July 15th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Immersive Music Tour is here!

The Bassnectar crew will be taking over San Jose, CA @ the Event Center at San Jose University on Saturday, September 21th.

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Koan Sound and Andreilien (Heyoka)!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM
Ends: 11:00 PM
(Please note this is an early show.)

Click here for tickets

No additional fees on tickets purchased at the box-office.

290 South Seventh Street
San Jose, CA 95192-0201
(408) 924-6360

> Small bags (not larger than 10″x10″), non-professional cameras, and totems (of reasonable height not deemed to be a security hazard) are all permitted.
> No LED gloves or inflatable balls are allowed.

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  • frequentfacemelter

    also will totems, rage sticks, or staffs be allowed in this venue? I would like to bring my magical totem with me!

    • will find out asap (probably closer to the date of the show) and let ya know 🙂

      • frequentfacemelter

        thanks colleen!!

        • My pleasure 🙂 stay tuned.

    • Totems are allowed! Reasonable height, not deemed to be a security hazard – at security teams discretion.

  • cameron

    is there any info on when this show will end? doors at 6 seems a bit early to me

    • we don’t give out specific end times unless it’s an early show, which this is not, meaning it will go til midnight or later. hope that helps!

    • Ends 11pm – make sure to get there nice and early!

  • Zack Helke

    Any chance of an opening on Bass Crew!?

  • Henry

    I’m gonna come down from Humboldt for this one, can’t wait!

  • nate

    just curious. will lorin be doing a 2 hour set or just an hour and a half? THanks a million. driving from fresno for this event

    • im not sure on the exact length of his set but i know from experience that tour sets tend to be on the longer side 🙂

  • Ian

    Gonna be a blast. (I do wish Lorin would do a Santa Cruz homecoming show as well, though! Any chance of that?)

  • Ben

    Media passes possible?

  • mia

    is it possible to buy tickets at the venue?

    • Yup, with no ticket fees:
      290 South Seventh StreetSan Jose, CA 95192-0201
      (408) 924-6360

  • Mikayla

    this event is sold out?

  • Nathan

    So say my boyfriend and I had tickets to this and I wanted to do an on stage proposal. Talking about just like the Macklemore concert with the lesbians, except it’s with dudes at a bassnectar concert! If anyone could make this happen, please let me know. This would be quite magical. Much love and appreciation 🙂

    • No marriage proposals, sorry! Otherwise we’d have to stop every show several times 🙂

      We hope you find a creative way to celebrate your special moment. Good luck!

  • Nick

    When do the presale tickets get mailed out? I bought mine mid-July

    • did it say they were being mailed out or does your receipt say will call? pre-sales are usually will call meaning you pick it up at the show

      • Henry

        my pre-sale ticket also said it was being mailed out and I have yet to receive it.

        • Contact our ticketing partner Frontgate and they should be able to update you: 512.389.0315 /http://www.frontgatetickets.co…

      • Nick

        Yeah it said it was being mailed to me. I just won’t be at the address the tickets are being mailed to the week before the show, so I want to make sure I get them

        • let me try to find out an estimate of the dates these tickets will be mailed out but it’s usually well enough in advance that i don’t think you should have to worry. hang tight!

        • Please contact Frontgate directly to check on your tickets details re: delivery/will call, or to change the address if they are being shipped: 512.389.0315 / http://www.frontgatetickets.com/support/contact

  • Dane

    Can we bring cameras? Also, are the tickets sold out yet?

    • Tickets are still available! Waiting for info on cameras, will let you know.

    • Non-pro cameras are allowed (i.e. no detachable lens). See you soon 🙂

  • radish

    are the seats on the same level as the floor? if theyre not are we aloud to go down to the main floor?

