September 11th, 2013


Dollar Per Bass Head 2013Bassheads: as Fall Tour approaches and we get ready to continue our $/BH program, the Bassnectar team is happy to launch our first vote of 2013 and give back to organizations who are doing good things for the world.

Once again we are donating $100,000 from the bass bank, raised from 100k of your ticket sales, and we’re asking you to help us give the money to three different organizations.

The organization with the most of your votes will receive $50,000, the second $30,000, and the third $20,000.

For this campaign, we’ve decided to focus on:

1) Electronic Frontier Foundation – digital rights and internet freedom
2) Contact USA – helping those in personal crisis who suffer from depression or who feel lost
3) National Association Of Free And Charitable Clinics – supporting clinics which offer free and charitable healthcare

Please take a minute to learn about each organization and check out their websites before we open voting tomorrow on Thursday, September 12. before casting your vote.

Voting is now open!


I’ll be doing a live Q&A at 1pm PST on Thursday at that day so if you want to discuss these issues, and how they affect people, I’d be happy to! 🙂

  • Kyle Pedro

    Please check out our organisation Project Violet and consider it for your next charitable donation. We are taking a unique approach to the discovery of next-gen of therapeutics that have the potential to treat diseases ranging from Alzheimers to cancer. We have a citizen science campaign as well where we are reaching out to the broader public to get them involved and increase the awareness of the importance of funding innovative research.

    • Thanks for sharing Kyle, we will check it out.

  • tab021

    Oh Lorin, great king-kong of bass, how you inspire me on a daily basis. You are a magnificent human being who creates ten ton tones for me to spread my wings to while feeding my mind with thoughts of community engagement and spreading the love of humankind. I can only hope to follow your elephant-sized earthquake inducing footsteps and make the world a better place one note at a time.

    Love n Bass

    • anonymous

      well said

  • CJ Webb

    I get paid tomorrow, so hands down I’ll drop some cash.Especially for Contact USA, I grew up with some depression issues so this one really hits home for me the most. Thanks for the heads up BNFam

  • gib

    i wish we could do all three-.- so hard to pick

    • We will donate to all of them! We’re just deciding who gets the largest amount

  • Johnny Bravo

    You are the man Lorin, KEEP IT UP!!

  • Lauren Ireland

    These organizations are all incredible! I can’t wait to vote!!!

  • georgia

    see you then! you are awesome!

  • jennAY

    I wish you could give a portion to them all! They’re such great causes!

    • Alex

      He is..

    • We’ll be donating to all three! The vote is to decide how to allocate the $100k, see above.

  • Renald Baci

    You are amazing Lorin!

  • jac22que

    Definitely National Association of Free and Charitable clinics should get the largest portion. It’s sad how many people in our country are in need of this and how hard it is for some to get affordable insurance. It’s a crazy, crazy world.
    Love and peace Lorin! Thanks for all that you do!

  • DancesWithHoops?

    Definitely voting Contact USA <3

  • American Patriot

    I vote EFF.ORG ! Thank You for supporting those that support OUR Freedom!

  • Kkbmx

    Conatct USA

  • American Patriot
  • nadsley

    I think the answer to 90% of our problems is through a free Internet. Knowledge is power.

  • Tyler White

    i vote all three

  • Kayla

    EFF has my vote

  • Mitch

    What if I just want to give extra money, I am going to a show but I would rather give money now?

  • yourmothernude

    I don’t know how many times I have said this on the website but you are fucking incredible. Thank you for being you, being really real, and for never changing who you are as a person or the morals/beliefs in which you have been living by since the beginning of your time.



  • Will

    the organizations all seem excellent after reading up on them. Can’t wait to hear the results.