September 3rd, 2013


Bassnectar Immersive Music Tour 2013The Immersive Music Tour is here!

The Bassnectar crew will be taking over Atlantic City, NJ @ the House of Blues on Wednesday, October 9th.

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Koan Sound and Andreilien (Heyoka)!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Click here for tickets

> One sealed water bottle per person (cap removed at entry) are permitted. Camelbacks are not permitted.
> Small bags (10″x10″) and non-professional cameras permitted.
> Totems are permitted – of reasonable height not deemed to be safety hazard (at security’s discretion). NOTE: casino security may confiscate these at casino entrances.
> Hoops are not permitted (for capacity reasons).

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88 Responses to “10/9/2013 – BASSNECTAR @ HOUSE OF BLUES IN ATLANTIC CITY, NJ”
  1. ddd says:


  2. Emelia_Bedelia says:


  3. nadsley says:


  4. graceoh says:

    Yesssssss! I’ll see you there lorin. You killed it at ezoo

    • Bassfreak2 says:

      ezoo was sick but as far as NY goes, camp bisco was the set to be at. id honestly call that set the first or secnd best set iv ever seen from him and ive seen him 16 times now (and counting). it was fuckin insane

      • Grace says:

        Definitely not one of his best sets.. He didn’t play pink elephants, or cozza frenzy, or even lights for that matter. His best set for me personally was at temple university at 4/20 3 years ago and I’ve been to 4 of his shows. He def playas verter on tour as himself han at festivals. I thought his EDC NJ set sucked ass last year

        • Bassfreak2 says:

          nah that set was sick imo, is just that camp bisco was retarded this year. i think going into a show being like “i wanna hear lights or pink elephants etc etc” is a bad way to go into a show cuz it really just sets you up for disappointment when he doesnt play that track. I just like to go in there with zero expectations and get down to whatever he plays. plus pink elephants isnt even a bassnectar track, and hes played lights ir magical world at each show for like 2 years, im happy he doesnt play those songs anymore.

  5. Nina Biaggi says:

    I cannot wait to see you live. I was rocking your new mixtape this morning. You can mix the craziest shit and turn it into pure magic! You beautiful genius! 😉

  6. Tim O'Hearen says:

    This made my week! Thank you so much for showing the east coast some love this tour!

  7. Anthony Joseph says:

    HELL YEA! Now I don’t need to make the trek out to Penn State!! W00T!

    • NickC says:

      So much this. As a Philadelphian spoiled enough to have Bassnectar around for 2 nights in the spring, I’m stoked to be able to zip down to AC instead of venturing to Penn State. See you in AC Lorin!!

  8. basskitty_xo says:

    what website do we go to for presales?

  9. Billy Curran says:

    Well it looks like I’ll be hitting up 5 shows that week lol cant wait to see all you beautiful bassheads all over the northeast!!!!

  10. Phil Graziano says:

    HELL YESS what a nice surprise shout out to everyone hittin the penn state show the next night !!!

  11. John Talarowski says:

    Fuck Yessssss

  12. Drexeljerk says:

    What’s the presale code?

  13. KRUST says:

    how much are presale tickets going to be?!

  14. bassheaaaaad says:

    I’ll be coming from NY can’t wait to party with dirty Jersey!

  15. Stef Withanf says:

    This is so close to home, I’m so pumped! <3

  16. Michael Mauger says:

    Got my tickets.. See ya’ll there.

  17. Leanne says:

    were the tickets that went on sale at noon just presale? because they are already sold out 🙁 will there be another opportunity to purchase tickets. I NEED TO SEE NECTAR THIS FALL.

    • basskitty_xo says:

      i checked on the house of blues website, and their website says the sale starts friday at 1pm EST. 🙂

  18. Will says:

    Coming from MA, cannot wait!

  19. sonny Minard says:

    All im gonna say is thank you. Solely for the fact i was going to go to basslights and literally stand on the corner to get there. But instead ur coming to AC. Bass Master kill this set and then lets play some slots… yeah?

  20. Shawn B. McLoughlin says:

    what is the offer code to get presales from ticketmaster??

  21. adfdfad says:

    is floor sold out?? or did they not go on public sale yet

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      Looks like it might be! Keep trying in case there are any returns if you are super floor hardcore.

      • adfdfad says:

        yeah I mean house of blues AC’s website says on sale at 1pm so i’m hoping something works out

        • adfdfad says:

          wait could all of the floor tickets have already sold out before they go on sale?? so confused. HOB AC says theyre on sale at 1pm but ticketmaster says 10am…

      • Bassfreak2 says:

        I think everyone is super floor hardcore…its where the fun is at…who wants to stay in one spot for a whole show? bouncing around is fun…ed are you going to be at this show? lets rage it…i promise im cooler IRL (many bassheads would concur)

        • Ed Basscrew says:

          Hahaha I will not be at this show, sadly. And you will be disappointed by how uncool I am in real life. Kidding of course. I am awesome. We will get our chance to rage together someday, sir 🙂

          • Bassfreak2 says:

            haha well i plan on hitting his next spring tour pretty hard so im sure ill see ya around. proooobly htting one of these nye shows too. def at least one (on lorins ama he said nye is gonna be 4 shows in all diff locations so ill def be at one of em)

  22. Bassfreak2 says:

    fuck yeah got my floor tickets. hey if any of you guys see someone on the floor out back playing with water flowlights then say hi!!!! hotel afterparty anyone????

