October 3rd, 2013


Hype GrannyTONIGHT IN KANSAS CITY: Presenting the Bassnectar Midland Scavenger Hunt 2013 brought to you by hype granny…

We’ve hidden 50 meet and greet passes with details throughout the venue. it’s first come first serve, make sure to look everywhere: upstairs, downstairs, and in between. I’ll be signing shit, hustling you at tic-tac-toe, and debating the ludicrousness of the Gov’t Shut Down. Let’s do it!


  • Maggie Smith

    Is meet and greet before or after the show!!!

    • Khyle Kroger

      yea i wanna know

    • johnny

      does it really matter?

      • Maggie Smith

        I wouldn’t ask if didn’t matter johnny, but thanks

  • Phil

    You should hide a meet and great for tomorrows Bloomington show in my pocket tomorrow!

    But in all seriousness, last year at BlOOMington after the crowd dispersed you came down to the ground level (stayed behind the gates still) and I managed to get a hug but nothing signed. Could you come down again this year after the show?? Ill make sure to bring a sharpie! Been BNF since Smashers and Mashers <3

  • Tim Hill

    Had a dream I met you last night…looks like it may be a reality! Too weird!

  • steven wilson

    i had a dream i met up with you last night, we made tunes and exchanged numbers lol

    • Eddie Sisco

      that’s weird man i had a very similar dream with him after basslights 2012


    when you guys gonna post the pics? 😀 no rush just curious