February 18th, 2014


Bassnectar Summer SpecialThe Bassnectar crew will be heading to Belly Up in Aspen, CO on Wednesday May 28th, 2014!

We are excited to welcome our special guest DJ Sidecar Tommy from Beats Antique!

This is an 18 and up show.

Doors: 8:30 PM

Tickets on sale Friday Feb 21st at 12pm MST.

Click here for tickets

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  • Nick Stanton

    are there 2 day tickets

  • nathan baker

    we love you.

  • Henry

    $136 a night is steep…

  • Justin

    Any special reason for the $136 price tag?

    • douche

      YEA 450 people ONLY. Whats the smallest bassnectar show youve been to?

      • Justin

        It wasn’t a complaint, douche. It was a legit question I had before I knew about the venue size…calm down.

        • Zach

          Damn, what’s with your hostility man? He wasn’t even rude to you…

          • Justin

            No hostility on my part…I was addressing him/her by the name they posted under.

          • Zach

            Haha, didn’t even see that brother, sorry.

      • Lorinlover

        calm down douche

        • everyone play nice now… we all have the music in common ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Lorinlover

        Lorin is becoming a sellout by not allowing his audience to be able to afford tickets

        • in my opinion “selling out” means selling on your morals, principles, beliefs… Lorin has never done that
          And we always keep tickets as cheap as possible for our fans. This is a very small venue. The cost of the tickets has to be able to cover the cost of the production. We can’t lower our production standards to lower the price of tickets when very few tickets are being sold.

  • KCalian28

    yeah $136 a night for a DJ set is really what Bassnectar is all about…maybe the price is to make it harder for scalpers, but really? This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

    • Lauren

      The venue holds only 450 people ๐Ÿ™‚ All the shows they have with big names cost about this much.

  • Jeremy

    This is messed up ive never heard of Nectar tickets costing this much. 136 a night??? Why?

    • Lauren

      The venue only holds 450 people.

      • Chris

        Im not sure how that justifies almost 60K at the gate for one night if its not about the money

        • ThatSpunion

          Think about what the minimum overhead to put on a bassnectar show is and then divide that by 450.

  • Callie Bass Princess

    Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!! If the universe permits– I will be seeing you 4 nights in a rowwwwwww.. Luckiest Basshead Ever!

  • Callie Bass Princess

    @Colleen How can I help raise some vibes aka help ambassador this event?!

    • make sure you’ve submitted your ambassador application and if we are doing a round of acceptances before this show then you will be contacted if you’ve been accepted to the team. if youre accepted to the team youll be contacted about working individual shows. we get a lot of applicants so patience is key with this one!

      • Callie Bass Princess

        Wonder-full! Thanks Colleen, I did submit it about 2 months ago…. I live in more of the phoenix circuit.. will that affect my chances? Even though I’m always ‘comin from miles around’ ;D

        • If you’re accepted the distance of where you live and where the show is isn’t much of a factor as long as you know you can make the travel. More about your qualifications, ideas, passion, and what you will bring to the team ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Grant Martin

            “There will not be Ambassadors at the Aspen shows! If you want to attend MAKE SURE YOU GRAB TICKETS!” -Hasan

          • thanks grant!

          • Brett McClelland

            got my tickets for both nights!!! Space time jumpah teleport Massive!! See ya in CO, Love & Light

          • Callie Bass Princess

            Crossing my fingers for Red Rocks! Thanks Colleen the communicator! I appreciate you!

      • Brett McClelland

        posted my app this morning!!!! BASSHEAD for Life, 20 and counting!!! belly up, red rocks here I come, maybe south padre, but only for nectar, oklahoma’s too close too not go me thinks, gonna be abunch of party rockers though :/, I’ll rage for the heads not in attendance

  • Ted Olson

    Oh no! You guys should release the tickets later so your huge fans will atleast have time to save up! I haven’t missed a Bassnectar show in CO in 4 years! I can’t let these be my first!

  • Brett McClelland

    why would more nectar ever leave a bad taste(smh)?? Just have too work harder!! BASSHEAD 4 LIFE, 20 and counting, coming in from Oklahoma for this and Red Rocks, Love and Light!!! Can’t put a price on a nectar show, is $136 expensive, yes, however money is ment too be spent and isnt important, family,friends/necta >> any price ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Juice

      this guy knows whats up, see you there brotha

    • frequentfacemelter

      straight up! once lorin hops on stage and bassnectar goes into full production, thats priceless. not to mention the venue is the size of my living room and will be jammed packed with die hard bassheads! IM HOME!!!!!!

  • Kyle

    The tickets are priced at $136 because the venue is small. I believe the max capacity is 500 people. That is tiny for a normal Bassnectar outing. I can only imagine the !BASS! thumping between everyone in such an intimate atmosphere. Should be fun.

  • Chris

    No real working man fan can afford that price. That is over 50K at the gate for a night really!! It has been a dream to see you in a small venue. I have bought all your music (not pirated) and a ton of gear. If that is how you are going to do things then I guess that will never happen. Shoulda done a lottery or something like that

    • Brian

      obviously 450 bassheads will be there, so…….

    • frequentfacemelter

      honestly, this show should be more than 136. I appreciate lorin a lot for this. Check belly up, its not some scrub venue. Its a venue for die hard fans to get an intimate experience with their artist. fa sho its gunna be more expensive. one thing for sure is that the bass in that tiny room will be thumping at a ridiculous level. these two shows will be very special to the ppl attending and im sure mean just as much to lorin at the fact he gets to take it back to his roots and just have FUN with us. Hes gunna be cheesing from ear to ear the whole set!!!!!

