October 8th, 2013


Photo by Max Hoage

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MONDAY NIGHT IN PITTSBURGH = WHAMMO! I am in awe of you people’s dedication and commitment to bass

PS i loved the part when yall busted out the towels and started windmilling them!
Now Onward to Atlantic City, State College, Toronto, Montreal! POP POP BANG 🙂

  • Bill Alford

    where do i find the pics from the meet and greet?

      • Bill Alford

        when will the pittsburgh ones be up? lorin is the fuckin man! thanks for taking time to meet with your devoted fans!

      • Lauren

        Any chance we are waiting on more from Pittsburgh? My trio is missing but I see he other pics/

        • That’s everything we’ve received so far, but we’ll check to see if there’s more.

          • Lauren

            *phewww* Ya found it!! <3 thank you

  • Lauren

    <3 <3 THANK YOUUU for the absolute banger!! If I stepped on step closer I'd be in the picture; instead I have half a body in the lower left 😀 Til next time!

  • Sarah Deren

    Photo title: “PittsburgH family photo”. We’re proud of that h, ha ha 🙂 Otherwise it’s just a boring place in Kansas.