October 8th, 2013


TrueFriends & Family – on behalf of the entire Bassnectar team I want to say THANK YOU for all your support!

Our new release “Take You Down” debuted #1 on iTunes Electronic, the Immersive Music Tour is stampeding across the country, and our new Immersive mixtape has had over 200k plays!

Bassnectar would not be possible without all of you. And all your love and support is DEEPLY appreciated. All of that energy is what drives us forward and makes OUR community strong!!!

We’re going to send out some Take You Down – Collector’s Edition bundles to show our appreciation.

Just leave a comment below to enter – or tag a friend in the comments if you’d like to enter them. We’ll pick winners at random this time tomorrow (4pm PST on Weds Oct 9th).


  • Ryan

    Thanks for the incredible music/experience you create. The world is better with Bassnectar in it. Can’t wait to see you at BassLights!! … My favorite pic I took from this past year at Red Rocks, guy was immersed in the music. …. I didn’t know that pic was so big, apologies if it ruins anyone’s day

  • splatterdatadeep

    bassnectar #1 obviously. what more is there to say.

  • Kelby Burton

    You inspire me with what you create and do. I listen to your music every day and can never wait until your next release (I check out your website every day). It seems that you are the only one that can outdo yourself as far as developing new sounds and techniques. I have so many questions and ideas for you but realize you are maniacally busy and do everything you can already. One day I will meet you but until then I wish you the best. Thanks for everything and keep doin what you do.

  • ETbluewhale

    I couldn’t express the impact on my life all of you (Bassnectar Team) have had on me. I love you all 🙂

  • Shawn Westemeier

    Saw you for the first time in Bloomington.. was immediately amazed after the show on how my whole perspective of life and how it suddenly changed . my first rave too was in 95 and it was called even further (drop bass networks threw the partys ) and i too was amazed by the whole scene. there was even two dj’s there that night that i missed by 10 minutes (stupid train lol) and it was their fist us performance . they didnt have helmets on and they went by the name of daft punk. still kicking myself for not leaving sooner … Here I am 4 days later and I still get a big smile on my face thinking about what transpired that night .. and for that I thank you lorin. It must of meant to be because all the cosmos must of been all lined up for me to experience your show and your beautiful music. We are the same age and I don’t know if it was just the weight of everyday things (job bills etc) that was weighing me down but after that night my soul has been refreshed m/

  • Mark Grismanauskas

    your the king of the sound. take me down and immerse me with your bass vibrations.

  • Nate

    Thank you all for bringing so much joy to so many people’s lives 🙂

  • Tylerds1

    You inspired me so much! When I was listening to the Amorphous Music Mixtape Vol. 7, that’s when I decided to become a electronic music producer. Much love Lorin.

  • Adrian

    Here’s my comment! I’d offer more but I already gave all my money towards your music and tickets to your shows.

  • Nate B

    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Thanks for all you do. Would like to see you return in future to Hampton, VA home of the first Basslights. Was a epic 2 nights of bass in your face.

    • Save5dollars

      The first basslights was actually in Atlanta..ATL 4ever :D…that’s ok though I bet seeing them in the Hampton spaceship coliseum was super epic!

  • Pascali Loria

    Thank you Lorin for your wonderful music 🙂
    Just a question, will there be a hard copy i can get?
    I bought the collectors bundle but didn’t realise it came with no CD 🙁
    I would love to have one if there is any 🙂

    • There’s no psychical release planned at the moment, sorry Pascali – but with the Collector’s Edition bundle you get the awesome Take You Down signed+numbered numbered lithograph, as well as all that other brand new gear.

      • Pascali Loria

        Yeah i know i’m super happy with bundle and it’s gear 🙂
        Just wouldn’t mind having a CD to go with my other ones 🙂
        Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

      • Jeremy Fenner

        I received my Collector’s bundle in the mail today but it didn’t come with the signed+numbered lithograph. Does it ship separately or what?

        • Joel

          When did you guys order yours? I ordered mine on the 19th of last month and I’m still waiting…

          • Jeremy Fenner

            I ordered mine the day it was released on the Bassnectar Store. I just got it in today…. it was a long wait but it’s definitely worth it. but mine didnt come with the signed+numbered lithograph, kinda bummed :/

          • The lithograph is shipping separately, because they h ad to go via Lorin to be signed – sorry for any confusion. You should have received a recent email regarding this.

          • Hey Joel – if you’ve still not received your order or an email regarding it, please email

          • Joel

            Hey Ed, I received an email a while back stating it “will be dispatched on the 30th of September, we appoligize for the delay.” As long as it comes before Birmingham (26th) it’s all good

          • Pascali Loria

            I ordered the bundle the day after the release, it took a week to process and then a week to get to my house (I live in Australia)

        • It is shipping separately yes, sorry for the confusion. They had to go via Lorin on the road so they could be signed. You should have received an email with an update from our merch partner Sandbag.

