October 5th, 2013


Hype GrannyGRAND RAPIDS MEET & GREET: Hype Granny Presents another Bassnectar Meet & Greet tonight. 50 packets of taco sauce have been hidden inside the venue along with a note from Hype Granny herself on where to go at 8PM. Get here early and scour the seats: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!

Another Hype Granny Production….

  • Nene

    Sounds excellent muahahaha

  • Jared

    Please do this for Pittsburgh Monday too!! 😀

  • Bassfreak2

    this is an awesome idea, please do this for atlantic city…i mean Heyoka opens so why the hell wouldnt u get there early anyways? (bassnectar should have toured with heyoka like 4 years ago back when he could still fit in small rooms)

    • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

      I’ll be taking pictures for bassnectar. Make sure to look for me I have glasses and a camera obviously lol

      • Bassfreak2

        haha i play with water flowlights out back at a lot of shows so im used to camera guys coming up to me and looking to take a pic of me playing with them…im easy to find, ill probly be getting down reeeeealy hard lol

        • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

          ill be in the pit for his first couple of songs then moving and jamming while snapping life is sooooo good. see you there man

  • Daniel Gov

    Lorin, if you drop my track tonight, I will streak thru the whole venue in Miami TONIGHT