October 1st, 2013


TrueThe Bassnectar crew will be bring the Immersive Music Tour 2013 to Decadence in Denver, CO, going down on December 30th, 2013.

Also on the bill: Dada Life and more!

Visit www.decadencenye.com for more info.

This is an 18+ show.

Click here for tickets

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  • Mike Martinez

    Traveled from Denver to Lincoln to see your Immersive Tour and it was absolutely insane. Can’t wait to see it again for Decadence!!!

    • Alex Rangel

      me too man!!!! Such a great set. cant WAIT till Decadence

  • YourBiggest15YearOldBassHead

    Its NOT ALL AGES your best bass head is soo terribly sad); guest list? :0

  • Jeff Young

    This could be mu first ever double-header. Bassnectar and Pretty light one after the other…gonna be good!



  • Basshead4ever

    Any idea on Gen price Vs VIP?

  • tab021

    Oh boy. Coming from Michigan if I get tix. Buck Wild NYE SHOW!?!?! Oh buddy

  • Basshead15

    Does 18 and up still apply of your accompanied by your parents?

  • nadsley

    I’ma figure out a way….

  • Kyle Duran

    Were there not any pre sale tickets?

  • MA Brak

    Can someone under 18 attend with parent?

  • Jesse Wind

    Ya I’m definitely curious how much the tickets are. The thing is, no matter what the price, I’m buying VIP tickets. VA VA VOOM.

  • tawny6812

    1st tier GA is sold out

  • Rahie

    Where is your NYE show gonna be?

    • Tyler Wolter

      Nashville again

    • We’re announcing tomorrow, Monday the 14th 🙂 keep an eye on our pages

    • Matt McLaughlin

      Here’s a hint: it’s Nashville

      • I was taught never to count my eggs before they hatch ;P

  • Robert C.

    Dang, 18+, just gonna have to sneak in. 🙂

  • COBassHead420

    Flying from Austin Texas for this!

    • Will

      fucking word man! I’m coming from MA myself. going to be such a sick two day, especially when Lorin throws down hard on the 30th

  • TbagCO

    so stoked to get to see the immersive tour i thought i was gunna miss it!

  • Will

    will probably be flying from MA with a buddy to catch all four play (you, Lorin, in particular). can’t fuckin’ wait!

  • Tyler Wolter

    Coming out from Minnesota with a whole bass crew 🙂

  • Zach

    Alright, this NEEDS to be some BassLights… you two sell out two nights of RED ROCKS each every year, all we want is for this to happen at the same time… maybe for New Years or maybe just because you like us and want to do it whenever… just know we’re all waiting

    • Robert Anthony

      I concur with this. We would love to see some BassLights on Monday the 30th, and I know you would probably enjoy it just as much as us 🙂

  • Lex Newtho

    Birthday Bassnectar Bash! Yessssssssss!!! Maybe I’ll treat myself to some VIP action. Either way…Colorado, herrrrrrrre we come!!

  • Brett McClelland

    Love my CO fammmm!!! Oklahomies comin’ in from tha south #20 and counting!!!!

  • Courtney Wood

    I have a 13 year old boy who loves bassnectar and wants to go, can he get in if it’s “18 or over?”

    • Sorry Courtney, no one under 18 permitted. Take him to one of our all ages shows next time we visit Colorado, I believe our CO shows are always All Ages. You can sign up to our mailing list to make sure you get new show announcements – enter your email where it says CLICK HERE up on the right hand column >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • allister

    Why *cries* bassnectar beats antique and pretty lights all at the same place and I can’t get in because I am 17 and not 18 *lies down and dies* this hurts… love you Loren please cone to redrocks

  • Mike Listing

    Any idea on how long the set will be? I know convention center goes late so two hours should be probable right?

  • Clafuu

    Will Lorin and crew be bringing their tour rig? Or will he perform on Decadence’s setup? Will it be the Immersive Tour Rig?

    • adonis

      I and some other people would also like to know if at all possible. at least the speakers?

      • We don’t have the Immersive set up but rest assured it will be specced to our needs 🙂

        • adonis

          I didn’t know that was possible with other speakers. haha. hopefully you guys can bring maybe just one extra stack ;). see you in 11 days

        • Clafuu

          Does that mean less lights and video? Or less audio power?

          Thanks for the response.

  • Lorin


  • JolynChomper

    Okay so I don’t know if there’s anything you can do but I bought a day one and day two tickets, obviously wanting to see bassnectar. He’s my favorite of all time…flavorus charged and processed my card for two day two tickets so I was just going to trade someone from craigslist my second day two for a day one to see bassnectar. Well my tickets haven’t come in the mail and I guess they’re going to will call now but now I can’t trade my ticket.. So my dilemma is that I can’t see bassnectar because I don’t have another 100$ to pay for a ticket on top of the 200 I’ve already spent. Please is there anything you guys can do? I’m begging you.. I haven’t missed a bassnectar show in Colorado in four years and I absolutely do not want to miss this.

    • Eric Bonnavent

      Unfortunately your ticket cannot be refunded for a Day One ticket. A few suggestions to try and help you out. 1-try to arrange a trade with someone looking to swap a Day 1 and 2 ticket on day of show. 2-Look at your purchase confirmation to double check if its going to will call or still being shipped; if it is at will call contact the venue’s box office to see when you can pick up your tickets. You may be able to grab your tickets a few days in advance which would expedite the whole process

      • JolynChomper

        Yea unfortunately I can’t pick up the tickets until the night if the show so I can’t trade. I just have to for out another 100$ for a Bassnectar ticket. Which is lame since I’m tight on money but I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’ll love him till the day I die. Haha

      • Callie Bass Princess

        Does your shirt say party with respectable women? If so… You rock.