April 1st, 2014


TrueThe Bassnectar crew will be heading to the Hudson Music Project in Saugerties, NY on Sunday July 13th, 2014.

Also on the bill: Kendrick Lamar, STS9, Excision, Tipper and many more…

Click below for tickets or visit http://hudsonmusicproject.com/ for more info.

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  • Alex Gross

    Well this is a good hold over till bisco next year =)

    • Lauren S

      This is the new bisco because they will no longer be doing bisco if im not mistaken. The coordinators of bisco sre coordinators of hudson! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Bassfreak2

        same promoters, yes (MCP) but camp bisco said theyre just taking the year off, but who knows for sure…it will be interesting to see what happens next year, id guess the biscuits do camp bisco, but on a smaller scale with lineups more for a jam crowd with a new promoter…then MCP sticks with this festival

  • Bassfreak2

    Grabbed my tix…so happy Lorin doesnt have to deal with any of the disco biscuits antics this year…i expect this set to be just at crazy as your camp sets

  • Justin Wagner

    I already know this will be an event to remember. But I truly hope Lorin gets the opportunity to sit down with Tipper and talk music, the universe, potentially a collab ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I know it’s not christmas time so I’ll keep my wishes and dreams to my self. Hope to see you guys in the crowd. <3

    • Bassfreak2

      holy shit a Bassnectar and Tipper collab would be awesome

      • Rachael


  • brian

    Will the same lighting rig from redrocks be at hudson?

    • David Giovannini

      Festivals typically supply their own lighting rigs and sound systems, whereas the Red Rocks event was strictly a Bassnectar event

      • Brian

        I don’t see why he wouldn’t bring the rig. He is in WASH ST well over a week before his next gig (Hudson), then off to Ibiza. They can def get it cross country in time. I hope they’ll set it up overnight from Sat-Sun and just have some black curtains over it until it’s superpartytimehighfive!

  • Rachael

    Wait, How do you win the tickets? I already bought my GA but to win VIP would be so sick!!! Been going to every show I possibly can. Just got back from Red Rocks & BLEW MY MIND.

  • Monica

    Oh Lo. I miss you so much. I’d love the chance to see you at Hudson. Unfortunately, i can’t afford gas costs or a plane ticket and tickets to the event.

  • Krisy

    How do I sign up for the free tickets?

  • Julia Murray

    would die if won those two hudson tix! you are the reason i want to attend!!

  • disqus_QAs7aH62P4

    Can’t wait for this fest!!

  • Liz Ballou

    I so would LIKE those tickets!!!!!!

  • Jeremy farrz

    If I could get these tickets I’d end world hunger

  • MargoNatalie

    Would LOVE to spend a 2nd birthday in a row with you!! YOU BLEW MY HEART & SOUL LAST YEAR!!! Best birthday EVER!

  • Greg Rogan

    Traveled all the way down to waka just for you and cheese… Would be doing the exact same up to Hudson just for you ๐Ÿ™‚ would love it if you chose me and my girlfriend as the lucky pair to do it properly! Would use all of the money not spent on tickets in a creative and positive way to spread love and smiles to all of those we run into up there!!!!


    Lorin, I would follow you and you’re movement across the world… You are such an inspiring and empowering voice for me and I would be so absolutely grateful if I were chosen to join you at HUDSON PROJECT..THANKYOU so muc for everything you do…and my fingers are crossed so hard ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Joshua

    I already have a ticket, nor do I want them. Just want to say whoever gets them is grateful, safe, and has an amazing time at what should be a festival for the ages!

    • April

      You don’t want your ticket?? ๐Ÿ™ Really wish I could afford to attend this festival!

    • Sam

      could I buy your ticket?

  • DB Wallace

    Dearest Mr. Bassnectar,

    I would love two tickets to the Hudson Project Festival to put some bass in my life. I am a dedicated school teacher and BassHead. Can’t wait tip the summer when I can let my hair down a little bit and take some bass straight to the face. My and my girlfriend Gina are ready to be ambassadors of bass up in Saugerties NY. Hope to see you there Lorin.

    Rave Dave

  • Rachel Davis

    I had a ticket to wakarusa and because of last minute things with work I wasn’t able to go nor was my friend who was driving there with me!! It would be MAGICAL to make up for missing that amazing night on the mountain. You are not just a DJ, YOU ARE A MOVEMENT! Please help me make up for one of the most amazing sets at waka!!

