November 20th, 2013


Cheb i Sabbah was a musical pioneer, fusing together entire cultures of sound and music, pushing cutting edge blends of traditional songs with beats and ideas which were way ahead of his time.

“Chebiji” as he was affectionately known passed away November 6, 2013 at the age of 66 after being diagnosed with stomach cancer over 2 years ago. At that time he was given 4 weeks to live and through a combination of alternative therapies funded by his friends and fans, along with a sheer will to live, he exceeded all expectations for someone with an advanced stage of cancer.

We are releasing this special remaster as a benefit to his family: he has two kids and three grandkids, who are largely dependent on him. All the proceeds from this remix will go straight to the family.

Get this exclusive remix below or CLICK HERE

To read more about Chebiji, CLICK HERE

  • Nick BassPapa Moore

    YES! 🙂

  • Andrea Trujillo

    I heard this song for the first time 5 years ago, and fell in love with all of your music. What you are doing is beautiful, I will help and spread the word.

  • Lauren

    I remember exactly when I heard this track the first time; absolutely one of my favorites 🙂 What a wonderful tribute.

  • Dave A Tylka

    This song was awesome man, i heard this song back in the day when it first heard of you!

  • Marco Roveto

    The most down to earth man there is…

  • Eric Wickum

    That flouride in the faucet comment made me lose it lol

  • Stephen

    Thank you for releasing this as a single and sticking to your roots and helping people 🙂 you are truly an inspiration lorin

  • bobby wheeler


  • bnfTyler

    Oh hell yeah. Lovin this a lot!!

  • Katie


  • bhaley

    play this on NYE please

    • put it on the request line! —

  • rest in peace Chebiji. thanks Lorin for keeping the heart strong and open.

  • damelosBEATS

    Class act. Way to pay great tribute to a great musician. And you? You’re my favorite musician right now, Lorin. Keep dishing em out, my dude!

  • 60lpsdf250

    Great cause, awesome mix…

  • Brandon Bailie

    Donated on this one for sure. I’m not going to act like I knew who Cheb was before bassnectar posted this, but I’m definitely going to check out his stuff now!
    – <3 for the music

  • Brightwing

    kills me that i didnt check him out at shambhala this year…. may cheb rest in peace!