August 24th, 2013


Photo by Todd Cooper

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THANK YOU KALEIDOSCOPE FEST! Eugene, Oregon went wild last night in one of the most killer outdoor camping venues I’ve seen on the West Coast. Perfect crowd, perfect weather, perfect evening 🙂


  1. DJ_EZ_DICK says:

    Dude you tore that place apart. I was sober and my brain is still scrambled eggs. I don’t know how you stand up there, I think my heart stopped about 4 times. Come back to oregon soon , miss you already fam!

  2. Dylan J Reed says:

    Was that even real??? Years later I can still remember the dust rising from the bass vibrating the air. One crazy, CRAZY weekend. Everybody is VIP, venue is beautiful, multicolored trees/busses, spraypainted saran wrap stretched between trees, and I was not ready for that at all. Now I look it up and you can barely find evidence of it on the internet. It was wild and fleeting. Not terribly surprised that there was no return. That was too wild to last, too exuberant to be harnessed and remade. Thank you for a truly life-changing event. Everyone says that these events change their lives, and before this one I was skeptical. After experiencing…..whatever that was (god those UMBRELLAS) I can truly say I am weirder, appreciate things more, and accept all things with greater ease. Will always live in my memory as a dust-choked, air-bending cacophony of sound and color, masterfully blended and painted into a symphony of creativity. So much love for Lorin and for the Bassnectar team. Literally the CUTting edge of music today. Feel the rhythm 🙂

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