues say it, but most of them let me get away with it once they see that I don’t hit people. But when the artist themself is limiting someone’s creativity like that it’s disappointing.

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hi Frodo. We actually get all of our information about the events from the venue. Each show and venue has different rules and regulations. Nobody from the Bassnectar Camp would ever try to limit your creativity. Have an amazing time at the show 🙂

      • Frodo

        That’s good to hear man. I was really confused that people could bring bags and totems but not poi. Camelbaks is surprising I feel like this venue has actually told me no before. Thanks for the info man I appreciate it!

        • We work hard to get the camelbacks and water situation sorted! Sorry about the poi 🙁

    • vicki baptiste

      last year we snuck glo sticks in…just little ones…they didnt like that at all! lol security would take them as soon as they saw them…plus things get thrown on to stage…wouldnt wanna mess up his sick lighting or visuals!

  • Erik Slavik

    Rules regarding glow sticks? Bring em or leave em?

    • no glow sticks, please! they’re wasteful and people always end up throwing them toward the stage, hitting people (including lorin) and/or gear in the process, creating a bunch of mess, etc. please leave glow sticks at home, but we always encourage battery-operated, reusable LED lights/toys, which should be fine for this show as long as they aren’t attached to a string, e.g. poi or anything that could potentially turn into a projectile
      p.s. sorry for the late response – your comment slipped past my radars!

      • Erik Slavik

        Thanks for the heads up! I did buy a bunch, but they were cheap. I’ll save them for another time. Completely understandable reasoning for not allowing them though. I’m sure I’ll be seeing tons of awesome pretty colors regardless! 🙂

  • Jason Luber

    bassrequest for the pittsburgh show: plz drop ‘Intergalactic’ – beasties/wildstyle. tryin to party on a Monday over here!

  • Chelsea Dalsey

    Hey! Does anyone know what time the show starts? Is it doors at 7 show at 8? I just found out I’ll probably be taking the bus from Philly… Gets in at 8:15, want to know what I’ll be missing!

    • hey chelsea, we dont give out specific set times but you’re right that doors are at 7, and if you’re getting there at 815 i dont think you will miss much at all 🙂 you’ll get there during an opener

      also, if you need a ride back to philly on tuesday, i can give ya one so you dont have to take the bus 🙂 i would offer a ride to the show but i’m coming from michigan

      • Chelsea Dalsey

        Wow! Forreals? That could be super helpful! I’m new to the disqus platform is there a way to private message? I wanna give you my digits, but not necessarily give them to every basshead on the message board… No offense, kiddos.

        • i’m sending you an email 🙂

  • Trizzy

    This is gonna be my first event in Pittsburgh stoked but curious how it is out here

    • I love pittsburgh! my home away from homes 🙂

  • Andrew

    Is there a way of seeing all the tracks that Lorin played last night? There were a few songs that I have never heard before and they were sick!

    • we keep setlists top secret =X we feel like posting that stuff detracts from the mystique of our live events. hopefully you understand…you can probably find some short clips from the show online eventually though 🙂