January 9th, 2014


TrueThe Bassnectar crew will be heading to Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, AR, going down on June 7th, 2014.

Also on the bill: The String Cheese Incident, STS9, and many more!

Visit www.wakarusa.com for more info.

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  • Joel

    And now the Wakarusa server crashes from the traffic lbvs…
    You’ve made my decision for me! Thanks for coming back to the mountain Lorin!

    • DOLLIE1993

      waka is going to be AMAZING! TWO MORE WEEKS!

  • Dan McCambridge

    Finals week couldn’t come at a worse time

    • play hard, work harder! we’ll always be back around, always more festivals 🙂 or see if you can some of your finals early…i’ve done it 🙂

      • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

        i did that! finals end the 30th but im taking like 3 in one day just for lo. it is most certainly worth it. try dan 🙂

  • frequentfacemelter

    yo lorin I need a solid favor mang!!! will you slap dubuasca? that track makes me feel like im here for the perfect reason! enjoy goin off the radar!!

  • This is going to be my 100th Bassnectar Set. Ohh my has time flown by. Much Love to the whole crew! Aspen x2 > Red Rock x2 > Wakarusa to round it out.

    • Chris Basscrew


      • request line is down right now???

        • Chris Basscrew

          Looking into this now. Thx Phillip.

        • Chris Basscrew

          Should be good to go!

    • ahh Phillip 🙂 I remember being on the rail with you at your 50th show. Remember how freaky Friday the 13th in Madison got? And I still can’t keep up with you! Big ups brother, love ya miss ya see ya at the rocks

  • Bizlanthropy

    Hey @ChrisBasscrew:disqus… just following up. BTW, is there anything you can do to spread our message on how we are making social impact with music? We have a cali-grown artist, well known, on board! – T Lily igg.me/at/pipd2014

  • Casey William Norgard

    So it says 5th-8th, does that mean he will play more than one set? Please say yes. 😀

    • there will be one nectar set on one of the days of the festival, the schedule is TBA by the fest so we all have to wait on that!

      • Casey William Norgard

        I feel famous cuz Colleen replied to me… Just sayin. Haha

        • naw, I’m here to help! 🙂

          • Casey William Norgard

            Well we all appreciate it very much Colleen. This will be my 10th BN show and we all appreciate not only Lorin, but the people like you who help behind the scenes that make every show the new greatest night of my life/lots of lives. 🙂

          • What a great festival to hit the double digits at! Have a great time, see you out there 🙂

          • by the way, im sure you saw the waka schedule by now, but bassnectar is playing saturday at the main stage

  • Taylor Landry

    Bassnectar playing the same time as Umphreys McGee unfortunately… THAT was a dumb move.

  • Sydney Layne

    DEFTONES REMIX!!! My Own Summer or Prince. Still haven’t heard him drop those!

    • David Giovannini

      My Own Summer remix is one of my favorites!! Go ahead and fill out the request line for a chance to hear any song of your choice!

      (on the right side):