September 9th, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Bassnectar crew will be returning to Las Vegas, NV @ Surrender Nightclub for a special Halloween Masquerade on Thursday October 31st, 2013!

With local support and goblins.

In addition to arriving in your wildest attire and costumes each and every guest is strongly urged to wear a mask, and surrender to what you will find when you cross over into the Other Side…

This is a 21+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 10:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

*If you are coming in costume, dress code rules do not apply!*

PLEASE NOTE: Masks may be worn at the show but not around the hotel!

  • Taco Stomps

    You’re advertising All Ages here, but everywhere else it says 21 and over. You should probably sort that out ASAP as that is a big problem for those who aren’t 21 and buy tickets.

    • Thanks Taco, we updated it just before you posted this – it’s clear at purchase so hopefully no one misunderstood. Thanks for flagging it!

  • orion

    the nightclub site also specifies ‘Dress to Impress’ – monokinis aren’t going to cut it? Will there be a pit in front of the stage or will this be a sit down event?

    • It’s not a sit down event – here’s a photo of our last show there. The dress code is fairly strict (no athletic gear, jeans, pants, torn or cut-off clothing, see through bathing suits, offensive prints on clothing, chains, or baggy clothing) but as this is a Masquerade that shouldn’t matter provided you are in a badass costume like you should be πŸ™‚

      • orion

        Oh hell yeah! THAT looks like a proper show. I’m going to go as a

        MΓΆbius strip. Thanks!


        The fact that Lorin is playing somewhere that requires people to dress a certain way on Halloween is saddening. If he was playing in any major city it would have been much bigger and much more in tune with his fan base. Bassnectar shows are about going wild with a self-expressive community that loves his music as much as they do his message. That is not what Surrender is about. I still love bassnectar but I can’t help but feel disappointed with this choice. It sends the message that money takes priority over his fans.

  • Bassfreak2

    it truly saddens me that lorin is playing a venue like this and selling out so hard. they musta paid you a TON of money to sign this contract. this venue shud be called “Surrender Your Individuality”

    • What’s up @Bassfreak2:disqus – yeah if you weren’t down on this event I would be worried about the balance of the force! It’s not for everyone. But not being able to wear sportswear doesn’t have to mean betraying who you are. (Unless you are REALLY super into sportswear.) Especially when you can get all masked up and crazy.

      • Bassfreak2

        its moreso about how they are taking away who YOU are and being one of the sheep. I just personally think it is 100% against what bassnectar stands for and i think its fuckin sad. and ive heard a lot of stories about how people were denied entry at this “venue” bc of what they are wearing. Like how is Lorin alright with this? If theres ANY artist out there who loves his fans and does eveything he can for them, its fuckin Bassnectar, but this venue speaks otherwise. Plus, who the fuck wears dress shoes at a bassnectar show? have people given up on dancing at shows now? Sorry im just a fuckin diehard nectar fan and have been for years and this is not the Bassnectar i know


          Well put, I couldn’t agree more.

        • Taylor

          Get over yourself. It even said if you are dressing up then the dress code doesn’t apply.

          Not every show has to be a neon glowstick frenzy.

          • Bassfreak2

            I just think Lorin is selling out by playing venues like this, its clear he signed a contract and probly a big one. Its not like this is the first time hes played this venue either, so yeah you can dress up for this specific show but its probly legit the only day of the year at this club where you dont have to look like a sheep getting down in uncomfortable attire. I dont even wear neon dude, I just dont like that Lorin is playing a venue where a paying customer can be denied entry for a show for expressing themselves. That is NOT what Bassnectar stands for

          • Bassfreak2

            I would LOVE to hear what lorin has to say about this, wish he still posted on the site…

          • spaceman spiff

            I just moved to Vegas…people love Nectar out here too. This will be my first and only trip to a club but I dont call this selling out. Theres no normal venues out here. When you get as big as him you dont have as much say and control as you did before the hype. I agree its getting close to the mainstream sellout status with merch and bigger event prices but hes still Lord of base and I’m soo excited I can see him while I’m stuck in this desert.