  • tlo

    one hundred and thirty six dollars? :oooooooo

    i don’t get it…

  • Chris

    Don’t get me wrong I am extremely happy for Lorin and his crew’s success, it is much deserved! Bassnectar has done much for many. However, this is out of reach for many bassheads I know. I think the passion is I am a huge fan and I was SO excited at the announcement and disappointed at the same time……..That still doesn’t explain the crazy price….maybe it is the Belly UP….I hope

  • Michael

    The venue holds 450 people… hence the steep cost. Gonna be ill.

  • Bassfreak2

    this is some serious bullshit lorin, you do realize that people outside of CO love you too right? lets gets some more intimate shows goin on this year. Output in NYC? lets relive the old days with no expectations and small rooms. id glady pay 150$ to see lorin play in a small venue again

    • Chris Basscrew

      Relax buddy – Let’s be positive ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Bassfreak2

        that was plenty positive man, just cuz i swore doesnt mean it was negative…im just a hardcore fan whos not feeling any of the love being spread around, thats all

        • Chris Basscrew

          Just a peculiar way to express your positivity I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Bassfreak2

            being weird is a good thing

  • antaresoceana

    If Pretty Lights and Skrillex can play shows at 450 person venues for $8 and $30 respectively, Lorin certainly could’ve played somewhere less expensive and charged much less. He could’ve made this show more accessible, he could’ve played more shows, he could’ve given back to a greater amount of bassheads in much more ethically sound ways. I just can’t help but feel like if Underground Communication era Lo caught wind of Immersive Mixtape era Lo putting on an event like this, he’d feel pretty distraught and a touch bewildered at who/what exactly Bassnectar as an artist and Bassnectar shows as live music experience have become.

    • tlo

      I think the idea is to keep some people out. Otherwise it would sell out in the blink of an eye and who knows who those people could be… probably just a bunch of little bitties.

      • Jason

        I have lived in Aspen for 5 years ( I work on the Mt not a super rich kid) The owner of Belly Up. Mr. Goldberg has been trying to get Lorin back for 5 years now. The reason the tickets are so steep 1) the venue holds less then 400 people. 2) this is a show for us LOCALS. I have attended over 300 shows a Belly UP. This show is for us MT BASS HEADSA!! nothing but love and respect to all!

    • frequentfacemelter

      lets try not to throw skrill and nectar in the same category lol. this will be the most intimate show lorin has played since probably belly up in 2010. gunna be real close, deep, and im sure more bass then we are prepared for!!! He’s gunna make these belly up shows very very very special. Stoked to have this tiny room oozing in nectarrrrrrr!

  • Paul

    So anybody else having trouble buying tickets? it’s declining my card because it says of an AVS mismatch, when my address hasn’t changed in 20 years and it’s clearly my address and card… smh

    • hey paul, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. i found this number on the ticketing page, try giving it a call and see if you can purchase tickets over the phone from someone or if they have any advice — 970.544.9800

    • Lauren

      Mine did the same thing, and I also have not changed my address on my card! I called and talked to someone (Amanda) and she was lovely and fixed it for me.

  • azbasshead

    guys. it’s in aspen. ASPEN. $$$. it is a small venue. 450 bassheads. he is not some small time DJ. $136 makes sense. it’s in ASPEN!

  • Really????

    i am extremely upset on the cost for the may 28 show. i love Lorin and his work and art but REALLY???????? Belly UP is not even that great of a venue. If the money goes to charity I could understand the price. Aspen is not even a friendly place. 136$ could feed many children or save animals, even educationโ€ฆ..

    • the snowman

      First of all Belly Up is an amazing venue. Aspen people are some of the nicest and most laid back ever. I moved out here after college and love every minute of it. The Owner of Belly Up is bring Bassnectar for us locals!!! 136$ to see Lorin with 399 other friends is great. It’s going to be a private show. You just seem kind of bitter!

  • CStaff

    having MAD trouble uploading this to the tumblrโ€ฆany help? http://makeagif.com/i/14CLhn

    • Chris Basscrew

      Check the size. Tumblr has a limit with GIFs. This is too funny by the way!

  • James Peter Allen

    For the people complaining about the show location and prices: I won’t repeat the 450 person limit explanation, but I think it’s important to remember that he didn’t have to play this show AT ALL. But he is. Not all of his shows are this expensive, so find one that isn’t If you think he should be playing more shows that are in small venues, then say that, but remember that he did a small venue tour last Spring so I bet he would do something like that again. Let’s keep the positivity going and remember that the only reason we are getting upset is because we love Bassnectar so much!

  • Odis

    136 is cheap for a small venue nectar set! Please come back home to the bay in 2014 I’m in desperate need for some kyrian bee bop!

    • frequentfacemelter

      riiiiiight!!!! im comin from santa barbara for the aspen/red rocks shows! cant put a price on a bassnectar experience!

  • Tom Techmanski

    Hey Guys. I’m so excited about seeing Bassnectar in aspen. Huge fan here going up to aspen for both shows from Denver. traveling with a group of four looking to see if any other fans want to join up and rent a house. contact me if you have any interest in joining in on the fun.

  • Chris Fields

    I wish I wish I wishhhhhhhhhh!

  • JN

    If a person bought a 2 night ticket (since that is all that was left), is it possible to sell the 2nd night? If not, can I donate it? I’m old and 2 nights might be a bit much for ol’ me, but I don’t see why someone else can’t benefit from my aging ๐Ÿ™‚

    • guest

      haha 2 nights of nectar might renew your youth! pretty sure you will be able to sell it.

    • Chris Basscrew

      I’m sure someone is going to want this – you should have no problem selling or donating ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dan McCambridge

      I’m coming from Chicago looking for a miracle. Please let me know! DanMcCambridge710@gmail.com

    • you should get two separate tickets so yes you could gift one or sell at face value ๐Ÿ™‚