July 13th, 2013


Photo by Calder Wilson / aLIVE Media
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Thank You Camp Bisco! This was my seventh year and it keeps getting better! This time there weren’t our annual technical snafus and everthaaaang was smooth sailing! We are loving summertime 2013, hope you are too! 🙂

  • Greg Stefan

    Amazing show as always!!! You KILLED it! You make the Bisco experience unforgettable (along with the 15-20k people that come out to party with us)!

  • Bassfreak2

    easily one of the best nectar sets ive ever seen. one of those last songs was a fucking rager, i think it was the one right before the ratm remix

  • Emily

    such an amazing set and unforgettable time with my crew. how can i order a poster of this photo so I can relieve this moment every time I wake up in the morning?

  • Elisabeth Lanonymous

    bassnectar you made me cum, seriously….ummmmm thank you bassnectar 😉

    • Elisabeth Lanonymous

      just wow