  • ladymarie67

    I am a through-and-through Bassnectar fan, although I cannot say the same for any of the other artists in the genre. The music that Lorin creates is unparalleled: following his stylistic development over the course of his flourishing career has been a true treat. Part of the reason his sound is so unique, imo, is due to the diverse sampling of sounds from such an eclectic and often times atypical categories, from metal to vaudeville, even adding sounds from the natural world to build the epic creations that always rumble fantastic bass. And the bass….oh my, the bass. Can’t even begin to describe how delicious that fat growling sound feels coming out of the speakers. Both of the shows to Fargo (my current living area) have been phenomenal, not only the music but the lights & stage set up & sound & crew. Thank you for doing what you do, keep it up, and let the good music keep flowing. I love the art you create.

  • Mitchell

    I love Bassnectar!!!!!! Can’t wait for Birmingham!

  • Bassfreak2

    Bassnectar is without a doubt my favorite artist, Ive been going to your shows since 09 and Ive seen you go from a dude who played small rooms with some serious PK bass to these mega huge festivals now, almost always headlining main stages. Throughout the years Ive been able to hit 15 shows (16 tonite!!) and Ive always loved your shows but now its so fun to see what Bassnectar has become and how much of a community it really is. Bassnectar is my shit and Ill always love it!

  • 4zBerg

    The bass was so magnificently loud at red rocks this last year! Every year we just go harder and faster and I cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring to the rocks.

  • save5dollars


  • Lauren

    Each and every Bassnectar show is an opportunity to meet, vibe and boogie down with likeminded souls. You inspire me daily to BE the change I want to see in the world; to not allow myself to get trapped in the monotony of life and are a constant reminder of the true, beautiful power we have within ourselves. And god damn, you make me boogie and head bang like a mother fucker! Thank you for all that you do, Lorin.

    • Chris Basscrew

      Congrats Lauren! You have won the Take You Down Collector’s Bundle! Email for the details – Enjoy 🙂

  • save5dollars


  • Jay Mack

    i drove all the way from indy to see your show in bloomington was so glad to see you again 🙂 i also made it to spring awakening

  • Miguel

    I saw Bassnectar for the first time in San Jose and he just blew my mind!!! Great experience seeing him live, now every time he plays near where I live, im going to attend his shows! Basshead Fo’ Life!!!

  • Albert

    I have been supporting Bassnectar for the past three years now and Lorin has become one of my all time favorite music producers ever, I appreciate the magnificent music he makes and i’m always wanting more and more with each release. Take you down was absolutely amazing and I have been hooked to it ever since. Hope to see Bassnectar next week in Miami.

  • bleedneat

    Every time I hear a Bassnectar track it makes life better. Keep touring, keep creating, keep bassing it up, and the world will keep supporting the Bassnectar movement. Thanks for everything!

    • Chris Basscrew

      Congrats bleedneat! You have won the Take You Down Collector’s Bundle! Please email christopher(at)bassnectar(dot)net for the details – Enjoy 🙂

      • bleedneat

        I just sent an email to you Chris! Thanks so much for everything!

  • LianaK

    Thanks For

    • Matt McLaughlin

      The Memories

  • Joe Conway

    Thank You for coming Back to Colorado!! Lincoln was a long drive. Please play three days @ Red Rocks next year. WE ARE READY!

  • NickW

    Saw Bassnectar 4 times in a year. Can’t get enough. That’s all I really have to say about it. I’d love to win but everyone here deserves to win so best of luck to everyone!

  • Conor Nathaniel Anglin

    Bassnectar’s easily the best. I first saw you Bonnaroo 2010 (you should come back to Bonnaroo btw) & have made it a point to see you every time you’re in the southeast, 11 times now. Literally my whole group of friends revolve around your music & there’s no artist I would rather see. & screw any of the old heads saying you fell off, cause they’re just stuck in the past. all your music since the beginning is incredible.

  • Jillie Bean

    All I got from my bundle today was the signed lithograph but it isnt numbered it just says 2013 and the signature doesnt match my 3 other signatures I got from Lo in person. I still haven’t gotten the rest of my bundle (shirt, hat, sweatshirt, stickers or wristband) and I ordered it on Sept 10th. I really wanted to rock it on tour this week but I leave for PA tomorrow so I guess I wont get to 🙁 sad sad panda. Also, my package that came had a dead spider and spider web on my lithograph!

    • Hey Jillie – sounds like the lithographs shipped separately (at no extra cost) as they had to go via Lorin on the road. We will make sure someone emails you about the rest of your bundle. And I’m emailing you re: the signed+numbered issue so we can verify.

  • Abel Nevarez Jr

    Thank You so much for playing @ St. Louis & Bloomington(what no Chicago!? haha)…. Me & my GF were anticipating since Spring Awakening !! Can’t wait for a NYE 360 announcement!!

  • tab021

    I discovered you with a friend of mine all of 3 years ago now. We just happened upon your set. Thereby my musical discourse changed and your music became anthemic for the upcoming life changes and revalations I was to endure. Your music was the soundtrack for the most important era of my life to date. I’m a massive fan. I already grabbed the collector’s bundle! You really have inspired me in so many ways o sultan of bass. I made my 10th show in Grand Rapids this past weekend and you amazed over 20 of my friends who I brought along! (some their first show, quite a few have fallen in line with me to be travelling bassheads) I love everything you create, stand for, and advocate. Keep doin what you do. One day I hope to meet you and chat about life and happiness. Til then, Keep dat bass low and your head bouncin!

