July 15th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Immersive Music Tour is here!

The Bassnectar crew will be taking over Lincoln, NE @ the Pershing Center on Friday, September 27th.

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Koan Sound and Andreilien (Heyoka)!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Only $3 in additional ticketing fees when purchased at the box-office.

226 Centennial Mall S,
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 441-8744

> Empty camelbaks and one sealed bottle per person are permitted.
> Bags and non-professional cameras permitted.
> Totems are permitted – of reasonable height not deemed to be safety hazard (at security’s discretion).
> Hoops are not permitted (for capacity reasons).

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    So anybody from Denver/Boulder area feel like trekking out?

    • Shaka Zulu

      Was just texting my friends about that 7 hours is easy. After two insane nights at Red Rocks, I still need more nectar. Colorado love.

      • Oi

        7 hours? I get to Denver from Omaha in about 7.25hrs, you can easily make it under 7 😉

    • BassheadCO

      literally was coming on here to say the same thing

      • Ryan

        I’ll be there. : ) Fort Collins Love.

        • Alrageous

          Foco love baby! 970! im thinkin about making the trip for the day for sure.

    • tweetyrugs

      yeeee. looking for a ride/partners in crime. have a lot of potentials at the moment, but want to buy tickets now 🙂

    • t

      rolling out from boulder for our 3rd nectar fall tour >:)

  • RobBase74

    I don’t know what to say? Bassnectar has been here in Lincoln, NE at smaller venues from a long time ago. His visuals & music are insane & just gets better & better. Pink Elephants anyone?

  • fuck off ?

    I will be attending <33

  • Alex Rangel

    anyone in the FOCO area interested in treckin down?!

    • BassheadCO

      as in Colorado?

      • Alex Rangel


  • Thatdjmonk

    This show is going to be psychedelic as fuck!

  • Alex Rangel

    It’s official! Going to make the trip from Fort Collins. Hope to see some hard CO reppin goin on, but we got much love for NE!! 🙂

  • Sarah Michelle

    Comin from CO!!!

    • Jeremiah Lopez

      Same here !!!

    • Alex Rangel

      Hell ya same here!

      • Sara

        Comin from Greeley!!

  • Tay

    Hoping to hearpink elephants!! Super stoked for the show!

    • put it on the request line! 🙂 —



    So since everyone going is from colorado why not just do it in colorado?

    See you all there maybe someone from nebraska too

    • Zach

      now this is an idea

  • nectarado

    Reno, San Jose and now Lincoln..Colorado crew coming in HOT on immersive!

  • Mike lusting

    5 of us leaving from Denver!

    • Tori B

      9 of us leavin from foco!!!

  • Casey William Norgard

    I’m bringing up four from FoCo! And I’m popping my Nebraska cousins basscherry. haha. But I also want to tell all my fellow Coloradoan’s, amendment 64 passed here, and Nebraska is one of the only states in the country with tightening weed laws, so if you are planning on bringing any ganj, be very careful to not get pulled over, other states aren’t as awesome as us and bringing over state lines is very risky, so all I’m saying is be smart and careful. but most importantly, WE SHALL RAGE!!!!!

    • Randy Johnson

      I wouldn’t say tightening, its a decriminalized state, anything under a pound is a misdemeanor.

  • nectarado

    everyone who’s coming in from colorado should bring a colorado flag 😉 i know i am. lets get a small army of CO flags goin in lincoln.

    • sardizzle

      i was just about to post the same thing! Im bringin one!! CO LOVEEE

  • Taylor Smith

    what time will they start passing out wristbands?

    • sorry taylor, not sure yet. let us get back to you! stay tuned please. 🙂

      • Taylor Smith


        • ChrisBasscrew

          This show does not have wristbands. All tickets are General Admission. Have fun!

  • zach

    Looks like another 4 from CO goin… You guys really need to come here on every tour

  • Dreadle

    Anyone leaving from FoCo or Denver that has 3 open seats?! We have gas money and a great time just need a ride 🙂 lemme kno


      Hey so my ride partner just bailed but i got a car and open seats coming from boulder. Reply if you’re interested so we can start to figure shit out.

      • Dreadle

        yea!! lets do it. my name is andraea my number is 970-819-4964 hit me up lets strt makin plans 🙂

        • i love seeing stuff like this 🙂 i’ve made some amazing friends the exact same way. have fun!

  • Riley Evarts

    If you want a CHEAP place to crash and fun safe afters check out “Bass Nation”. It’s 15 bucks for a campsite on private land with Ganja White Night headlining the after. Here’s the link below:


  • Alex Rangel

    ok Coloroado Bassheads!!! Lets rally at the show and let our CO flags fly!! Hit me up Alex Rangel on Facebook or alpolamalu on Twitter, lets make a presence in that Family Photo!!!

  • Ted Olson

    Anyone from fort collins/ denver/ boulder, have extra room or wants to pitch on gas? were only 2! hit me up 970-769-2822

  • sarah michelle

    pretty sure half this the venues gonna be peeps from colorado. we should all bring flags for the family photo and represent!!!

  • tleopard

    adventuring out from fort collins for my birthday! lets rage bassheads!