    • Gavin McCann says:

      so down, i’m coming. my name’s gavin, or gbaby, hopefully we meet. i got music too.

  23. School Boy Zeee ? says:


  24. Griffin Mulvey-Hudson says:

    hey bass heads 🙂 hopefully i will grab a pic of you cause im most likely taking pictures 🙂 #bnf LETS GOOOOO

  25. Will says:

    man, 10 am bus out of boston, be there for 6:30 and get ready to throw my BASSFACE on! this is going to be so epic…

  26. Bassfreak2 says:

    Are camelbaks gonna be allowed at this venue??? I feel like everytime I see Bassnectar I always see a couple people with camelbaks and Im always like shit I wish I had mine

    • Colleen says:

      hey bassfreak 🙂
      for this show no camelbaks unfortunately, but you can bring in one sealed factory water bottle (caps removed at entry)

      see ya there

      • Bassfreak2 says:

        ugh I hate how they take the caps (but thats why you sneak in an extra cap)….but hey lets rage it!!!! Ill be out back raging hard and playing with water flowlights, seriously come say hi!!!!….are there rules against rave toys and LEDs?

        • Ed Basscrew says:

          We didn’t get any specifics re: LED toys so they should be OK. Best contact the venue to be extra sure – (609) 343-4000

        • Colleen says:

          If I’m not on the rail I’ll come say hey 🙂 I look like I do in my icon

          • Bassfreak2 says:

            alright cool….id like to be up front but i just have too much rage at nectar shows to be all squished up front…i love being out back with 20 other people just getting the fuck down and showing everyone how to do it right…6 days i cant fuckin wait

  27. sammymagz says:

    Totoms? ..HOB AC is usually a no.. but I figured I need to ask..

  28. Tom Murray says:

    Only 3 more days… YEAAAAAAAAHHH havent seen nectar in almost a year… going to lose my ish! Gunna be up against the rail, ill be the guy with BOOM under the brim of my hat. Come say hi Bass heads

  29. K Fizzle says:

    Another venue denying free water. What a surprise. I’m paying 50 bucks and not allowed to fill up my camelback in the bathroom. People suck.

    • colleen says:

      ;[ we try to do do everything we can to get camelbaks allowed at every show, we were only able to get the one water bottle per person for this show, but we will also have ambassadors HUSTLING through the crowd nonstop making sure that you all stay hydrated 🙂 take water from the people in the white ambassador shirts 🙂 hope you enjoy

      • K Fizzle says:

        Yeh, I’ll be fine without it. Seems like the HOB is the only tour stop that is refusing them. Do you know if they provide free water at the bar and they just don’t want outside containers, or if it’s because they know how much money they’ll make selling $4 waters?

        • colleen says:

          I’m not sure – I can give the venue a call in the morning and find out. Check back!

        • Bassfreak2 says:

          hey im disappointed theres no camelbaks allowed but its not the end of the world. if a camelbak wasnt allowed at a fest id be pissed, but its just a show. bring a water in (with an extra cap) and refill in the bathroom. easy

  30. Bassfreak2 says:

    WHOS READY TO FUCKING RAGE?????????????????

  31. bassinyoface says:

    Set times por favor ????
    Also if I get there around 8 will floor be filled by then?

  32. didgeridoo says:

    if i were to get there say, around 915-930 would i be too late for the party!??

  33. Jason Luber says:

    think. for yourself. and matrix matrix matrix matrix….

  34. Borgore says:

    dress code= rave gear??

  35. murderoustoast says:

    are camelbaks going to be allowed?

  36. gianna says:

    if i get there at 930 will i miss it????!!!!

  37. Bassfreak2 says:

    damn, not trying to hate but besides a couple tracks, this was without a doubt the worst bassnectar set ive ever seen. i even was talking to some kid towards the end of the show (a real head, they are easy to spot out) and hes just like “is it just me or is this show kinda weak?” i felt the same way. i KNOW bassnectar is sooooo much better than what he laid down on wednesday. legit the first time ive left a nectar show disappointed. sure there were some nice parts and surprises (bursting, run the heart intro) but nectar didnt really play too many ridiculous unknown tracks and thats what i love about his sets. i feel like he usually plays all the tracks hes supposed to play, like for this tour immersive mixtape stuff, then the middle of yhe set is where he really lays t down with new and unheard tracks (whether its a bassnectar production or not) and then downtempo part then the last half hour of mayhem. i feel like he never got to the part where he played unheard of stuff, and thats the best part or any edm/dubstep show, who wants to hear the same tracks theyve heard a million times? idk not trying to be a bitch but im jus wondering if any REAL nectar fans feel the same way. my feelings on bassnectar have been changed and idk what to think now. hopefully just an offnight but idk, it made me a little sad 🙁

  38. Bassfreak2 says:

    yo thanks for dropping Bursting at this show, great surprise…run the heart intro was pretty sick too, and that frog track, woah….i just wished you threw in more unreleased and scarce tracks, easily my fav part of nectar sets

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