          • Benny

            So, what you’re saying is that if I wear a Black on Black Burberry suit and look and feel like a million bucks, Like The Great Gatsby of course :), I must not be a real Bassnectar fan? Get real Bassfreak2… it’s Holloween… If you were a true fan, and not some emo who needs to feel outspoken and loner’ish you wouldn’t care where he played or what you had to wear to get in…. You would be there raging with the rest of us… Hey, maybe you can start another blog and spend your Holloween complaining about it… Sounds like the self loathing personality trait you have been spewing on this Happy Holloween show forum πŸ˜› Go sit on a glow stick and spin!

          • Bassfreak2

            cool brah

          • i agree you should definitely be able to wear whatever you want at bassnectar without anyone judging, long as you look and feel like a million bucks πŸ˜‰

        • Soul Candy

          I’ve been here before. Just can’t wear flip flops or sandals so dress shoes are not necessarily required. Seriously, just wear a non-white t-shirt, pants, and actual shoes and you’re in. Although, in all honesty you should be wearing a badass costume instead πŸ˜‰ hope to see you all there!

    • spaceylacey

      that “TON” of money is paying a whole swarm of people to bring you the most IMMERSIVE experience ever. its not cheap moving multiple semis all over the country. at first I felt a little uneasy about this but I dont think Lorin’s aim is to put money in his pocket. Thats what actual sell outs do. Instead he just dropped 100k for 3 progressive organizations (remind me again what other artist you know doing that??) Its decisions made like that this that allow Bassnectar to offer the experience you get to FREAK out on and allows them to continue bringing us earhquaking spaceshaking BASS and seriously above and beyond visuals and lights. The folks at Surrender need this grade A funk in their lives too. So let Bassnectar do what they do and come out to the more intimate venues and get nasty with us all and leave any negative vibes at the door please.

      • Bassfreak2

        I think negative vibes are people telling you how you should and shouldnt dress to a concert. negative vibes are when u get denied entry for a show u paid for bc some piece of shit bouncer and club doesnt like that your being a individual and expressing yourself in a way that isnt considered sheepish. and also that 100,000 dollars came from the fans. everytime u buy a bassnectar tickets its one more dollar than it shud be, and that dollar goes to that 100,000, so we donated it actually. plus nectar makes so much fuckin money playing all these festivals, he does not need surrender to pay for his next tour, i guarantee. and other artists who donate? look up headcount and marc brownstein. its great that bassnectar does recycle a lot of his own money into production for tours tho. i do love that. I just think this venue stands for everything that bassnectar doesnt stand for and vice versa. this whole scene is about expressing yourself and being who YOU really are and this venue is literally the exact fucking opposite of that

        • spaceylacey

          negative vibes is putting lables on people that dont belong there.
          its vegas so its expected and it was clarified from the jump. im on the opposite side of the country and i knew there was a dress code…
          if the dress code is not for you than allow those that are fine with it to go and instead go to another venue. there a sooooo many excellent choices on every tour.
          ur telling me this stuff like its not common knowledge. im aware of how the $perBH works thanks. the effort to create awareness and assistance is there and that is what counts.
          and 2, im well aware of headcount. thank you. like i said common knowledge. im just saying if someone was trying to be a sell out they would keep the money all for themselves.
          but its true the venue does have strick regulations of its patrons which is not an attractive option but i think there are people that frequent that venue and im sure they are used to its dress code.

          • spaceylacey

            hate the venue not the artist.. ..
            looking at the comments below it seems like this venue is for some people. but its not for me and its not for you.
            so lets frequent where the FREAKS stay like we do..

    • Chris Basscrew

      Let’s compromise – you can go to the show dressed up as the most badass ‘bass sheep’ or just go trick-or-treating for a painful, yet satisfying stomach ache… either way have fun and make the most of it πŸ™‚ We know Lorin is going to smash wherever he plays and judging by his crazy touring schedule, he will be coming to a city near us all soon.

      • Bassfreak2

        as someone whos been following lorin for years i NEVER thought things would come to this and its fucking sad, thats all…lorin is a million times better than this. Wasting a Halloween show on this venue is fucking sad and not fair to bassheads around the country. Lorin has sold out a bit and theres no other way around it

  • ferocious feline

    so my costume is torn up-zombie like.. is that violating the dress code here or the fact it is a costume and halloween render me alllss good?!!!!

