September 24th, 2013


DOLLAR PER BASS HEAD 2013 - THE RESULTSWe’ve counted all your Dollar Per Bass Head 2013 votes, and here are the results:

We are proud to announce that the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics will be receiving $50,000, with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Contact USA both receiving $30k and $20k respectively.

Thanks to everyone who participated: raising the money by coming to our shows, as well as voting and spreading the word about these orgs. And a BIG extra thanks to everyone who donated directly to the causes that spoke to them. We’ll be back for another round of $/BH very soon! In the meanwhile we will continue to add $1 from every ticket sale to the bass bank!

Dollar Per Bass Head

More info about these orgs:

  • Matt McLaughlin

    I know everyone is preoccupied with Immersive side 2 and Take You Down atm.. but just wanted to say you are an inspiration and a wonderful human being, Lorin. Never change.

    • Nice one Matt, thanks to all you guys for making this possible

    • flippin

      matt i love you. this is mrflippin

      • Matt McLaughlin

        You gotta be flippin kidding me. J/k I love you man

  • Kyle C

    So glad to participate in a real attempt to make a difference. Glad to be a fan of Bassnectar and the crew!


    Lorin and the bass crew should take over all government seatings! LONG LIVE BASS MUSIC!!!

  • Andrea Trujillo

    Our local Free Clinic and their doctors saved my life, this is such a beautiful gift!

  • Natalie Meyer

    Thank you Lorin for creating change by example… don’t ever stop inspiring us to do the same!

  • Lukey B

    Love you Lorin you da man!! πŸ™‚

  • Haiku Heartcore

    good vibes all around…

  • SpaghettiLeftovers

    You make me smile Lorin! Thanks for being the person I want to be!

  • Jonathan Hebert

    go basscrew!

  • jennAY

    Great! I love how you gave each organization a little bit! “Inspire those around you!”

  • Sarah Elizabeth Smith

    WooooHoooo!!! Thanks for caring!!!

  • Graham Holladay

    Awesome work Lorin! You’re an inspiration

  • jko

    Soooo happy that the Free and Charitable Clinics will be receiving $50,000. As a nurse and huge basshead advocate. proud that this got the bigger assistance. The EFF and other choices are also very important. i am glad to see such a helping hand from the nectar community. HOpefully this opens the minds of fans. I work in the medical field and ive never heard of the free and charitable clinics. This has opened my mind…..

  • Michelle Audrey

    Yay! I’m a medical student that sees patients at a free clinic– it blows my mind how many people in this country can’t get the medical care they need. This absolutely made my day. It’s hard to explain how music (especially yours) motivates me and make me want to contribute more to the world we live in, but this just puts it all together in the most real way possible. gahhh so much love Lorin πŸ™‚

  • Lucas Van Eynde

    Thank you lorin for giving us the opportunity to give back while having the time of our life!!!! i saw you in reno on friday….. what just happened??? Keep doing what you are doing LORIN!!!!!!! thank you foro sharing the experience with us!!!! Cant wait to see Bassnectar again! p.s. Your on to something very very big!!! πŸ™‚ not that you didnt already know that….. THINK FOR YOUSELF AND QUESTION QUESTION!!!

  • Adam DrLightworker Brobjorg please donate we are the church of music!

  • NGB

    This is inspirational. I’m so glad that healthcare can be made available to those who are most in need!

  • Daniel Madden

    How does an organization go about applying to be considered for this?

    • You can leave a link right here on this page, we’ll make sure it gets considered.

      • Daniel Madden! Operation Unisson is a small non-profit focused on improving the healthiness and quality of life of communities in Haiti. With no administrative costs, all proceeds go directly to their programs and initiatives. Thanks for the consideration!

  • Nile Hunt

    i just wanted to say im a newly free navy vet and also have been combat wounded.. your music has what has gotten me into the EDM scene and introduced me to a group of caring and genuine people. i started noticing that this scene is building in the military community and maybe the wounded warriors program could be a future recipient of a donation from your amazing fundraising. your an inspiration man thank you for producing great music and opening my eyes to a great world.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Nile. Wounded Warriors is a great cause, we’re familiar with them and will put them in the hat for the next round. And thanks from of team for your service!