NYE 360º – Nashville 12/31/13

January 8th, 2014


Photos from NYE 360º on 12/31/13:

  • herb_inhalator

    post the pictures from the stage looking at the crowd!!!

  • _lilstina

    I would like to see pictures coming from the stage !

  • joshua

    360 west coast style next year please!

  • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

    boom these are FCKN sickkk 🙂

  • Kelby Burton

    People are going to think that ive lost it and that this is
    just a coincidence, one that I am making more out of than there really is. But
    I think that each person creates their own reality and that anything is
    possible. So Here is my story for you Lorin. Everything that you do (especially
    lately) has led me to believe that I need to let you know now. This isn’t meant
    to be short. It isn’t meant to be long. I am only going to try and write what I
    think you need to hear. Ill save details for if we ever do cross paths. This is
    only the summary. Ill start from the very end, then return to the beginning.

    Yesterday I had an experience that was the culmination of
    everything Ive experienced in my life, a defining moment. I planted a seed, an idea,
    whatever you want to call it in my mind in one of the most breathtaking corners
    of the world. I walked through the heart of a valley amidst a zoo of oblivious
    patrons to reach this corner, and I did it alone. This place strictly forbids
    ipods or any other musical devices, phones, cameras, etc but the thing is, I didn’t
    need them this time. I have had “aha experiences” before (if you know what I
    mean) but not many, and through all of these previous experiences I have had
    the fortune of being able to listen to nectar. Your music speaks to my soul as
    I know it does with many others and I am forever grateful for your hard work
    and dedication. Thank You. I have listened to your music so much throughout the
    past few years that on this day, I no longer needed headphones or speakers to
    hear and feel my favorites. They were inside of me and I played them
    amorphously throughout my journey. I am not allowed to go back to this place
    whenever I please. Only one week of the year do the gates open to the masses. I
    am going to earn my way to this place one day and do something incredible,
    Something that will inspire countless numbers as you have already done. But I
    am not yet ready. It is going to take unbelievable dedication to do so, but I
    am telling you now that I will give it my all. As we have both said before, anything
    is possible. I pay attention to what the universe gives to my senses. Although I
    may be searching for clues, I am finding them.

    As of now I have had 4 experiences including the one above. I
    will not go in depth about what happened in those places, mostly due to the fact
    that anyone can read this. But I will tell you where they were. 1-The Savannah
    River (Incredible) 2-The Savannah River(A man can never step in the same river
    twice) 3- Kennesaw Mountain (eye opening) and 4- Augusta National Golf Club(Epic).
    This is important to me for many reasons, but in particular and especially due
    to the relationship and correspondence that it has with the shows I have been
    to (also being 4). This is where it gets interesting.

    Back to the beginning. I will run through these quickly and
    point out highlights.

    My first time seeing you live was purely an accident. I
    bought two day tickets to Basslights in Alpharetta, Ga and only cared to go for
    Pretty Lights. The first day I wasn’t able to make it to the show until halfway
    through Derek’s closing set (I missed all of your set the first day). Derek was
    great but I was disappointed that he wasn’t closing the second day. Little did
    I know. He closed the second day with “finally moving” and I awaited you. Do you
    know what you did?


    You told me
    why I was here. You told me that anything was possible. I listened but I did
    not understand. Very much a highlight of the show but more importantly a
    highlight of my life. This took an awful lot of reflection afterwards and
    further convincing, but I now Believe. I have to do something now, something
    that pulls at me. I have to help you save the world. Before this show, all I
    wanted to hear from you was lights. You played it and it is still the only time
    I have heard it live, but you added something. A song by Xilent that you
    recomposed and what I think is very rare for you to play. In a way, I didn’t choose
    you at all. You chose me. I left the show by myself just the same as I had
    walked in, alone. Something in me had changed though. I was now a basshead
    without question, but there was something else, something that cant be
    expressed in words, though possibly through music.

    The second time we encountered each other
    was at the Counterpoint Music Festival. Once again, I was alone. By this time I
    was fully addicted to your work and only bought a ticket for the one day that
    you came on. I was fairly close to the stage but far enough away that I could
    move somewhat comfortably. And when I say move I mean I get fuckin down (when
    the times are right of course). The huge sound was lacking at this venue but
    there were highlights nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong when I say highlights by
    the way. Everything that you put work into is absolutely golden, but sometimes
    you create diamonds. Timestretch, the only time I heard this live as well, was
    beautiful. Piano is my favorite instrument to hear and you intertwined two of
    my loves together in this ephemeral stretch. I am hoping to one day hear this
    once more before our time is up. The other highlight was my reoccurring anthem.
    You closed with the Matrix and I pondered further. This rendition was quite
    exquisite. There was something different about how you ended it. But onto the

