January 16th, 2014


Please Stand By

Bass Heads of the Past & Future:

After ending the whirlwind that was 2013 with our headspinning New Years run, I’m going to catch my breath and go off the grid for while!

I’ve decided to take the Winter & Spring 2014 off the road and spend time getting super creative. I’m working on an album of songs and collaborating like a lunatic. And i’m looking forward to having some adventures in unexpected places, exploring new things, and trying new ideas!

In the meantime, the Basscrew & Amorphous Music team will be holding down the fort.

In short time we will have information about the upcoming Summer Festival schedule as well as future music releases and other offerings. Please continue to stay in touch with us & each other. #basshead4life

See you soon 🙂

  • fookie_bookie


  • Paul F

    Have a good break brutha. You’ve earned it.

  • Scott

    Can’t wait to see what unfolds!

  • Matthew

    Have an amazing, inspirational break. You deserve it more than anyone I can think of.

  • Malanka

    Can’t wait to hear new material from The Godfather of Bass. Go find your center, and be so kind as to bring back from that magical world whatever inspirations blossom into music that you know will enchant past, current, and future generations of Bassheads. Very excited!!

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Thank You Lorin for Another Epic Year. Looking foreward to the Surprises that Await Us in 2014 & Beyond….

  • Mikey Curtis

    Well deserved break my man. Looking forward to greeting you upon your return. Travel safe and live easy.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    Lorin 2014

  • K Fizzle

    See you at Waka.

  • WumWumWomp

    Whatever you do, have fun. Do something for yourself, forget about the madding crowd for a while. Chill, recharge, love. Thank You For The Music. Oh wait, that’s copyright. How about hugs from the UK?

  • Chris Downar

    I hope for Bassnectar shows in Los Angeles in 2014 🙂 (not at festivals)

    • Basshead808this

      Please.. Oh please.. Have a show in LA again!!

      • nectahhhhhlovahhhh

        the last one at the Palladium was soooooo gooooooood!!!!

  • Paul

    Hey Lorin, You turned me into a lifelong basshead in 2013. From the second I heard your sound I was entranced. Take as long as a break as you need, if anybody I know has deserved it is you. You inspired me to be the person I want to be and do the things I want to do. That’s help as many damn bassheads and people that I can throughout this world. Keep on Keepin on Bassfamily. Unite once again in 2014 and years to come!

  • lancelenau

    Frog Song!

    • Ryan Zamora

      yess yess, this song at basslights was just fucking mind blowing.

  • tyler
  • sean

    You changed my life at 360….alot of people are caught up in the day to day bull. Your a celbration of sound,love,fun,and freedom. I commend you, your one of a kind and changing the world one bass drop at at time


    you should be knighted

  • Bassfreak2

    by summertime im gonna be feeling my bassnectar withdrawals so hard…6 months of no bassnectar is gonna be tough…but hey idk if theres anyone that has toured like you have in the last 5 or so years so enjoy it! please do an upstate NY festival (or 2)

  • Jason Gravely

    well deserved. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some tutorials. I have heard all your mixtapes 40 plus times and bow to your technique and only wish to learn. Plus you’re a cool, purpose driven, leader and thank you for that! Or just send me some more mixtapes lol…or I’ll just keep listening for the next millennium…which I’m cool with too 🙂

  • Tommi

    Right on you deserve some down time man! I like the Fallout graphic btw lol

  • joshua

    Music so beautiful/breathtaking as yours is well worth any wait. You’re such an amazing positive inspiring individual and am forever changed by the music you have made the throughout the years and the message you deliver. I feel like I know you as a person so well though your music story you’ve been telling since the 90’s and look up to you as a mentor. Love you Lorin! Time to relax and unwind and let your mind wander and breath. Inspiration comes in so many ways sometimes it’s nice to have a second to step back and see things from a different perspective. I hope to have the chance to see you this summer in Portland, OR! We love you here in the PNW and will patiently wait while you and the Bassnectar crew enjoy some well deserved R&R. ??????-josh

    • joshua

      Woah! So many typeos! My bad, I’m only human.

  • Jim

    I cant wait to see what audible miracles you create! Its crazy how your mind works and how you make it into reality! Lorin, you will never cease to amaze the masses!

  • Jim

    Lorin, kick back relax and let the creativity flow! You’ve ceased to amaze me over the years more than any other musical artist in any genre! You are the definition an audible miracle worker! I can not wait to be blown away with spine tingling sounds! Let it all out man and show us what you were put on this earth to do! Unite all of us brothers and sisters on this earth under the frequency of bass!