    • I’ll try and check with the venue if dress code is in effect for costumes!

    • All good – as long as you’re in costume then dress code does not apply.

      • ferocious feline

        AWESOME! thanks for checking. cannot wait!!

  • Hau5Dr0p5

    Are mau5heads fair game??

  • Kyle

    I was at Bassnectar’s last show at Surrender. The venue was incredible. Goregous women everywhere, 2 amazing bars, 2 pools, 2 stories, cabanas, stripper poles galore, beautiful dancers, poker tables, and BASSNECTAR FUCKING KILLED IT!!! The dress code was way more relaxed than I expected. I wore comfortable shoes, jeans, and a dress shirt (no tie, no undershirt). I’ve seen Bassnectar everywhere and this was by far one of the best, most intimate shows I’ve seen. Keep up the good work Lorin, Ed, and Crew. Don’t let the haters stop you from bringing !BASS! to all walks of life, all across the land. See you in the Lou at the end of September. !BASS!

  • Mike

    Whats the capacity at this venue? When do you guys think it’ll sell out? 2-3 weeks before? Day of?

    • hey mike! i’m not sure of the capacity and cant find it exactly online. it looks like the surrender nightclub + the encore beach club (an associated venue) hold 2,600 total. but you could try giving the venue a call to find out for sure on the nightclub specifically… (702) 770-7300

      at any rate, i think it’s a smaller venue than our normally massive shows, and our shows almost always sell out in advance rather than the day of. plus with this being a halloween show in particular, i would not stall on getting tickets! get em while theyre hottt

      • AJ

        Capacity is pretty high. It is indeed Surrender + Encore beach club. If you haven’t been before, it’s definitely one of the bigger & better Vegas clubs. Nonetheless, i’ll be there on the 31st!

        • cool, thanks AJ πŸ™‚ enjoy

        • Lauren

          Maybe you can help me out πŸ™‚ I can’t really get a feel from pictures how this venue is set up. It’s half outside, right? Since you’ve been here before-is it set up where I should get there REALLY early to make sure I’m at the inside part, or is it pretty open as long as I am not expecting to be in the very front? I just trying to gauge how early to arrive πŸ˜€

  • Alex

    Would really appreciate some clarity regarding the dress code- last thing I’d want is to show up in a morph suit and a spirit hood only to get turned away πŸ™

    • Just got confirmation: as long as you are in costume, dress code does not apply πŸ™‚

    • you’ll probably want to have your face out of the morph suit when you go in though so they can match you up with your ID πŸ™‚

  • Gmoney

    Are koan sound and heyoka playing this date? Please say yes…

    • they’re both on for most of tour, but this date says local support so i dont think so

  • BassAce

    Can I sell my ticket if things fall through? The last thing I would want to do is take someone else’s spot and not show up… Face Value of course!

  • Garrick

    This will be my 2nd time seeing him at this venue. Love this club, although the clothing restrictions are harsh at times, it can’t often be said you get to party with your Nectar family in formal wear! The sound is excellent, and there’s nothing like seeing hallways of BassHeads exploring that swanky ass hotel πŸ™‚ 8)

    • Totally – getting dressed up is actually pretty cool folks. And rolling through a Vegas hotel in bass head entourages is straight gangster! Nice, enjoy yourself Garrick.

      • Soul Candy

        Whoop whoop!

  • George Helwig

    I get what your saying bassfreak . This is opportunity to get dressed up , stay in posh hotel and go fucking HAM . Forget the masses and sheep and get your bass face on . There is always Decadence NYE ! I’m looking fwd to this show and venue , last time I caught one of Lorin’s shows was at Counter Point . This should be an EPIC night ! Hope to see you all there . I’ll be the one with a mask on !

  • George Helwig

    Bassfreak2. Sorry . Good vibes my man !

  • Robby

    What time is Lorin expected to go on? My flight gets in @ 7:30. I am pumped to see him in Vegas again!

    • heyy we dont give out set times, sorry! dont worry though im sure with this being halloween in vegas and all you’ll be there in time for music

  • Taylor

    Flying out from Colorado for this one! So excited!

