October 14th, 2013


Bassnectar NYE 2013NEW YEAR’S EVE – NASHVILLE, TN: How could we not return for a third year? After selling out the last two years in rammed capacity, we are bringing the full scale 360 production back once again for another ride!

Please join us in the circle with bass heads coming from miles around as we bring in the New Year together, rotating 360 degrees for maximum immersion.

Presale Tickets go on sale this Wednesday at 11am CDT, with full on sale this Friday.


  • Michael McCanless


  • nadsley

    I’m down.

  • tab021

    YEAH BUDDY I gotta be there

  • Reid Davis

    won’t catch me anywhere else on NYE

  • Sierra


  • Austin

    Been waiting for this since January 2nd of this year! YES!

  • Ricky Schultz Jr.

    I’m at Bridgestone Arena waiting on my floor wristband as we speak!! Nashville welcomes you again and again man, keep being amazing brother!!!

  • CashCityVille

    Do I smell a tradition in the making?

  • bodhi

    well fuck…looks like im going to nashville. Denver wont do justice for nectar on the 30th . Bring in new year the right way!

  • someone31988

    How much will the standard pre-sale tickets cost?

    • presales starting at $53.50

  • Erik Trujillo

    im there

  • R Kilbane

    Got my ticket! Comin from Wisconsin, wouldn’t miss it!

    • Keller

      Yup rolling in from Milwaukee, Wisco Disco Yo!

  • Thing One

    What is the Ticket Master pre-sale password?!

    • We don’t have it, sorry. That’s separate from our presale, normally offered to members via some promotion e.g. Amex or something. I’ve tried googling it but couldn’t see it shared anywhere.

      • pretty sure it’s NYEBASS or BASSNYE, one of the two

  • Steve

    can’t wait to rage with everyone!!

  • Juan Garcia

    Whats up with Bridgestone charching $109 a Ticket!

  • Basstasia

    Does anyone know the presale password for ticketmaster??????

    • i think it’s BASSNYE or NYEBASS cant remember which of the two sorry

  • Dan

    How do I get VIP for this wonderful show?

  • Alextopia

    I bought 2 VIP tickets this year. But the only option it had was Will Call. Can I only pick my tickets up at Bridgestone arena on the DAY OF the show?

    • yeah with will call you get your tickets day of, there will be signs for VIP

  • kelby

    I dont know what youre gonna play… but I know that its gonna be ________

  • Dayday

    Has it already sold out? It won’t let me buy a ticket

    • NYE is sold out! You’ll have to search social media and kind bassheads for a face value ticket

  • PanceLarsons

    I bought my ticket on stub hub before i saw your policy about stub hub tickets being worthless Does this mean Im not going to be able to get in?

    • Sometimes stubhub tickets are legit people trying to sell tickets but almost all of them are scalpers not to be trusted. Hopefully your ticket is for real but I would not suggest going on stubhub again. There are better people to find tickets from!

  • Shane

    I bought a floor wristband ticket off stubhub but I heard the name on the ticket had to match your id to get a wristband. Is that true?

    • any valid GA ticket will get you a floor wristband on a first-come first-served basis

      i dont think there’s any name matching up going on here. I mean, is there even a name on your ticket?

  • Conrad Ohr

    Nashville is cool n’ all, but please lets migrate the bass somewhere else next year 🙂

  • basslovin dani

    i got vip tix. will we get to choose sizes for our gear or is it just handed out however when we get there? how early can we enter bass space? annnnnnddddd can i bring my hula hoop??????

    • i think you probably tell them the size you want when you get there, Ed can you confirm?

      bass space should be open just after doors

      and hoops should be fine but let me confirm

  • Brandon

    How does the wrist bands work? I heard you have to go mad early and after you get yours you can leave and come back that night. Is this true? or is it first come when the doors open??

  • schecska

    Hi, last year, for the fan presale tickets we needed to go in the South entrance and go to the VIP table for our Floor Wristbands. Is that true this year because last time I was at Bridgestone for hockey game recently the South entrance was closed for construction. Thanks! EXCITED!

    • south entrance! you should have an email confirming that

  • Michael

    If we bought presale tickets from Ticketmaster do those tickets guarantee wristbands? Or do only presale tickets off of Bassnectar.net include wristbands?

    • only presales thru frontgate, the rest are first-come first-served

  • Drew

    Any word on the pictures from the meet and greet?? 🙂

    • Joe Ryan

      I haven’t heard anything yet, I would just keep an eye out for them here. As soon as I find them I will post a link for you because I definitely want to see them all. It was amazing seeing all the happy faces!!! Happy new year brotha!!!!

  • Alyssa Thompson

    It would honestly make my entire life if you returned to Electric Forest this year, you made my night one New Years and it would be amazing to see you again at the Forest

  • Robert

    Wow, ZION I in support that is crazy