    The Third show was at the
    breathtaking Tabernacle. I had thought I bought a ticket for the second day but
    somehow received a ticket for the first day. I was a little upset but accepted
    what fate had seemingly handed me and was excited for sure. These tickets
    disappeared instantly and I was happy to have gotten my hands on not one, but
    two. I was trying to get one of my close friends to come with me to the show as
    I had always done but was unable due to their lack of interest in your music.
    And yes, I tried to be as convincing as possible. I was there alone and had an
    extra ticket for someone. The typical scalpers tried to take advantage of my
    situation but knowing by this time what the Bassnectar community is all about I
    decided to give it to someone. Your ticket/experience cannot truly be priced
    because it simply is priceless. Once inside I positioned myself down on the
    floor. I found this to be problematic. When you opened with encore I was pumped
    but couldn’t even move. It wasn’t until my ode “The Matrix” started that I had
    to make the decision to reposition. I missed one of my favorite songs so that I
    could enjoy the rest and promised myself that I would fall deep into the sound
    should I be lucky enough to hear it again in the future. After I made my way to
    the second story with a somewhat good view I was finally able to literally make
    the floor bounce. The greatest part for me here was when you played butterfly,
    also one of my favorites. They were handing out ice cubes randomly up there and
    I remember holding the ice cube tightly with a red confetti butterfly in my
    right hand as I closed my eyes. Many more interesting things happened at this
    show but I’ll save the details.

    The fourth has been the extravaganza
    up to this point in time, as it has been with the experience at Augusta
    National not two days ago. Leading up to your New Years you tweeted “I know you’re
    out there” and “I can feel you”. If you check back to when you tweeted it the
    date says December 15th. But this is not true. I specifically
    remember reading these on December 14th, my birthday. It was a
    unique feeling for me. And I should have put the pieces together at this point.
    But I did not. You opened with it again. I was there. I felt it. It had to be
    me. I knew. This whole show was a riddle, a story, an epic just waiting to be
    solved by someone. Wake up by Rage, The Matrix, Plugged In, Frogs, Butterfly,
    and of course, your version of the American Beauty sound followed by Empathy.
    Any Other Name by Thomas Newman communicates with me somehow. I sometimes piece
    together your music with that of other musicians, artists, or bands. Frogs,
    what I still view as evolution, goes quite well with “Warning” and “Aqueous
    Transmission”, both on Incubus’s album Morning View. I am leaving out so many
    great ones. But what can I say, it happened once more. A déjà Vu altered only for
    the chapter that I am on currently. I finally woke up and then it was over. The
    friend situation is too long to explain for this but basically I was with a
    childhood friend and a few of his buddies until they left way early to beat the
    crowds. I told them that I was going to stay and we parted ways. I was alone
    once more. I am glad because I was finally able to open my eyes to what was becoming
    of me.I believe that there is a greatness inside of me and I now know what I
    have to do, at least the very first thing in order to find out what is next.

    The reason why I am telling you all
    of this is because I have decided to attend only 2 more of your shows. This has
    to come to an end at some point and I have to turn my focus towards my dream. I
    know that you will understand somehow. 6 is one of the numbers that means
    something to me and I can’t exactly explain why. The others are 1 and 23, all
    equally meaningful to me as I put them together much of the time. 1623. I found
    your shirt fascinating on new years by the way. This is why I have chosen to
    attend only the two more. I know that the shows will be incredible regardless
    of whether this letter reaches you or not. But I would think I could give you a
    heads up in case you actually are trying to find someone and that person is
    Kelby Burton. I want to end this chapter of my life the best way possible and I
    hope that you want the same. It has been my honor to go through this life with
    you. I am sure that this next album will finish the story perfectly. No matter
    which 13 of the 26 you choose to go with. I am not going to attempt to go with
    anyone in these next two shows. I am going to go alone, as I believe I am meant
    to. As far as the venues are concerned, I am unsure of where my 5th
    will be with you(most likely somewhere in close proximity to Georgia. I believe
    I do know where the 6th will be however. The same place that it all
    started, the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on Encore Park. I intend to end it either
    while I am 23 or in the year 2016. I am 22 now. I love you and all that you do
    for our world. And by the way, I believe there was never meant to be only one.

    Yours Truly,

    PS. If it
    matters at all to you my twitter page is @kelby060

    • Kelby Burton

      i silently submit
      now enveloped in my imagination.
      darkness swallows my thoughts
      but is replaced by visions.
      i exist alone, still…in this forgotten dream.


      • Kelby Burton

        Was that a hint? It’s very difficult for me to continue making irrational assumptions. Please somehow just make it evident you’ve heard me. I can read between lines…and numbers

        • Kelby Burton

          If you have

    • Tommi

      U wot m8