  • Nate B

    Left Norfolk, Va yesterday affternoon and finaly made it to A City just before you came on. Weather was a bitch but we made it..

  • Robert C.

    Dude, you are by FAR my favorite music artist! Love your message, and what you stand for! Keep on creating magic!

  • Conor Nathaniel Anglin

    so who won??

  • Nate B

    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Thanks for all you do. Would like to see you return in future to Hampton, VA home of the first Basslights. Was a epic 2 nights of bass in your face.

  • Whitey

    Still glowing from BOOMINGTON

  • Marco Roveto

    Collectors Bundle is so Dope!

  • Neurologik


  • Matt McLaughlin


  • Mike Gangi

    So tomorrow will be the first my first time seeing bassnectar. Saying im excited would be an extreme understatement i cant wait ive been told by many people that i am in for the show of a lifetime. I can not wait to see bassnectar and pretty lights tomorrow. BASS HEADS!!!!!!

    • hope you had a great time 🙂

      • Mike Gangi

        Probably the most insane show ive ever been to and yes i had quite possibly the best time ever got amazing pictures from both nights. I think a total of about 120 pictures they are all on my facebook add me if you wanna check them out

  • Jenni H

    Bassnectar has changed my life in so many ways. I listen to his songs and instantly feel connected, relaxed, and at home. I cried seeing him at Bloomington and cried even harder after the show when he signed my hat. It was definitely the best night of my life and I know it won’t be the last show of his that I go to. If I had the money I’d follow the whole tour.(: anyways thanks for the awesome music and keep up the good vibes.<3

  • BASSineer


    First off, I’ll say that I’m a new Basshead and I seriously regret that I didn’t know of you until this past spring.

    While your music itself is the best part, I’m also interested in how your light shows are designed and performed. I’d appreciate any info!


    BASSineer (mash-up of Bass + Engineer or homophone of “Bass in ear”)

  • LoveMy3rdEye

    When do you think presale for spring 2014 will be? Need mah floor wristband

  • mead297

    Ive been enjoying your music for a few years now and after seeing you in Grand Rapids this year, your music has become my therapy and I cant get enough of it!!!! Can’t wait until the next experience when I can enjoy the true thrill once again and hopefully many times over

  • mead297

    Ive been enjoying your music for a few years now and after seeing you in Grand Rapids this year, your music has become my therapy and I cant get enough of it!!!! Can’t wait until the next experience when I can enjoy the true thrill once again and hopefully many times over

  • yourmothernude

    yooooo @EdBasscrew:disqus EDWORRRD, this is the first Deborah Downer post in the history of bassnectar but I bought a ‘basshead’ hoodie and the zipper is totally jacked up to the point where it doesn’t zip past a quarter of the way up, and if does the zipper doesn’t zip together. I tried numerous methods of fixing the shit but did not succeed. Is it possible to return it to you guys and swipe it out for another one? I know this is probably the pettiest shit you’ve heard in a long time but it’s fucking freezing in CHI and I want to represent the bassswaggar. Let me know if there’s any solution or if just have to take it as a loss. Thanks dood hope all is well with you!

    • Hey buddy – we’ll work something out for sure, sorry for the frustration. Sending you an email now.

      • yourmothernude

        @EdBasscrew:disqus Hey just sent a reply to the email you sent me with all of the info attached. Thank you so much Ed, you’re the man, and you are always on top of your shit! Hear from you soon!

      • yourmothernude

        @EdBasscrew:disqus hey Ed what’s the word with the hoodie? I sent you a handful of messages in reply to yours along with follow ups to make sure everything was till up to par with the plan. Let me know what the deal is if you can asap thanks

        • sorry for the delay, things have been a little crazy over here! im sure ed will come in with some direction right away 🙂

          • yourmothernude

            @colleenmcnasty:disqus Awesome thank you so much for the reassurance! I’m just anxious to get it because it’s absurdly cold in Chicago right now and I want to rock the funk out of that hoodie! Also, totally figured he/basscrew/you have been swamped, esp with the NYE show in Nash, being that Lorin goes HAM sandwich for that particular show. Thanks again and much love from Chicago!

          • let me know if you havent gotten this sorted yet, please email colleen (at) bassnectar [dot] net

          • yourmothernude

            Ok I am going to email you now 🙂 I was just about to lose all hope! Look in your inbox when you get the chance!

          • yourmothernude

            Hi Colleen, did you get my email? I sent it on January 29th.

          • sorry about that, responding now

  • yourmothernude

    @EdBasscrew:disqus AY Ed did you receive my reply with all the info you requested attached to the email?

  • Dan McCambridge

    Summer Camp, Waka, Red Rocks, Bonnaroo, Chicagoooo. Let’s go.

    Lorin for president