  • jeremy dukarski

    I have already flown out to California and will be flying to Vegas for show
    I accidentally forgot the credit card I used to purchase the tickets….am I screwed? Am I gonna be able to get in? What do I do???? I’m so nervous I won’t be able to get in.

    • Please contact the ticket vendor ASAP – http://www.wantickets.com/Contact.aspx

      If you don’t hear back from them make sure to bring your ID and if possible the card details used for purchase.

      • jeremy dukarski

        I contacted the venue but have not gotten a response. I can get absolutely all the info on the card. I hope I’m not screwed on this I have non refundable plane tickets already…

        • Make sure to contact the ticketing company through the link I provided, and also check your email receipt for a support link or phone number to make sure you are hitting every contact point. The receipt will also have a confirmation number or some info that will make it easier for them to resolve your issue. You should be fine!

          • jeremy dukarski

            I still have yet to receive any reply from the venue….getting worried

          • Are you calling them regularly, during hours they’re most likely to be there? Or did you send an email? Id suggest calling. If you can’t get in touch with someone in the club, you should call the main hotel and ask them to get you in touch with someone.


          • oh..yeah..this first definitely heh

          • jeremy dukarski

            Sorry, when I said venue I meant to say the ticket company. I have actually contacted them twice now with no response…

          • jeremy dukarski

            Sorry when I said venue I meant the ticket company. I have actually contacted them twice now with no response

          • jeremy dukarski

            Just got conformation from wantickets that all I need is tickets confirmation and I’d. Thanks for your help!

  • Lauren

    SOOO last minute trip to Vegas with my good, good friend for this show. Stoked to see Lorin in this environment. WAHHHH ^_^ Can’t wait to see all of your bad ass costumes, friends!

  • Rob O’Donnell

    ED! LORIN! Bassnectar Crew!! I need your help! Last nights show in birmingham was absolutely incredible! It was my 16th Bassnectar Frenzy! πŸ™‚ My friend and I drove all the way from tampa to come see you guys! We got there at 9pm and We had VIP tickets for last night, but the staff never offered us a VIP wristband, which prevented us from getting the VIP poster after the show. I was REALLY looking forward to that little piece of treasure. Is there anyway we can get a poster or two? I can send you all the proof you need! I’ll even pay for shipping. Please let me know. It would mean the world to me!! Thank you!! And I’ll see you soon for my 17th πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Rob – I’m sending you an email right now.

  • Jose Villa Jr.

    Roughly, about what time will Lorin start his set? It says the show starts from 10:30pm and last until 4am. I’m just curios if he’ll be closing the club or playing at another time.

  • Kyle

    Hello Basscrew… Delete BassFreak2’s comments from this page, please. Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers can get their !BASS! fix elsewhere. Bassheads…If you are near Nevada on Halloween, go to Surrender. Venue is amazing, people are beautiful, city is wild, and the BASS BUDDHA WILL SMASH THE PLACE TO PIECES!! VaVa Boo!!!! Lacey and Ed, you the shit.

  • rasbumpington

    What time does Lorin’s set start!?

  • rasbumpington

    Or if you can’t tell me when h goes on, what time does the show end?

    • Sorry we can’t tell you either of those things (the venue might?) But it’ll go til midnight or later

      • rasbumpington

        Ok, why exactly is that? Is it because you don’t know? I’m just trying to figure who would benefit from attendees not knowing what time the show they’re going to is…

  • Alex

    Any idea when Lorin comes on?

  • robert

    Does dress code apply if your just wearing a mask??

    • Sounds like it does. If you are just wearing a mask but then breaking the other dress code rules you will probably have difficultly.

  • rob

    does the dress code apply to those in just Masks?

  • rasbumpington

    I hate to ben ultimatum Olga but I missed the flight I was supposed to be on and now my only option is leaving SF at 10 pm, if I can’t confirm that he’s starting late enough for me to catch his whole set, I will not be going. If ANY one can give me details about set times I would be happy πŸ™‚ If not I’m not going.

    • Leaving SF at 10pm? You almost certainly will not be able to catch Lorin’s whole set, sorry to say.