January 21st, 2014


Bassnectar Summer SpecialThe Bassnectar crew will be heading back to Red Rocks in Morrison, CO on Friday May 30th, 2014!

We are excited to welcome our special support guests Sub Focus, Kill Paris, and Golden Lips of Silence!

VIP tickets include front-center seating/standing area and a limited edition poster.

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Tickets on sale Saturday Feb 8th at 10am MST.

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– Totems are not allowed for this show.
– 20oz factory-sealed bottled waters are allowed and caps will be removed at the gates.

  • Hrennyendzz

    Hi everyone! Getting super pumped to see all of you at Red Rocks! This will be the second year that I make the trip from Portland Oregon down to the red rock faces and the glorious bowl of bassnectar we all come far & wide to experience. It almost feels like the most serial dream when we all arrive at sunset!!!! Lorin it have so much love for you man~ simple & true. Thank you for playing on my birthday for the second year in a row! Could not think of anywhere else in the world that I’d rather be, truly:”) my fellow bass heads I love you all and seriously cannot wait to see what this long haired beast has in store this year~ Though, does anyone know if the same opening djs will be playing both Friday and Saturday?!

    • On Friday the openers are Sub Focus, Kill Paris, and Golden Lips of Silence!

      • Hrennyendzz

        Thanks Colleen! And same goes for Saturday?

  • BroheuserBusch

    Where is the vip seating/standing area located?

    • VIP includes front-center seating/standing area

  • FortyYearOld_Bass_Virgin

    What did you do last weekend? Got pumped up for Red Rocks!
    And the weekend before? Got pumped up for Red Rocks!

    And what are you doing this weekend? RED ROCKS!!!!
    The wait is over. Can’t wait to join all you crazy Bassheads again in CO.

  • John Macchi

    do you guys know if red rocks has guideline on gopros?

    • Shawn Haught

      i was wondering the same thing, was prob just going to sneak it in if possible

  • Alex Rangel

    Basscrew!! When can the VIP ticket holders go for early entey?!

    • Hey Alex! As far as I know there is no early entry for this show — VIP can go anywhere within the venue including a roped off section and you also get the limited edition poster. You should be able to go through any entrance you want! Hope this helps

    • Looking into early entry — please check back!

    • Chris Basscrew

      Go to the South entrance a few minutes before doors open 🙂

  • Bassfreak2


    please dont rain

    • David Giovannini

      RAIN DANCE!!!

  • Conrad Ohr

    I’m sure they are, I read they were last year, but to confirm, are Camelbak’s allowed inside the venue?

    • Camelbaks are good to go at red rocks!

      • Conrad Ohr

        Thank you for the speedy response ??

        • for sure dude 🙂 just make sure your camelbak is empty when you go in, fill her up inside

  • Stephen

    Did anyone get a video or know the message that he closed his first night with at Redrocks? It was life changing. I need to find it

    • he’s closed a LOT of shows with that message! i’m sure with some digging around youtube you can find it, if you haven’t yet 🙂