July 15th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Immersive Music Tour is here!

The Bassnectar crew will be taking over Reno, NV @ the Reno Events Center on Friday, September 20th.

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Koan Sound and Andreilien (Heyoka)!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM
Ends: 11:30 PM
(Please note this is an early show.)

VIP tickets include access to a raised, unobstructed viewing platform and a limited edition poster to take home!

Click here for tickets

No additional fees on tickets purchased at the box-office.

400 N Center St.
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 335-8800

> Empty camelbaks and one sealed bottle per person are permitted.
> Bags and non-professional cameras permitted.
> Totems are permitted – of reasonable height not deemed to be safety hazard (at security’s discretion).

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  • Henry

    I can’t make this show anymore and I’m looking to sell my ticket for $30. For some reason they switched my ticket from mail to will call. If you are interested let me know and I can call the venue to switch the will call ticket to your name.

    • mark mazurowski

      hey, are you still looking to sell your ticket??

      • Henry

        If Emma (above) doesn’t contact me back before tomorrow I’d gladly sell it to you, keep posted

        • Eddie

          is the ticket finally gone?

          • Henry

            Yeah I have someone wanting to buy the ticket now

      • Henry

        Hey it’s yours if you still want it. Send me an email at henry.whipps@gmail.com and we can figure it out

    • Emma

      Are you still selling your ticket? I was looking for last minute sales because my plans just changed so I can go..

      • Henry

        yeah I am, you can email me at Henry.whipps@gmail.com with your full name to claim the ticket. If paypal works for you I think that would be the easiest method of payment. You can wait to pay until the will-call name change is confirmed

      • Henry

        also feel free to call me at 503-358-1622 if you want to

    • tyler m

      Do u still have your ticket for sale?
      If so will u text me 7500335

      • Henry

        area code 775?

    • Hunter McMillan

      435 773 5810 give me a call please

    • tyler m

      Hey man I tried to text u back but your number got deleted can u text me again I’ll get that shit today. 7500335

  • Marissa Jones

    Words cannot describe how truly magical and life changing your show in Oakland was last night! I drove up from San Luis Obispo last night, it was my third time seeing you since i became a bass head and it was by far my favorite show of all! “Window Seat” was the song that got me hooked on your style of music all those years ago, but the message and way of life that you convey to all those around you is what has kept me coming back year after year!

    I requested Window Seat for the show last night in the hopes that you would play it, and being the amazing showman that you are, you didn’t disappoint. That song has helped me through so much and as soon as i heard it i was brought to tears. On top of the fact that you chose to close off the show with it, you also accompanied the song with the message “Think for yourself and question”. This message is why i have continued respecting you and your amazing abilities over the years, and is a message i choose to live my everyday life by.

    So i apologize for the long drawn out message, but really all i am trying to say is thank you for staying true to who you are after all these years, and for allowing your music and art to help others like myself do the same 🙂

    Much love and from a truly committed bass head,
    Marissa Jones

    P.s. Have fun in reno tonight everyone!

  • Leah

    Whwere can i find the pictures from last night that they took? I was in the front row

  • Chayton

    If anyone has any tickets willing to sell them
    Txt me at 775-843-9044