July 17th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013!PRESALE IS LIVE!

Our presale tickets for the Immersive Music Tour are now on 2013 sale! See full dates below.

Presale tickets will go ultra fast as always, so hurry yourself!

These are a super limited selection of advance tickets which are discounted by avoiding any ticket master fees! BAMMMM!!!!!

Don’t freak out if you miss out, public onsale is just around the corner – Fri or Sat depending on the show.We will have all the latest info posted on our event pages so bookmark those suckers.

And spread word to your friends so they don’t get scalped by villainous operators down the line!

Get them here, get them now, and we’ll see you soon:

Aug 2, 2018 - Aug 5, 2018 Bassnectar in Darrington, WA Summer Meltdown
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Aug 11, 2018 Bassnectar in New York, NY Elements NYC
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Aug 17, 2018 - Aug 18, 2018 Bassnectar in Des Moines, IA 515 Alive
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Aug 31, 2018 Bassnectar in Norfolk, VA Bass Center PreParty (no Bassnectar)
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Sep 1, 2018 - Sep 2, 2018 Bassnectar in Hampton, VA Bass Center XI: The Autumn Gathering
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Sep 21, 2018 - Sep 23, 2018 Bassnectar in Atlanta, GA Imagine
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Sep 29, 2018 Bassnectar in San Francisco, CA Be Interactive Fundraiser
Nov 9, 2018 - Nov 10, 2018 Bassnectar in Orlando, FL EDC Orlando
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