  • Callie Bass Princess

    Thank you Lorin for: Creating, encouraging, and visiting me in my dreams during your break 🙂

  • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

    diving off the abyss into a world of unknown…soon to be known 🙂

  • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

    @colleen @edbasscrew
    in the meantime while lo is resting..enjoy my valentines card

    • bahaha nice work 🙂

    • C

      I am curious about the huge round holes near the laptops, are those giant laptop coolers built into the docking station?

      • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

        maybe! his laptops get FLAMING hot on stage. not sure tho

  • Josh N

    Come back to New Orleans please. The majority of your fan base is in this city. We love you dude and hope to see you many more times in the future. Your music has changed and influenced my daily life and for that I wanna tell you thanks. One love. #BassHeadForLife

  • Brian

    2013 was the year of my basstism and it will go down as one of the best years of my life. Two of your fantastic shows helped make it possible (Including a ride at Bisco I will NEVER forget, face flew off after the first drop and I’m still looking for it). Find that still point (did you get that from John Daido Loori? I have to know…), fill that creative well and we eagerly await the day you open the floodgates on our ears. Thanks for your effort, your heart and everything you do. Mad props to the entire Basscrew as well, everyone from street team to technicians, you all are part of something that brings the world immense joy.

    PS. While you all collectively rest the hands and minds which bring us tasty, glorious beats… Please Please Please consider playing Cleveland, we need it. We’re hungry and we’re ready.

  • AJ s

    Please make an appearance Electric Forest in june? that would make my life!

  • Christine P.

    you’re the best, see you again real soon! Bassnectar shows for the rest of my life. Holding down the fort in San Jose

  • yourmothernude

    Peace and clarity from Chicago! Speaking of Chicago, is it just me or does anyone else smell the nectar rattling the ever living shit out of lolla this summer?! hMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

  • Jason Wahid

    Frog song like others have said for sure! And it sucks Counterpoint is going to miss you for 2014, but I’ve been listening since ’08 and I can definitely wait for some new Nectar.

  • BASSineer

    You should play next year’s Super Bowl.

  • D3vin77

    enjoy the break man. i love being able to follow your tour and know where your shows are but i always look forward to tours ending because you never dissapoint us!! have some fun adventures whatever they may be i look foreward to the new cd

  • bobby wheeler

    Lorin please show dc & surrounding areas tons of love when you come back on tour!! I duno if I can handle this break thing haha!! But you deserve it & are for sure gona blow minds with all your new stuff when you get back in action!!! Bnf!!!!

  • Ono

    Did you play Loco Ono on New Years? You didn’t say anything about it during the show and I was sure you would let us know since you tweeted long before the show about it. Just curious. Thanks

  • only 3 things are needed of you lorin, 1; come back to greensboro north carolina, 2; do another basslights in Hampton. 3; release the frog song and the minnesota push it mix. these things would make for an awesome 2014

  • bobby wheeler

    lorin you deserve your break gona miss you this spring!! but can you please throw your live dubuasca version on a mix!!!!!!

    • tyler

      oh my god I second this so hard.

  • bobby wheeler

    Happy birthday lorin!!!! I’d like to celebrate basshead style with you!! Bnf

  • A hummingbird

    jonesin hard for some fresh nectar right about nowish…like a fiend

  • bassquation

    Please change the appearance of the website while you’re at it.

  • AaronZilla!

    Your like my musical messiah, I could be one of the oldest bass heads out there! Want to go to paradiso but waiting to see if I can get a 1 day only pass. Been to enough festivals- just want to see you perform again then go hiking in the Stuart Mt. range for the rest of the weekend!!!!

  • Chris Basscrew

    Hi @colleenmcnasty:disqus 🙂

    • we’re back in business!

  • Joshua

    Thank you for listening to what I (and all of your fans) have had to say to you over the passed decade.

    Just wondering…..
    Ludacris has been my favorite rapper since I started listening to “Rap”. I thought that I saw him in PR when we went to EDC… but I couldn’t work the courage to say hello… if he was there.
    Have you seen “Crash”?
    Do you think you can get together with him and make an album?
    Or get a concert together with him like you have done with Nas and Damien? (You have blown my mind with my request to listen to them preach their words (LIVE) in their album together.)

    Utterly cried with happiness that you got Bay Area Vibez going. (Even if you didn’t.) I cannot believe you will be performing with them. A thank you isn’t enough to say to you for your unconditional love.

    You have made me think more about society and our leaders more so than 99.99 plus % of population. I hear it in your beats and your lyrics (even if they aren’t “yours”). I deeply appreciate EVERYTHING you do for the community.
    Thanks for showing us Bill Hicks. Man he was smart. Too bad the media didn’t pick him up. He may have lived a bit more if he wasn’t so discouraged with society and politics.
    You really kick bass my friend.