July 1st, 2013


Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Summer Tour 2013 to Las Vegas, NV at Surrender Nightclub on Saturday, August 3rd!

This is an 21 + Age Limit show.

Doors: 10:30 PM

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  • Stephen Kaywell

    Says August 8th on details, but i think it’s the 3rd…would be awesome on the 8th tho since that’s my birthday! But ill still be stuck in FL 🙁

  • Bassfreak2

    with venues like this lorin is beginning to sell out. you’re telling me that lorin is playing venues that DENY his fans bc of what they are wearing???? Fuck that, thats not the Lorin I know

    come on lorin you’re SOOOOO much fucking better than this

    • bass_TOMAHAWK

      hahahaha this freakin’ guy. you sir, are NOT fresh.

      • Bassfreak2

        lol uhhhh cool brah?

        • Joel

          This venue definitely raises an eyebrow, but a true fan will go see Lorin perform regardless of the venue. Even if it means dressing like a douche

          • gues

            joel so right im headed and ill where whatever vegas wants as long as i get bass in my face

  • Brett McClelland

    I couldn’t even get past the red rope because I wasn’t a female, my bad :/ good set though, they need to allow 10x more sound!! bring the diamond cutter!!! I didn’t mind suitin’ up for bass but at least let me pass the rope and $10 for water 🙁

  • orion

    ok, dress code, blah blah – is Lorin actually going to be performing?? Will there be the epic light show?? I can’t get details that actually confirm that he will actually be giving a live performance . . .

    • Yes, Lorin performs at all Bassnectar shows!