    • floor is floor (no seats) and is usually done on a first-come first-served basis, you can get down if you get in line in time to get a floor wristband.

      not sure if we’re having wristbands at this show, seems probable because of the venue layout, perhaps Ed can confirm this?

      if you’re not on the floor then you’re technically up in the “seating” areas/upper bowls/balconies, whatever you wanna call them, where no one really sits but gets DOWN with that amazing view…i do a lot of shows on the floor, a lot of shows on the balcony. but if i want floor, i always get there early! hope this helps for now

      • leelandmiller

        is there any way to confirm if you are having floor wristbands? i’m on ticketmaster now and it looks like only GA6 tickets are left, but we really want to get on the floor!

        • all tickets are GA anyway
          will let you know about wristbands

          • leelandmiller


          • All tickets are GA, there are no wristbands for this show

  • xany

    so what can we and cant we bring in? general ground rules? for example i remember glowsticks are a nono

    • Waiting on info re: cameras and totems etc

  • Kswet

    Are there still tickets? i just chekced ticketmaster yet i cant find them.

  • SteffiZ

    Dress code? What we can & cannot bring? Rules please! Thank you 🙂

    • SteffiZ

      Someone please get back to me on this!

      • Chris Basscrew

        Hi SteffiZ! So you can bring cameras in as long as they are not professional cameras. Totems are also permitted as long as they will not be considered a safety hazard to others. Also no LED gloves or inflatable gloves. In terms of dress code, please wear clothes:)

    • ChrisBasscrew

      I’m not sure what you mean by dress code. What are you trying to bring to the show? We are still waiting to hear about totems and cameras. Hope that helps a little 🙂

  • Christina Orozco

    This is really from only 7-11…? thats only 4 hours.. wth

    please tell me this isnt true :'(

    • 6-11 – 5 hours – make the most of em 🙂

  • Alfin Jey

    Hey quick question, thanks for your time, so on the ticket it says GA6 does it still mean first come first served? and will there be a what to bring and what not to bring list?

    • All tickets are GA, no wristbands. Waiting on doors policy re: totems etc.

  • Henry

    Anyone driving down from Humboldt? I may need a ride and will definitely have gas money!

  • BassHogC

    Any word on the wristband situation for this show? Would love to know about them before finalizing travel plans! Thanks! 🙂

    • ChrisBasscrew

      They will be first come first serve, so I would get there as early as you possibly can that day to be sure!

      • BassHogC

        Any way you could be more specific? Like early to line up before doors open or like they will be handed out sometime earlier in the day? Sorry to be obnoxious!! But I’ve been to many Nectar events where they’ve been handed out at like 10am the day of the show and since I’m driving up from LA if that’s the situation I would like to plan accordingly! Thanks for your help! Much appreciation for the Basscrew! 🙂

        • No wristbands for this show – all tickets are GA. Enjoy!

          • BassHogC

            Awesome! Thanks Ed!

    • All tickets are GA 🙂

  • Nate

    Is an unopened water bottle something you can bring in or no?

    • Yes you can bring one sealed bottle of water per person and empty camelbacks also.

  • Brent Smoller

    Will there be water fountains to fill up camelbacks inside the venue?

    • there will at least be sinks, im sure there will be water fountains too 🙂

      • Brent Smoller

        Thank you!! And sinks are fine

  • Icjames

    Are light gloves allowed or not? I have heard both yes and no. Could i get a confirmation on this please!

    • Chris Basscrew

      LED gloves are not allowed for this show. Lorin’s visual set-up for this tour should have your eyes feeling plenty happy though 🙂

  • Douglas

    How late can we get in after doors open?

    • usually you’re able to get in until the show ends, as long as it’s your first time in, no re-entry. if you wanna find out for sure you could give the venue a call — 408 924 6360

  • Henry

    Will there be a coat check for backpacks?

  • Jacob Discoe

    Of the 13 lucky nights i’ve had to witness Bassnectar in Cali, THiS was by far the most life changing experience! Lorin thank you for the madness! I’d be so privileged to be an AmBASSador