  • Miriam

    Hi do you remember when you posted a picture on instagram and it was a tattoo of a symbol “for treat others how you wish to be treated?!?!” I thought that was awesome and I currently have that tattooed on my wrist and although I don’t listen to your music nearly as much as bassheads or even other fans but idk, it just shows you’re a nice person and like you’re weird on your own and you’re creativity is wild


    Driven from Rochester to Toronto, flown to Red Rocks for the May 31st show. Nothing like a Bassnectar show! Loren is the best! Two VIP TICKETS for my fiancรฉ and I who are diehard fans would be an ultimate dream. You are a Saint and Getting goose bumps from your bass is by far one of the best feelings someone can get. I’ve prolly turned on 20 people to your music and I won’t stop here. Great work with NvsB! In red Rocks I wrote on the board that they gave you with all the fans messages! Find me DANZIC nd ASHLEY

  • Nick BassPapa Moore

    Well. I can only do one fest a yr cuz of the girls. I will be lucky enough to take them to moonrise but I only get one nectar set this summer to myself. And this is hopefully gonna be it. I’ve traveled all over to see u when I can and have met some amazing people along the way, who all of which will already be at Hudson. I think I deserve the tickets because of the hard work I put in and because it’s my one shot this summer. I’ve got nothing but respect for ya Lo and think you’re a great person. I’d love to see ya at Hudson and I would love to be able to gift and bring a worthy friend. I’m working on getting some personal things in order but seeing as how it’s soo close and i already have off that weekend… Seems perfect. Plz help me get there! Much love homie ๐Ÿ™‚

  • drestokes

    Id love to win these its my birthday weekend

  • josh Megnin^*$#@!

    Holla at Your boi iVe been seeing you since you played at higher ground in vt when u were outside selling ur tickets for 10 dollar all the way up until this past week at red rocks when u threw down the sickest set my baby blue eyes have ever seen itd be sooooo sick if you could finally hook it up all these years holla at ya BOI Josh Megnin

  • Travis Falls

    This would be one of the best birthday gifts to receive!

  • Sign me up

  • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

    ahhhhh so excitedddd

  • Magnolia Bona

    Meeeee meeee meeeeeee pick meeeeeee! I want to go sooooooooo badly I just lost my dad and currently take care of my mom who is in a wheelchair, along with paying all the bills and keeping my house which is a lot for a young lady! I’m 19 and sooooooooo badly need to go and have an awesome time with beautiful people who will lift my spirits make me forget about all the bad in my life and dance the night away with all these lovely people! I NEED THIS!!!!!

    • Magnolia Bona

      Not to mention I’ve seen nectar 10+ times and it would only be right to celebrate my dads life raging out to my favorite!!!!!

  • lauren12485

    I want to win these tix! how? it tells me to follow the page but than directs me back here! why!?

  • Luke Romero

    Lorin your a fuckin WIZARD. I want some more of your magic!!!

  • โ€ฆยฐTfulla

    Would love to take my girl to see the floor bounce bassnectar allways knows how to make a show live! Never lucky enough to even see a edm festival just small in town fests :/. But i turned my girl into a complete bass head! Hopefully you drop the album there it would be awesome even if I don’t make it to all have an amazing time an enjoy the jam…BTW Lorin got the album cover tattooed on my chest lol long story of an epic night
    Would love to support the movement

  • SirSteezy

    Please may I have those tickets!? My birthday is July 14th and I would love to celebrate with the Bass Fam. I actually had a ticket to see you on New Years at the Tabernacle in Atlanta a few years ago, but gave it away to a friend who was more deserving than I. I haven’t had the chance to see you since. This will also be my only festival this year if I were to get the tickets. I have been to at least one music festival every year since I was born (1987). I had a son back in October and just don’t feel right about dropping $500 for my girlfriend and I to go to a festival when we have Eli ya know.

  • meowcedes

    I would love to be the recipient of these tickets, I have been in love with your music for year now. My appreciation for your beautiful creations only grew when I saw you perform for the first time at Camp
    Bisco three summers ago. Now I’ve been to more than a handful of your shows including three Camp
    Biscos and would be extremely grateful to be able to see you perform at the Hudson Project. I currently have not purchased a ticket because I couldn’t afford it completely with my budget this summer since I’m applying to medical school and am in the process of taking my medical school admissions test. I was relying on a volunteer application but I’ve been informed there will be no further volunteer opportunities this year. I just love your entire ordeal, your music, your ideas, and your movement. I would love the the opportunity to be the the recipient of your VIP tickets! My contact info is: Mercedes Domian(on Facebook), meowcedes_ (twitter), and my email is mercedesjadedomian22@gmail.com

  • Reid Gibson

    I know this is a long shot, but me and my girlfriend that been fans for many years and always look forward to you coming to the northeast. you make bisco what it is today, well next year. me and my girlfriend have been together for 5 years and we are ready to move to the next stage in our lives and i cant think of any more amazing way to purpose to her then on stage with lorin. you would make two happy people way happier then we could ever imagine. if there is even some remote possibility that this could happen please get in touch with me.

    thanks so much

    • I’m afraid if we allowed proposals or similar during our events for all who requested it, there would never be any music! Definitely tons of bassheads have gotten engaged out in the crowd though. Good luck and a happy life for you two!

  • Yo on google it says he’s gonna be here multiple days, wtf mate?