July 30th, 2013


Bassnectar & Pretty Lights in Miami, FLThe Bassnectar crew will once again be joining forces with Pretty Lights for this massive double-bill BASSLIGHTS show in at the Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park, Miami FL on Friday, October 18th 2013!

10/18 Lineup:
Pretty Lights

This is an All Ages event.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Tickets on sale Saturday 8/3 @ 10am EST
(Presale tickets are sold out.)

All tickets are 2-day passes and there are two different ticket types: GA Pavilion and Lawn.

Click here for tickets

> Empty camelbacks and one sealed water bottle per person (cap removed at entry) are permitted.
> Bags of reasonable size and non-professional cameras permitted.
> Totems are permitted – of reasonable height not deemed to be safety hazard (at security’s discretion).

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  • Kenneth

    We’re a few days out and no list of items allowed/ not allowed in? Help?

  • Kenneth

    Any idea on a list of things allowed in? Totems? Flagpoles?

    • all that info is right above ^^

  • Lvly Lzrd

    Anyone from Orlando who is going to BassLights, wanna meet up at Torque Drum and Bass Wednesdays this week at the Vixen Venue downtown Orlando and see if we can concoct a group or just to chill?

    • Jean Pierre Galeano

      You going to the concert bro?

  • Gina Patino

    what If I bring a canteen so i can refill my bottle ?

    • i think if it’s empty that should be fine, Ed?

  • Ally Stein

    are hoops allowed ?

    • havent gotten specifics on hoops, i think since theyre being lenient with all the other items that theyd probably let hoops in, but it’s up to security. usually if im iffy i just bring it up and usually get in, but if you dont want to risk going back, leave it in the car. you could also try calling the venue and trying to speak with someone in security to find out for sure

  • ama1124

    sooooo, I just called to double check about camel backs being allowed in the venue.. and the lady so no! no bags allowed!!! just one bottle of water per person is allowed and thats it.

    I just got back from a pretty lights show in nashville where they didn’t let us bring in our camel back and we almost had to go to medical if the girl next to us didnt give me her water. the regular water bottles were 4$….. so we ended up spending 32$ just on water alone. people are going WAY too hard to not be able to have as much water as we need.

    just trying to give everyone a heads up… I could be wrong… but thats just what she said.

    • camelbaks are allowed – the person on the phone is unaware of the rules we’ve agreed on for these events

  • santiago

    I just called bayfront park and the lady said that “Livenation (who operates and manages klipsch amphitheater) will not allow any backpacks or camelbaks in to the venue” we are only allowed to bring in one sealed water bottle. The lady said we cant even bring chairs because they sell them at the entrance. Clearly this lady doesnt understand that this is basslights and nobody will be sitting down unless they are taking a break from jammin too hard. With this in mind is it possible that Basslights made an agreement to allow camelbaks in for this event and she just wasnt informed? Im wondering cause Ultra uses klipsch as one of their stages and UMF clearly allows camelbaks to be used

    • Ignore her and bring your camelback. She thinks this is a normal show. This is not a normal show. This is BASSLIGHTS.

      • santiago

        Im still gonna bring it I just hope they dont make us turn around and take our camelbaks back to our cars and lose our place in line. Are you 100% they are allowed in cause she seemed pretty adamant about Livenation not letting them in.

  • Chris
  • VidaMargarita

    Anyone interested in going with two girls from St. Pete?

    • Sheeana

      Me and my sig.other are heading down from Jax. Cant help you with a ride but have 2 extra tickets

    • Jumparound

      sure I am an hour south, do you have a ticket?


    I am on the list, + 1…basscrew can you tell me if they are pavilion or lawn and if I need more than just Id at the box office?

  • Dylan

    what if you played diverse systems of throb start to finish, would you be worried this would dissapoint. people wouldnt b able to hear your new drops that you copy and pasted from every recent album. or would it rise as a crazy moment of bassnectar live moments bringing back solid fans that may not be as much into being controlled by your music telling me when i should get excited, let us decide when were hooked not from some siren que.

  • Dawg

    Are they going to be selling alcohol?

  • Kristen

    is there any set times?

    • Kristen

      are there*** also i’m staying in down town miami with my boyfriend we’d love to meet people!

      • Ryan

        PANTyRAiD is on at 7:45, they posted on twitter. Supervision on before them.

        • Ryan

          Guesstimate around 9 PL/Bassnectar

  • dean

    anybody staying at jazz hostel?

  • Ryan

    Any fellow bass heads want to meet before the show? Going with my brother. Staying at Fortune House downtown. We have water!

  • Lex

    I have a question I have the presage pavilion tickets but all my friends have lawn ones, will I be able to go to the lawn as well??! Help!!

  • Lex


  • Wrin

    I have 2 tickets for tonight! I want to give them to a bass head… For FREE !! Text me 5166508715

  • John Peter Hausauer

    Me and a buddy are in town for the weekend and just realized this was happening tonight! Two guys from South Dakota we’d love to find some people to go with!