September 22nd, 2013


Photo by Max Hoage

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A MAGNIFICENT MOB SCENE: Bay Area representing, I love you California 🙂
Thanks for the last three nights of full immersion, now it’s time to travel…

  • san jose thanks u

    Fuckin awesome blast night thank u

  • Bamber Sherea

    Thank you for blowing the roof of in San Jose again Lorin and treating us to yet another incredible BASS-TASTIC show! You never cease to amaze and impress with your raw talent and unmatched production. See you next time around, thanks for taking us on the bass waves!

  • Robin

    Lorin, I was wondering if your lightshow this tour is a 3D lightshow? I saw some people commenting they thought it was after seeing it with 3D glasses. Just curious

  • brandon stone

    Did you check out that crystal I gave you in Reno?